Debunking 10 Western Infowar Narratives About the CSTO’s Kazakhstani Mission

The Russian-led CSTO’s limited peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan will predictably trigger an intense US-led Western information warfare campaign, the false narratives of which will preemptively be debunked in this piece

The Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) authorized a limited peacekeeping mission to Kazakhstan in response to President Tokayev’s request for assistance in quelling the Hybrid War of Terror against his country. This military move will predictably trigger an intense US-led Western information warfare campaign, the false narratives of which will preemptively be debunked in this piece.

1. Lie: “Russia is invading Kazakhstan!”

Motive: Misportray the CSTO’s limited peacekeeping operation as a Russian neo-imperialist ploy.

Truth: The internationally recognized Kazakhstani leader officially requested the CSTO’s assistance.

2. Lie: “Russia is rebuilding the Soviet Union!”

Motive: Revive Hillary’s Clinton’s false narrative aimed at justifying Russia’s “containment”.

Truth: No political borders will change as a result of the CSTO’s limited peacekeeping mission.

3. Lie: “Russia is killing Kazakhstani democracy!”

Motive: Perversely justify the recent spree of urban terrorism as “peaceful democratic protests”.

Truth: The CSTO is carrying out anti-terrorist operations aimed at restoring law and order.

4. Lie: “Russia is slaughtering unarmed peaceful protesters!”

Motive: Dramatically establish the false pretext for potentially imposing more sanctions on Russia.

Truth: Russia is fighting armed terrorists and ensuring the safety of innocent Kazakhstani civilians.

5. Lie: “Russia will fail in Kazakhstan!”

Motive: Groundlessly fearmonger about an Afghan-like quagmire.

Truth: The Kazakhstani people support their CSTO allies’ efforts to end this week’s reign of terror.

6. Lie: “Russia is destabilizing Central Asia!”

Motive: Misportray Russia as a regionally destabilizing force that always behaves irresponsibly.  

Truth: Russia is restoring stability to Central Asia after Kazakhstan was victimized by a Hybrid War.

7. Lie: “Russia is distracted from Ukraine!”

Motive: Imply that Russia can’t multi-manage several crises and will thus become weak on Ukraine.

Truth: Russia’s earlier declared red lines are unnegotiable and it’ll resolutely protect its security.

8. Lie: “Russia is competing with China in Kazakhstan!”

Motive: Desperately try to drive a wedge between the rock-solid Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership.

Truth: China has consistently stood against terrorism and therefore supports the CSTO’s mission.

9. Lie: “Russia is spreading fake news that America is behind the Hybrid War of Terror on Kazakhstan!”

Motive: Discredit the theory that the US’ subversive anti-Russian “deep state” faction caused the crisis.

Truth: White House Press Secretary Psaki’s denial actually makes the US look even more suspicious.

10. Lie: “Russia’s CSTO mission proves that Moscow is a universal enemy of all democracies!”

Motive: Add credence to the false narrative put forth by last month’s “Summit for Democracy”.

Truth: The CSTO mission saves Kazakhstani democracy from an anti-democratic terrorist takeover.

The US-led Western Mainstream Media’s desperate attempts to discredit the Russian-led CSTO’s limited peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan will fail. All attempts to advance the above infowar narratives will fall flat because they lack any factual basis. Those who propagate such will paradoxically only end up discrediting themselves while further bolstering Russia’s own international credibility in the process.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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