Another Failed Ceasefire in Syria

Countless ceasefires throughout years of Obama’s war, now Trump’s, agreed to by US-supported terrorists, were breached straightaway — government forces falsely blamed for their actions.

This time is following the earlier pattern. Once again, jihadists violated the agreement, surprising no one knowing how they operate.

Controlled by the US and its imperial partners, they salute and obey orders to prevent conflict resolution.

Achieving it would defeat Washington’s aim to transform Syria into a US client state, eliminate an Israeli rival, and isolate Iran — the scheme supported by both right wings of the imperial state’s war party, the human toll of no consequence.

On Friday, AMN News reported that al-Nusra jihadists in Idlib province attacked eastern Latakia city, breaching the fantasy ceasefire straightaway, citing a Syrian military source.

At least one civilian was killed, three other injured, requiring hospitalization. Overnight Thursday, there were no Russian and Syrian aerial operations, what’s “likely to change in the coming hours,” said AMN News.

The agreed on ceasefire was jihadist subterfuge like earlier ones. The only solution is eliminating their presence by annihilation or surrender.

The US and jihadists it controls continue going all-out to topple Assad’s government, a statement by the group reported by SouthFront (likely written by their Pentagon or CIA handlers) said:

“The goals of overthrowing the (Damascus government), liberating prisoners and securing the return of refugees and displaced people to their villages and cities (sic) is at the core of the objectives of our revolution (sic), which we are working for and sacrificing for it, as we work and do what we can to protect our people and land by all legitimate political and military means (sic) within the teachings of our true religion (sic).”

“Any shelling or attack on the liberated cities and towns of the north will lead to the cancellation of the ceasefire on our part, and we will have the right to respond to it.”

Syrian and Russian forces agreed to observe the ceasefire as long as jihadists refrained from launching attacks and observed Sochi agreement terms.

It calls for terrorists and their heavy weapons to be withdrawn from Idlib’s 15 – 20 km-wide demilitarized zone along the Turkish border — through which the Erdogan regime, the US, and NATO resupply the jihadists.

On Friday, Syria’s UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari denounced Turkey’s Erdogan for supporting jihadists in the country’s north — breaching Sochi agreement principles his regime agreed to observe, saying the following:

“We have made intensive talks with the Russian and Iranian guarantors and other meetings on the sidelines Astana meetings.”

“They were all important and left their positive impact on the final communique, which is considered the best for Syria throughout Astana track in terms of its political content and the way it approaches the situation in Syria.”

“We call for pairing beautiful ideas of the final communique with actions on ground, particularly by the Turkish regime.”

“Syria does not see an honest application by the Turkish regime to Astana understandings and Sochi agreement on Idlib, which stipulates for the withdrawal of the terrorist organizations to a depth of 20 km and the withdrawal of heavy and medium weapons.”

Along with Pentagon forces, Turkey’s military illegally occupies northern Syria in areas separate from where US soldiers are located.

Wannabe sultan Erdogan wants northern Syrian territory annexed, especially its oil-rich area controlled by the Pentagon, stealing Syrian oil.

Head of Russia’s Astana talks Alexander Lavrentiev stressed that (US-supported al-Nusra and other) terrorist(s) control” around 90% of Idlib province, the last major jihadist stronghold in the country, adding:

More US forces occupy northern Syrian territory than when Trump announced their withdrawal months earlier.

Fars News reported many times about convoys of US trucks delivering weapons, munitions, and other material support to jihadists in Syria, coming cross-border from neighboring countries.

Separately, Russia opposes the newly established UN Board of Inquiry — on the phony pretext of “investigat(ing) incidents…in northwest Syria since the signing of the Memorandum on Stabilization of the Situation in the Idlib De-escalation Area between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey on 17 September 2018.”

Moscow’s deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy slammed the idea, saying the following:

“(W)e regret this step.” The so-called Board of Inquiry’s establishment followed “pressure on the secretary general from some countries that really do not want to bring peace to Syria.”

SG Antonio Guterres and other senior UN officials serve pro-Western/pro-Israeli interests, time and again blaming victims for crimes committed against them, or simply calling on all sides to show restraint, ignoring US-led aggression.

Polyanskiy explained that earlier UN, IAEA, and other biased “investigations” produced “fake news (and) fake situations… blaming Syria and Russia for the things that we do not do.”

“(T)he notorious White Helmets” are one of numerous examples. “(W)e exposed them several times. Well, it is like Alice in Nowhereland, you know,” adding:

“We suggest not to invent artificial reality, to judge by facts. We really cited facts and concrete information about what has and has not happened.”

“We think that the sources of such information should be trustworthy, located on the ground. It should not be people sitting somewhere far away.”

“There are a lot of forces that are not interested in peace in Syria, that just want to keep pressure on the legitimate Syrian government and want to undermine any settlement-aimed efforts.”

“We are afraid that (establishment of the so-called) UN “Board of Inquiry is) one of such attempts.”

Russia supports diplomatic efforts to restore peace and stability in Syria, including the elimination of US-supported terrorists in the country.

Both right wings of the US war party oppose this objective in Syria and other US war theaters.

That’s what the scourge of imperialism is all about.

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Stephen Lendman

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