Boris’ Landslide Victory Proves That Democracy Is Alive & Well In The UK

Incumbent British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s landslide victory over socialist opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn defied expectations because the former’s supporters — just like his ally Trump’s “across the pond” — largely kept their political opinions to themselves before the vote because of how polarizing the domestic environment had become ahead of what functioned as the de-facto second referendum on Brexit, hence why practically every poll got it so wrong but also proving the importance of holding democratic elections in order for the silent majority to be able to meaningfully express themselves without fear of being scorned by their neighbors.


The Silent Majority Speaks

Everyone is scrambling to understand how incumbent British Prime Minister Boris Johnson secured such a landslide victory over his socialist opponent Jeremy Corbyn, but history will testify that it was because the silent majority finally had their chance to speak, and they loudly voiced their support for Brexit. Johnson’s supporters — just like his ally Trump’s “across the pond” — largely kept their political opinions to themselves before the vote because of how polarizing the domestic environment had become ahead of what functioned as the de-facto second referendum on Brexit, hence why practically every poll got it so wrong, just like they did with Trump. Another commonality between the American and British leaders is that there was a massive perception management campaign waged against them in both the Mainstream and Alternative Media (the latter of which intensely played out in both instances on social media) to guilt their supporters into believing that they’d be doing the so-called “wrong thing” by voting for their preferred candidate who they most closely identified with for whatever their personal reasons may be.

The “Intellectuals'” Choice Very The “Average Person’s”

It’s true that Corbyn and his supporters also bore the brunt of an equally nasty campaign against them too, but the difference is that they wanted to reverse the people’s democratic will as expressed during the 2016 Brexit referendum whereas their opponents were in favor of respecting it. The incessant accusations that the socialist leader is secretly an anti-Semite probably didn’t have anywhere near as much of an impact on influencing voters’ behavior than the fact that he and his supporters behaved condescendingly towards their fellow countrymen who simply wanted to “Get Brexit Done” after the people had spoken. It was this arrogant and elitist attitude, hidden behind the veneer of “socialist populism” that falsely claimed to “speak for the people”, that proved to be their biggest mistake, very similar in a sense to how Hillary and her supporters’ behaved towards Trump’s. Speaking of which, another point of convergence between Corbyn and Clinton is that they seemed to be the so-called “intellectuals’ choice”, or in other words, the candidate who represented the supposedly “more-educated” voter, whereas Johnson and Trump stood for the so-called “average person”.

Trump’s “Meddling”…

Those angry at this election’s results might predictably allege that they’re largely due to Trump’s “meddling” after the American President unabashedly intervened on several occasions to throw his support behind Johnson. The author wrote in July 2018 how “Trump’s Trying To Save Brexit By Provoking A ‘Deep State’ Coup Against May“, which is because “Trump Has Several Self-Interested Reasons For Supporting A ‘Hard Brexit’“, chief among them ideological ones in wanting to weaken the EU and then subsequently securing a better bilateral trade deal with the UK afterwards. May was finally removed from the picture and the Conservatives replaced her with Johnson over the summer, exactly as Trump hoped would happen after his political interventions (largely through Twitter) helped shape that outcome. Just a month beforehand, his first-ever state visit to the UK saw him elaborate on his post-Brexit vision of bilateral relations, which the author wrote about in his piece at the time titled “Trump’s Visit to the United Kingdom: The ‘Special Relationship’, Post Brexit Future, Upholding ‘Western Civilization’ … against Russia“.

…Versus EU “Meddling”

Instead of being seen as anti-democratic, however, it can now be strongly argued that voters viewed his political interventions as being pro-democratic since he made no secret of his support for respecting the democratic expression of the people’s will from the first Brexit referendum nearly three and a half years ago. Ironically, while lambasting Trump’s “meddling”, Corbyn’s socialist supporters largely remained silent when it came to the EU’s own meddling in trying to overturn Brexit and the obviously anti-Conservative intentions of whichever shadowy force leaked the documents alleging the possible intent to sell the NHS, something that the majority of British voters picked up on and which explained why even some lifelong Labour supporters decided to switch sides during the latest elections based on the principle of simply respecting their compatriots’ original democratic choice no matter how strongly they disagreed with it. Commentators across the world mocked Johnson’s rise to power as being “anti-democratic”, yet the people have just spoken and proved that they overwhelmingly support him and his policies, thus making the ones most worthy of any mockery those who pushed their political agenda in making what have now been debunked as totally false claims about the Conservative leader’s grassroots backing.

A Bloody Nose For The Europhile Elite

In today’s rapidly changing world full of more uncertainty than ever, the one thing that the average Western citizen has come to rely on for a semblance of stability is that their vote counts, which is why so many of them in the UK just came out in support of Brexit by a much larger margin than they originally did nearly three and a half years ago. The unprecedented perception management operation against them waged by powerful forces abroad in the EU in tacit coordination with their own countrymen who opposed Brexit for whatever their personal reasons may be totally failed just like the one that was similarly waged against Trump’s supporters. Feeling increasingly powerless in most respects because of the chaotic consequences of the ongoing global systemic transition, they clung to their ballot as the only chance they conceivably had to change the course of events, though many of them felt uncomfortable even telling their own neighbor who they’d vote for (let alone some random pollster) out of fear that they’d be scorned at the very least and politically harassed at the worst. When they came out to vote, many did what they’d been wanting since Brexit to eagerly do, and that’s give the Europhile elite a bloody nose for daring to make an attempt all this time to steal their and their compatriots’ original Brexit vote.

Concluding Thoughts

Say what one wants about the domestic socio-political implications of the following observation, but the fact is that Boris’ landslide victory proves that democracy is alive and well in the UK. Corbyn, his EU backers, and those of his countrymen who support his socialist policies were wrong to behave so condescendingly towards the millions of people who voted for Brexit. The very fact that they had any hope at all at reversing their compatriots’ democratic will from nearly three and a half years ago speaks to just how out of touch they are with the political reality in the UK. The “intellectuals” of the so-called “chattering class” thought that those “racist and fascist idiots underneath them” could be “enlightened to learn the fallacy of their ways” through incessant bullying that mocked their decision to liberate the UK from its EU overlords, but this was the absolutely wrong approach to take and was inevitably bound to backfire once the enraged masses had their chance to once again express their democratic will. The Labour Party and those who support its radical socialist turn under Corbyn will therefore have to do a lot of soul-searching in the coming weeks just like the Democrats did after Clinton lost, and it would be best for everyone if they learn from their mistakes and finally reform.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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