John Bolton and the Trump Derangement Syndrome

CNN’s Jake Tapper’s anti-Donald vendetta, amplified by the Trump Derangement Syndrome, demonstrates just how disingenuous a corporate script-reader can be.

It’s true, Bolton wasn’t on the Trump neocon team during the campaign, but this is largely irrelevant.

From the very beginning of his campaign, the worst sort of neocon psychopaths were pulling the strings and moulding Trump into the Zionist-directed marionette he is today.

I wrote about this in Donald Trump’s War On Islam, a small ebook written during the campaign. In the book, I document how Trump took advice from Frank Gaffney, a fanatical neocon responsible for a number of anti-Iran demonstrations.

Tapper, of course, can see no further than his teleprompter. In fact, Trump was a big fan of John Bolton during the election and it can be argued much of his foreign policy pronouncements were influenced by this dangerous psychopath.

In early August [2016] Trump told the Hugh Hewitt Show he would name John Bolton as his secretary of state. “I think John Bolton’s a good man,” Trump told the radio show host. “I watched him yesterday, actually, and he was very good in defending me in some of my views, and very, very strong. And I’ve always liked John Bolton. Well, we are thinking about it, Hugh. I will say that. We are thinking about it. I mean, the negative is what I told you. But we are seriously thinking about it.”

Following his election victory, Trump considered appointing John Bolton as secretary of state.

Soon after the election, I wrote for Newsbud:

There are a number of people under consideration for secretary of state. Most notable on the list is John Bolton, George Bush’s combative recess appointed ambassador to the United Nations. He is now a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, the neocon think tank responsible for drumming up support for Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq. He is also involved with the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), the Council for National Policy, and the Gatestone Institute, an organization at the forefront of anti-Muslim propaganda. He is a former board member of the Project for the New American Century, another neocon organization that pushed for the 2003 invasion of Iraq…

In March 2105 Bolton penned an op-ed for The New York Times calling for bombing Iran. “The United States could do a thorough job of destruction, but Israel alone can do what’s necessary. Such action should be combined with vigorous American support for Iran’s opposition, aimed at regime change in Tehran,” he wrote.

Tapper, of course, didn’t address the core argument of Zarif’s tweet. Namely, that under the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the “world powers” —the US and its servile European partners—there is not a prohibition on uranium enrichment. The same is true in regard to the NPT and UNSCR 2231.

In Trump’s neocon bizarro world, however, such agreements are null and void. Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, et al, don’t play by international rules, that is unless the rules benefit the US and in the case of Iran, Israel.

None of this, however, matters to Jake Tapper, the State Department, and Pentagon script-reader par excellence. Zarif’s tweet was merely another opportunity for Tapper to dump on Trump and skirt the real issue at hand.

By Kurt Nimmo
Source: Another Day in the Empire.

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