It’s Politically Prudent for President Putin Not to Congratulate Biden Just Yet

Russia wisely avoided falling into the trap of prematurely congratulating Biden as the so-called “projected” “President-Elect” since it would have then been accused of “meddling” by the Trump Administration had it done so and would thus be blamed for exacerbating the US’ ever-intensifying political crisis, which could in turn be exploited by both political parties for their own domestically self-interested and also foreign anti-Russian ends.

Russia dodged what could have been a devastatingly damaging infowar bullet by wisely opting not to prematurely congratulate Biden as the so-called “projected” “President-Elect”. This politically prudent move saved Russia from falling into the trap of being accused by the Trump Administration of “meddling” considering that the outcome of the election still hasn’t been certified and is presently undergoing litigation in several states. As the author wrote earlier in the week, “Don’t Fall For The Psyop! Biden’s Not Officially The President-Elect, At Least Not Yet…”, which shined light on the “deep state’s” dark scheme to manipulate the global masses into accepting their superficially “democratic” coup attempt as a fait accompli via a massive psyop.

If President Putin would have joined in the mostly pro-globalist choir and fell in line with the same “deep state” forces that have actively conspired against his country for the past four years, then he’d have taken a very calculated risk which would have strongly implied that the Kremlin didn’t think that Trump stood any credible chance at reversing the coup. It’s therefore extremely significant from a strategic perspective that he and his Chinese counterpart for instance have both declined to give their stamp of approval to this ongoing regime change operation. This suggests that Trump hasn’t been defeated just yet unlike what the Mainstream Media “projects”, and that turning against him at this pivotal moment would be against their national interests.

To explain, the Trump Administration would immediately seize on the Democrats’ discredited but nevertheless unforgettable Russiagate narrative to allege that Russia was “meddling” in the outcome of the 2020 elections by endorsing Biden despite the results not yet being certified. This scenario would be a lose-lose for Russia since Trump would almost certainly take revenge against them if he survives the coup attempt, while the Democrats would likely punish Russia if they succeed with their regime change operation since they’d be furious that President Putin “discredited” their victory by congratulating Biden and thus provoking Trump’s predicted Russiagate claims that all of America would then become aware of.

From the Kremlin’s perspective, there might be a chance of finally making progress on their hoped-for but increasingly unlikely dreams of a “New Detente” with the US if Trump remains in power and then subsequently purges the “deep state” of its hostile anti-Russian pro-Democrat elements to consolidate power in the aftermath of the by-then failed coup. Should Biden come to power instead, however, then the Obama-era and -influenced officials that he’ll likely install into power will probably pursue anti-Russian policies anyhow regardless of whether President Putin tried to get on their good side by prematurely endorsing the coup through the tacit means of congratulating Biden before the results were certified.

What’s most interesting is that former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul seems to be taunting President Putin to prematurely congratulate Biden, possibly with the implied purpose of then justifying the “projected” “President-Elect’s” rabidly anti-Russian agenda on the pretext of taking revenge against it for provoking Trump’s predictable Russiagate claims in response to that scenario. Pressure from CNN and other Mainstream Media outlets for President Putin to do this as well is likely part of a coordinated operation meant to achieve that aforementioned end of triggering into motion their preplanned anti-Russian scenario under a so-called “publicly plausible” pretext.

For these reasons, it was the height of political prudence for President Putin to decline congratulating Biden until the election results are certified and the ongoing litigation finally ends. It would have otherwise been the very definition of “foreign meddling” had he — like so many of his peers — prematurely congratulated the opposition candidate for declaring victory in a disputed election marred by numerous accusations of fraud and legally being contested by the incumbent administration. Russia therefore showed that world that unlike them, it won’t meddle in American affairs despite having wrongly been accused of doing so over the past four years and many people believing that it had even though these claims had previously been officially debunked.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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