The War Crimes of the Dutch Government in Iraq and Syria

In an attack by a Dutch F-16 on a car bomb factory in Iraq in 2015, at least seventy civilian deaths occurred, revealed by the regular Dutch MSM. The bombing completely destroyed a neighborhood in the Iraqi city of Hawija on the night of 2 to 3 June 2015. It was one of the bloodiest attacks by the International Coalition against a so-called military target of ISIS, but killed at least seventy innocent civilians.


Since 2014, the Netherlands has been carrying out air strikes as part of the International Coalition against ISIS. The Dutch flew 2,100 combat missions over Iraq and Syria.

Also, the Dutch Parliament committed war crimes in Syria. The Dutch government was sending lethal and non-lethal aid during the period 2015-2018 to both Syria and Iraq and flew, as we know by now, at least 2,100 combat missions to allegedly to fight ISIS. Much proof has been gathered over the last five years that the International Coalition, which the Dutch were part of, didn’t bomb ISIS but tried to attack the Syrian Arab Army. Also, according to some sources, they hit civilians. Now we have the proof that they did so in Hawija, Iraq, in June 2015, just before the invasion of ISIS.

Someone leaked this information from the Dutch Parliament to the regular MSM and it’s now public that the Netherlands, like most other Western countries and the US, was, according to some experts, most likely guilty of giving assistance, funding, and aid to jihadi groups, which they called moderate rebels, who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The US Pentagon confirms that at least seventy civilians were killed in the attack on the night of the third of June 2015. Eyewitnesses speak of a much higher numbers of deaths, hundreds of wounded, and at least 23 children who died during the Dutch attack. It was generally known to residents of Hawija that refugee families were staying around the factory, however, they were bombed by the Dutch.

Dutch F-16 fighter jets have been executing air attacks on tactical locations of ISIS in Iraq since October 2014, which were being coordinated by the American Central Command (CENTCOM) and the Joint Forces Air Component Command in Kuwait.The Dutch forces operated from the Shaheed Mwaffaq Air Basein Jordan.The Dutch conducted an average of one or two sorties per day; by November 17th, 2014, Dutch F-16s had dropped 75 bombs on so-called ISIS targets in Iraq.

January 2016

On 29 January, 2016, the Netherlands decided to intensify its contribution to the fight against ISIS with bombings in Syria.Militarily, this included supplying non-lethal support to the Iraqi forces and the so-called Iraqi Peshmerga forces, arming the Peshmerga forces, and F-16 air attacks in Syria on strategic ISIS targets and on ISIS supply lines from eastern Syria into Iraq (avoiding air attacks which would benefit the Syrian Assad government).

Support for Terrorist Groups

The government of the Netherlands designated €70 million to fund what they called the Syrian rebel groups or opposition fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad. It provided support to at least 22 rebel groups in Syria from 2015 to early 2018.

While no new statements were made about the legal justification for the military support to what they call “moderate Syrian opposition”, “stopping ISIS’s advance”, or “breaking ISIS’s military force”, that justification was still made upon the presumption of what they call right of collective self-defenseto prevent an immediately imminent armed attack from ISIS in Syria on Iraq.

The debate held at the Dutch parliament in 2018 was a shameful debate, with sectarian issues, Kurdish versus Turks, the only thing that was established was that the Dutch government gave what they called Non Lethal Aid (NLA program), to the so-called Syrian rebels, which turned out to be “fake”. They willingly and knowingly supported the terrorists in Syria, especcially the Levant Front, paid their salaries, and gave them Toyota pickup trucks.

The Levant Front, Jabhat al-Shamiyah, also known as the Sham Front, was being called a Syrian rebel group based around Aleppo involved in the Syrian War. It was formed in December 2014. The Netherlands public prosecutor had declared it to be a terrorist organization in 2018, despite the Dutch government having earlier provided it with support. Four years of killing people and the Netherlands didn’t know? This ist just one group, there are twenty-one others who were financed and equipped, ready to kill innocent Syrians.


Hawija in Iraq is just the tip of the iceberg, I am sure a lot of more war crimes in Syria and Iraq will be revealed in the coming years. A lot more research needs to be done to make the guilty ones, among them members of the current government of the Netherlands, like Prime-minister Rutte, but also former Ministers of Foreign Affairs, like Bert Koenders and Uri Rosenthal, prosecuted and trialed, preferably by an independent tribunal.

By Sonja van den Ende
Source: One World

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