A Deliberate Attack on the Food Supply Chain

The perfect storm is already here and we are in the middle of it. It is global game played by the elite. Brace yourself because it won’t be pretty.

Coordinated action is taking place in order to destroy food supply chain. So consequently we will experience food shortages with great geopolitical implications. For some years now so called great humanitarians like Gates and others are linking farming (livestock) to climate changes.  Their laughable theory about cow farts increasing global heating are just not worth commenting about. Their goal all along was to disrupt food supply chain in order to control humanity. And now they are finally on verge of succeeding it. But in order for us to see this we need to look at different factors and connect them.

And as mentioned above, the elite want to eliminate meat out of our menu. They are trying to replace meat with bugs or lab grown meat. Who knows, what lab grown meat can contain or what hidden agenda is behind this push. But since we are not buying this narrative, they will cut us of from food supply and let us with gmo vegetables and fake meat. Ofcourse to those, who will behave properly and won’t be cut from digital money, but that is another story.

War (you can call it special operation if you want) between Ukraine and Russia is important part of this and it came just in time for global food crisis agenda. It is true that both are called “breadbasket” countries for Europe and beyond. Ukraine harvest will be disrupted or there even won’t be one in some parts of country. And on other side Russia won’t export or wil export only to friendly nations. So either way because of this there will be shortages on global market and not just in Europe.

Another thing that we have to be aware of is global shortages of fertilizers. And this is another of deliberate destruction, that is taken place in recent years. Those among you, that regularly follow this topic, knows, that in recent years, there were tens of accidents in fertilizer plants. But to simply believe, that so many explosions, fires…and accidents happen without being sabotaged is naive. No, this is deliberate destruction of fertilizers, that fits in bigger picture.

Another things, that we need to acknowledge here are droughts and floods, that are hitting farm lands. Once again it is naive, to think, that this is just work of nature. In many times, something else is at play. Weather has long ago become weaponized and  has been frequently used to disrupt growing cycle of plants. 

The next trend, we are witnessing now, is diesel shortages, that will disrupt supply chain. From agricultural machinery to trucks they all need diesel. And as it seams now, the shortages of diesel are coming.

So, as we have seen, they are attacking food supply chain from multiple directions. Besides raising prices and disruptions, there is also geopolitical consequences that might happen. It is expected, that the most hit part will be global south. It could destabilize whole regions and I wouldn’t be surprised, if ends in balkanization of this regions.

 But there are other possible agenda behind it, for example, to depopulate thru famines, to interfere in human evolution thru gmo and lab grown food, or simply to made us accept whatever they are planing in exchange for food. This is exactly why I think, that we are seeing a deliberate attack on food supply chain. The perfect storm is already here and we are in the middle of it. It is global game played by the elite. Brace yourself because it won’t be pretty.

By Damjan Pirc
Source: OneWorld

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