The Crisis We’re In

For almost a decade the policy of the United States toward Russia has been based on Cold War logic. And today the western mainstream media blames Vladimir Putin for current events saying he wants the world to turn back the clock. For eight years, the leading nation of the NATO war pact has done everything in its power to turn the world against Russia. And now, having pushed the American brand of tyranny up to the gates of Moscow, it is Vladimir Putin who is the villain, yet again. The doomsday clock just clanged its first chime, but the liberal order still won’t relent. Dark and evil people and forces are at work today. Forces we thought were wearing white cowboy hats.

“We have to look at the bigger picture here, and realize this is the culmination of a long-standing, neoconservative attempt to reignite the Cold War for a variety of reasons. They want a massive arms buildup. The neoconservative movement really emerged from anti-Russian sentiment in the 1970s… They despise Vladimir Putin… because he is the main leader in the world who is challenging US hegemony…” – Max Blumenthal, 2018

The madness has its core, like the center of every human tumor of hatred that has fueled every war ever fought. To peel back the layers and see its bloody blackness, one need only read the foaming insanity of Putin haters like chess champion Garry Kasparov. The chess grandmaster who’s transformed himself into what the Jerusalem Post calls a “veteran expert on the psyche of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” The nutty madman who’s known for his mastery of the ever-popular board game just suggested more of the same strategy against Russia’s leader, that got us here in the first place. Kasparov says the lawmen of the western world should support Ukraine militarily, bankrupt Russia’s war-making machine, freeze and seize Russia’s finances, and kick the Russians out of every financial institution. There’s a big, big problem with the plan. It’s so stunningly apparent.

“These people communicate only inside their peers and dismiss any outside opinion as “stupid” or “paid”. They converted themselves into a kind of political sect and lost public support.” – Dimitri Scholz, Professor at University College Dublin – On Kasparov’s hatred of Putin

The Russians and their leadership don’t care anymore. We, the community of nations that comprise the NATO military country club, finally pushed too far. There’s no more room to wiggle. Russia is backed up to her own living room. And Putin just kicked open the screen door and slammed a round into the chamber of a pump shotgun. If the people in Washington, London, and Brussels don’t back the hell off of Russia’s porch, the yard dogs of Kyiv won’t be the only ones yelping from the sting of buckshot. People like Kasparov, you see, hate what Putin represents more than anything. Even the lives of you and me.

I’ve focused on Garry Kasparov here not because he is especially important, but because his most recent words parrot what the liberal order has been up to from the start. The gamer champion says “the international community should “Recall all ambassadors from Russia. There is no point in talking. Ego, my point about the Russians not giving a shit anymore. For years and years, all Russia got back over concerns about NATO/America upsetting Ukraine, Georgia, and most recently Kazakhstan and Belarus, was idle talk. The United States has ringed the biggest nation on Earth with wars, insurrections, and hundreds of military bases since the fall of the Berlin Wall. And at every complaint, our leaders spit in the face of Putin and 143 million of his countrymen.

America blames Russia for trying to interfere in US elections, but America medals in everything that goes on, almost everywhere in the world. My country, dumbed down by her own insecurities and exceptionalism, has become world champion at only one thing. We cannot be beaten if we compete in an event older than chess. If the world were to hold a “Pot calling the kettle black Olympics,” no other country would stand a chance. Americans would blame Jesus for crucifying himself if the son of God decreed higher gas prices. And no, I am not joking. Putin and Russia have come to represent a kind of the last bastion of Orthodox spirituality, while my country hurries to become the new Gomorrah. There, it had to be said. The media in Russia shares a photo of Vladimir Putin crying in church, and Bloomberg makes fun, calling it all a PR stunt. Meanwhile, the closest one of our leaders gets to a crucifix is former President Donald Trump gassing protesters to do a photo op with the Holy Bible in his hand.

Seriously. No, really, seriously. It’s like we are all living inside a very badly written comic book. If somebody does not do a running edit on our madness soon, if we don’t get out our erasers quickly, the scariest parts of the New Testament of the Bible, and of the Quran, are about to happen again. Ask my mother-in-law in Bucharest, Romania, who called my wife crying at a screaming pitch scared all Romania would soon burn. Ask my sweet high school classmate who went on Facebook facetime to ask me if I thought she should move from the United States. “Phil, it’s getting so bad here. Prices are outrageous, people are getting nuttier all the time. I am scared,” she said. Talk about an epic WTF?

And then the world order’s Pied Piper Kasparov spills it. He writes that the global community needs to spur OPEC to increase production, and the defunct Keystone must be reopened so that Russia can’t get any gas money. He says “It’s time to fight.” This is what Vladimir Putin and the leaders of Russia just figured out. Only their battles are not on a wooden checkerboard.

Wait, though! There is a bigger point to be made. It’s meaningful to note here that Khodorkovsky named former secretary of state Henry Kissinger and Lord Rothschild to his Open Russia foundation when it was created in 2001. We, the dissenters in the media who’ve adopted an alternative view, we’ve been warning this would happen for more than a decade. The western world has listened to the western pirates Putin banished from Russia exclusively. The people of Earth have paid close attention to this so-called “liberal order” for decades now. And look what we have failed to achieve in doing so. A pandemic has ruined our lives, and it turns out they never had our backs. We’ve spent tens of trillions fighting a so-called “war on terror,” and now we are the terrorists. 3,000 billionaires have been created since the financial crisis of 2008. And the rest of us still struggle to pay our electric bills each month. Hello! Wake the fuck up, please! The Taliban (banned in Russia) still runs Afghanistan. Yoohoo! Is anybody awake there?

Vladimir Putin has done everything to halt the march of NATO eastward. 11 years ago Putin tried to integrate Russia’s defense capabilities with those of NATO. He said, “missile threats against Europe must be tackled jointly.” But the NATO bunch had no intention of competing against any outside enemy other than Russia. Then-President Dmitry Medvedev”s and Prime Minister Putin’s concern was the looming threat to Russian security we see made real today. And for those who believe the Russian president is their enemy, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being arrested saw Putin slamming the west for cables that described Russia as a “mafia state,” and for the failure of democracy for Assange. This was 2010, as well. In 2011, Putin raised the alarm over the role the US played in the killing of Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi. Back then, lunatic Senator John McCain, now deceased, insinuated that Putin would face a similar fate. In 2009, just for added clarity, remember then vice-president Joe Biden’s aggressive support for NATO in the Republic of Georgia.

But Putin is the villainous thinker, let me remind you. I remember when Alaska Senator Sarah Palin told the “World News Tonight” audience that she supported Senator John McCain’s push to get NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia. This was in 2008, just to show how today’s crisis has its roots in US policies for decades. So please, let us not appear to be overly contrite over the fate of Ukraine today. Let’s not be misleading here. Joe Biden and all the cast of players pounding the economic war drums against Vladimir Putin and Russia today wanted what is happening. They desperately needed what is befalling us to happen. It was, and is THEIR PLAN!

Finally, in order to show you how despicable and devious the people behind NATO expansion are, this EUObserver story from 2011 shows how Putin and Russia have been plotting against all along. Andrew Rettman wrote “Nato: Russian hard men not packing much punch,” wherein the militarist organization came to the conclusion:

“Russian armed forces were: able to respond to a small to mid-sized local and regional conflict in its western region; not able to respond to two small conflicts in different geographical areas simultaneously; not able to conduct large scale conventional operations.”

Furthermore, Joe Biden and all these warmongering liberal order Jacobites know full well Russia will, at a point, have to rely on tactical nuclear weapons to defend its borders. President Putin has just come forward warning that outside interference in Russia’s denazification of Ukraine, will reap a nuclear whirlwind, in no uncertain terms. I must reiterate here, for Mr. Putin’s speech the other day has been totally convoluted by the corporate-owned mainstream throughout the western world. The Russian president said:

“Whoever would try to stop us and further create threats to our country, to our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and lead you to such consequences that you have never faced in your history. We are ready for any outcome.”

So, here we are. The same people who brought you every war since the beginning of time are at it again. Putin, the Russians, and anybody who stands in the way of those who would totally dominate us all, they are in the meat grinder. Somebody, somewhere out there, has decided to make Russia a nuclear pressure cooker. Forces that are largely unseen, have made the decision to cast the dice, to see if Mother Russia will really obliterate all her enemies when pushed all the way back into the corner. The resolve, as it were, of a people hammered relentlessly throughout modern history, is the crucible Biden and the western mafia will rely on.

By Phil Butler
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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