Globalist Fourth Reich Revisited

After the Second World War, a power vacuum had to be rapidly filled where a world formerly at war could somehow return to peace. In light of lessons learned, an understanding developed that military might was not optional for the state – to be used only for defense – but mandatory to maintain power, at times aggressively. In other words, the aggressive militarist role of the State was given after WW2. (Prior to that, certain influential idealists believed that the world could be at peace with competition not represented by warfare, but by trade and commerce, without a return to mercantilism, ie nascent globalist ideology.)

At that time, capitalistic theories about commerce prevailed in the west (tinged with socialist ideology in the form of state control of capitalism). In the east a more radical socialist ideology — perhaps suited to eastern thought and experience – favored state ownership and control of all production with equality in housing, education and health, enforced by the State. As such, American capitalism, European social capitalism and eastern communism became the ideological power triumvirate after WW2.

Ideological camps were setup on all sides, in competition. Even though State ownership of production was anathema in (most) European countries, and the US, powerful political elements actually favored radical socialist thinking especially in Europe. Meanwhile the United States felt the need to foil any such radical socialist ideology, and considered radical socialists (communists) in Asia (Russia-China) to be an existential threat to the United States.

Allen Dulles knew that the 3rd Reich was about far more than dictatorial rule by a maniac — revelations from the Red House Report (1944) told him so. Dulles implicitly understood the Red House Report; and intel he was privy to inspired a US version of IG Farben corporatism as policy, a state collusion with industry to fuel western corporates and counter the Russian powerhouse. Allen Dulles had close links to Nazis, and many were his personal friends. Dulles’s efforts saved quite a few Nazis from detention and even execution. Dulles and McCloy took SS Gehlen into the CIA and leveraged his intel knowledge of the East (via Gehlen) to great advantage. Likewise, Nazi science was far more advanced than history portrays, and Dulles appreciated that industrial leverage. While Dulles was not necessarily an ideological Nazi himself, the jury has been out on that for many years.

Now, recall that the German surrender was quite odd, where only the Wehrmacht and military surrendered. Top (then) Nazi Karl Dönitz did not surrender. Indeed, no Nazi party official of any rank ever signed any surrender document, or signed any formal codicil of capitulation; not in Reims, or Berlin, or anywhere else. That was either a blunder or an opportunity for Dulles, an opening that Dulles could take advantage of. In a way, Allen Dulles was a new internationalist, even if not in the manner we usually think of one.

Bottom line, Dulles saw that a unified Europe aligned with the United States could powerfully oppose communist and eastern influence after the war, with a further goal of defeating and subjugating eastern power. This alignment provides a crude foundation for the successor to the 3rd Reich with help from the BIS and banking system to this day. Briefly, the Globalist Fourth Reich is a politically united Europe allied to the US, in stout opposition to the East… in fact, with a goal to defeat and subjugate the eastern powers, for western rule. In other words, for world domination. (Just as the 3rd Reich hoped for; even if Britain and the US didn’t cooperate at the time!)

The ideological play here is quite interesting, because the west was not absolutely universally ideologically opposed to socialism or communism, or China; as Nixon proved in 1972. Elements within the western power structure had adopted socialist thinking*. Roosevelt’s first inauguration speech about the “Economic Royalists” gives powerful insight to socialist ideals, and serves notice that the central governmental will intervene in banking and Wall Street’s criminal activities, whenever in the central government’s interest to do so. Also recall that some theorists believed that the Western powers favored the fall of the Tsar and supported the Bolsheviks, in this original East V West / West V East scenario. Succinctly, ideological warfare was waged after WW2, with capitalist ideology vs communist dogma as essential components, where the idea was to test theories of militarist and societal power and control.

As this war played out over many years, the radical socialist ideologues in the west were eclipsed by capitalist internationalists, by the time Wall Street and western monetary powers dominated the global monetary system. This was accomplished, over the years, by recruiting and indebting most nations to the US dollar system. Somewhat anecdotally, as the former played out, we saw communist ideologues like Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, and Guy Burgess eventually flee to the Soviet Union, for example, and there were many more. Joe McCarthy made his life’s work touting the ‘red scare’ and did quite well (financially) by it. By 1962, even Lee Oswald was too embarrassed to call himself a communist..!

In other words, Allen Dulles correctly guessed, or with reason suspected that, ‘western capitalism’ would eclipse eastern communism, perhaps largely based on his time and experience with Big Banks, the Federal Reserve, and Bank for International Settlements… (The BIS, in some circles, is still called “the Nazi bank” today.) So, Allen Dulles won. Instead of the Fourth International we have the Globalist Fourth Reich that Dulles perhaps did not fully visualize then, but certainly enabled, with the ultimate goal being to eventually defeat the eastern bloc. Same as after WW2… However, Allen Dulles did not fully appreciate that the western democracies were being played by what remained of the Third Reich to ensure its survival. The foregoing is a most important point, that no political scientist (or anyone else!) will address in this dualist-false dilemma obsessed realm of history.

In brief, by 1950 we have three ideologies with competing power structures: 1, US-euro “democracies” (or what once were) 2, Totalitarian fascism which we call Nazism and 3, Communist government. What is universally ignored, not realized, or not appreciated, is that the Third Reich idealists who survived the war (and there were plenty!) were working and manipulating Dulles and McCloy etc – not the other way around. In their Nazi zeal for world domination – just as we see every day, today – the Nazi internationalists succeeded in accomplishing the Globalist Fourth Reich… by stealth and great cunning.

It is important to highlight that Elites of the Globalist Fourth Reich have no Hitler — they are not interested in such. The 4th Reich Elites have no spiritual religion or belief. They are not overtly racists, or antisemitic… In their view, race, honor, and all the trappings of a goose-stepping Nazi are absolutely irrelevant. Ultimately, these Elites are the wealthy Western Oligarchs and plutocrats in business suits, all about totalitarian power and control… and they view the east as being an existential threat to their system of control and governance. They achieved power by embracing the fascist totalitarian ideals that Sheldon Wolin has written about too, described as the US Inverse Totalitarian State. The western major media conflates the issue, by portraying the Fourth Reich as a white supremacist movement, when the western globalist agenda is truly nothing of the sort.

Note that while these fascist ideologues may use ideology as a tool, their ultimate control is not by any ideology, but by technical, political, doctrinaire, and propagandistic means. Also their Nazi-inspired fascism intersects with National Socialism, as a means of State-controlled capitalism. We see this embodied in part, via the predatory and corrupt Wall Street banking and monetary system.

Briefly, via this quasi-Allen Dulles world view, world peace, benevolent capitalism, or any ideological or monetary system that represents either a truly competitive free market – or for that matter a working socialist-capital system as China enjoys – is the Globalist Fourth Reich’s bitterest enemy. This is why — as Dr Joseph Farrell pointed out in his book The Third Way — Sergey Glazyev in 2014 stated that, “the real Nazis are in Washington”. Of course, the foregoing is all fine in theory… but what evidence do we see that the Globalist Fourth Reich truly exists? Well, we see it every day.

The west is not interested in peace. No western leader ever speaks about world peace: Not on any occasion or under any circumstance. The west is about, war, terror, horror, death, destruction, and profit from same. How can we know? Not just by NATO destroying Yugoslavia or Libya, or the fact that NATO exists at all. No, we know because this is the warfare state ideology dumped on us every day, day by day, by the western media and especially US “leaders”. For at least twenty years now. (But actually more.) This is why the president of Russia throws up his hands and wonders why the west is so crazy …. just as he did today. He must realize that the Nazi intent to enslave the East was not defeated in 1945, or any time thereafter; just as we see with the promise of western aggression versus China, Russia, and Iran today.

Russia’s President addresses Sky News Reporter about the West’s “Fourth Reich”: Link

The United States specifically reneged on its (largely) verbal promise not to expand its NATO warfare state eastward, in a lie typical of the Third Reich re the Hitler-Stalin Pact , highlighting the fact that the western Fourth Reich lies the very same way today. One subtlety here is that our western banker’s Fourth Reich must now consider that the Russian potential alliance with China, complicates the Nazi-US goal to enslave the East. Such is now a far greater challenge than Neocons-Neoliberals and their associated Fourth Reich partners in Washington may imagine. Let’s hope so. Meanwhile America, Europe, Saudi, and Israel will continue to make a Nazi war on the world…. with not a word about peace to be publicly found.

There is a further fact. It is claimed that the Soviet Union lost the Cold War. True, however the United States did not quite win it either… the US just did not lose the Cold War quite as badly as the USSR did.** And there is a further truth too. That the United States did not defeat the Nazis either. And that the west has been gradually immersed in that ideology, where the present time is perfect proof to that fact…

Now, it is up to China and Russia to defeat them – this time forever.

By Steve Brown
Source: South Front

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