First Masks, and Now a Face Shield and Goggles? It’s Time to Resist This Madness

A society obsessed with health is a sure sign of sickness. The commands coming down from on high are increasing in their absurdity. Face shields and goggles are next, but there is absolutely zero evidence that any of them work.

Dr Anthony Fauci, the man described as America’s top infectious disease expert, has told the American public, “If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it.” These are the words of a would-be tyrant, a little Napoleon who lives to boss others around while he flouts his own stupid rules.

For the moment, it is only a recommendation. But the lockdown zealots at The Guardian have kicked off their pro-goggle campaign by having some intern write a fluff piece that ends with the sentence: “It won’t be weird if everyone’s doing it.” In a week, they will have the big guns writing pro-goggle op-eds. In two, police will be fining people not wearing them. Soon, you will be compelled to wear full forensic gear inside your own home.

Where will it all end?

To quote the leftist millennial self-styled journalists reacting to whatever the day’s outrage is, “I’m just so tired.” I will not deign to revisit the scanty literature on face masks to demonstrate that there is no proper evidence that they stop or even hinder the transmission of the virus. Nor will I do a run-down of the science to show that the chances of catching Covid through your eyeballs are infinitesimally tiny. The burden of proof is on those who have suggested their use or made them compulsory. They will not take up the challenge, because they cannot.

Neither have I the inclination to present facts and figures that render ridiculous the scale of governments’ response to the long-over outbreak. Again, why should I? The evidence of one’s own goggle-free eyes is enough. No one is sick, no one is dying, and no hospitals are inundated owing to Covid. But the elites insist that up is down and the sky is green, and most people swallow it.

Concepts such as quarantine, sterilisation and the efficacy of masks were developed for the laboratory setting, not the world at large. There is no such thing as 70 percent, 90 percent or even 99 percent quarantine conditions – something as infinitesimally small as a virus particle, every single one of the ancestors of which, back to the dawn of life on Earth, succeeded in finding a host in which to replicate, can spread as normal in anything but total laboratory quarantine. You know, the kind they were supposed to have in the Wuhan BSL-4 lab.

It’s time to rise up and resist.

Many fine journalists and doctors have pointed out the dearth of evidence supporting the wearing of face masks. But not only is there no evidence, there is not even a suggestion that face masks would work. You’ve probably heard by now the analogy of the chain link fence built to stop mosquitos. You’ve asked yourself how surgical masks meant to be worn once and not touched by the hands apply to the public at large. Perhaps, every once in a while, you are reminded of the fact that it hasn’t yet been demonstrated that slowing the spread of the virus is even a good idea.

But why am I wasting my breath arguing? What’s the point in reason, rationality and debate when those in power are not interested? Their actions are determined by one thing and one thing only: “What should I do to transfer power away from the public and to the elites?” Only this informs Fauci’s “recommendations”, which next week will be diktats. Only this instructs the WHO on whatever ludicrous contradiction it trumpets next at the whim of their shady puppet-masters.

This power grab is moving terribly fast, because it’s in its endgame. The elites sense that total victory is at hand. They have relieved the people of the Anglo sphere of their ancient liberties without so much as a whimper from the downtrodden majority. There will always be a few brave voices, such as Peter Hitchens, Dr Vernon Coleman, Professors Carl Heneghan and Sunetra Gupta, but, kept outside in the wilderness, they’re easily dealt with.

It’s time for resistance. Not just political, but personal. Do not wear a face mask – not in shops, not on public transport, not anywhere. Say you have asthma, or offer no explanation. That’s what I’ve been doing in the newly despotic UK, thus far without much issue. If they won’t let you into a shop without one, then they can do without your custom. If you absolutely must wear one, try to get a novelty one like Peter Hitchens’ – he sports a gas mask – or at least wear a normal one with as much scorn as you can muster. It’s difficult not to conform. But the stakes could not be higher.

By Peter Andrews
Source: RT

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