The US’ False Flag & Crisis Actor Speculation About Russia Is Self-Discrediting

This exercise in the very definition of doublethink is self-discrediting and intellectually insulting.

The subversive anti-Russian faction of the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) is so desperate to provoke a Russian-Ukrainian proxy war that it’s now pushing speculation about Russia supposedly plotting to carry out a false flag attack comprised of crisis actors. State Department spokesman Ned Price shared this allegation without any evidence whatsoever during a press conference on Thursday, which prompted the Associated Press’ Matt Lee to immediately challenge him. The latter even compared Price’s speculation to “Alex Jones territory” during their unforgettable exchange that can be read in full here and which was summarized here.

The US had up until this point denied the very conceptual existence of false flags and crisis actors, having previously claimed that even discussing them is nothing more than a so-called “conspiracy theory” in spite of both having been objectively confirmed to exist throughout history. Russia’s prior efforts to preempt what it described as the US’ own false flag chemical weapons attacks in Syria were always met with scorn, condemnation, and even mockery by the American Establishment yet now that very same Establishment wants the world to blindly accept their own similar such claims about Russia. This exercise in the very definition of doublethink is self-discrediting and intellectually insulting.

To be absolutely clear, false flags and crisis actors are real, but not every claim thereof is true. The US government has no credibility on the international stage after fabricating evidence about Iraq’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and most recently denying the impending fall of Kabul to the Taliban until it actually happened, among many other examples that can be mentioned. Nobody should believe the US when it claims that Russia is plotting a false flag attack in Eastern Ukraine or even within its own territory according to Price and plans to even involve crisis actors who’ll pretend to be corpses. No such dramatic accusation can be publicly shared in any serious fashion within presenting factual proof.

It’s beyond arrogant for Price and his “deep state” backers to expect anyone to blindly believe their false flag and crisis actor speculation about Russia. It’s much more believable that the US itself is plotting what can be described as a reverse-false flag scenario whereby its intelligence agencies and/or their proxies within Ukraine’s either carry out their own false flag attack that they blame on Russia, or actually strike that country or Russian-friendly rebels in Donbass, but then describe any such footage as a so-called “Russian false flag with crisis actors”. After all, the US’ perception management (propaganda) capabilities are masterful and well documented so they shouldn’t be underestimated.

Another pertinent point to bring up is that Price made his accusation on the eve of the Beijing Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremony that many had already expected the US to try to spoil in one way or another. President Putin is currently in the Chinese capital to attend this ceremony and meet with his counterpart. Considering this context, it’s very probable that the US is implying that it might move forward with the abovementioned reverse-false flag scenario in the coming days while the Russian leader is still abroad or at the very least wants this scenario to hang heavy over his head like a Damocles’ sword. Put another way, this is a psy-op against both the whole world and President Putin personally.

Be that as it is, this doesn’t mean that it’ll automatically succeed. The US already lacks credibility, let alone after making such a dramatic false flag and crisis actor claim about Russia without presently even a shred of factual evidence when publicly challenged by a seasoned reporter. In that event that anything resembling the scenario that Price shared ends up transpiring, nobody should doubt that such a sequence of events would actually be due to the US’ own reverse-false flag scenario and not whatever it baselessly accused Russia of. It remains to be seen whether that’ll even happen, but the very fact that Price brought up his warped version of this scenario suggests that the US is seriously considering it.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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