The Fraud of Modern Western History

The oligarchs that took control of the United States in the 1880s onward, almost all poorly educated, most mentally unfit and all morally destitute built the mechanisms that made proxy war with Russia possible.

Today, we are going to learn the real roots of the CIA and the lie machine that threatens to set mankind on an evolutionary slide.

With shocking ease, academics, the press and members of Western governments are falling into line with the NATO driven propaganda war against Russia. The shock is not superficial, it is guttural.

As an historian specializing in US foreign policy in the 19th and 20th century, the issue seems to be more of a culmination of a disastrous trend, that of totally erasing reality and replacing it with what seems to be an alternative universe.

One with both training and experience in psychological warfare and chaos theory, one can see the hands of great talents with even greater power.

What is gone is the “baseline.”

By “baseline,” we mean that period when truth ruled over lies, when newspapers reported “facts” and one could assume, generally, that when one formed an opinion, based on “information” that at least some of that information might actually be factual.

That ship has sailed.

What can be said, categorically, is this; the mechanisms that formed our world today hide in shadows, rewriting our history, presenting us with a “certified” reality of hoaxes, false flags, black propaganda and widespread distraction.

Assuring the success of this endeavor is decades, how many no one can guess, of shameful outright lying that has become the root of Western culture itself.

Let us take the clock back a few years, more than 50 in this case. The search is for some “solid ground.” For me, it would be long hours spent with university professors who held varying positions of authority between World War I and World War II. I begin with John Baugham Harrison.

Harrison co-authored the general education text on Western Civilization used at the time by most universities. He had been a “player” since the 1920s and was nearly at the end of his teaching career.

This is how he explained it to be, so very long ago while sitting in Berkey Hall at Michigan State University:

“You know, Gordon, putting together a survey of history after World War I, a history durable enough to explain the Cold War and Vietnam (I had only recently returned from that conflict, thus making me a curiosity) lead not only to a “duality” in approach but one likely to fall well outside the purview of general education as outlined by our “betters” as suitable for state funded institutions.

From the outset, the treaty negotiations, if one were to abuse the term, at Versailles made one thing clear, a dark financial cabal had begun World War I, had grown in power and stature and had gained an irrepressible hunger for more, more war, more death and more control.

Worse still, these self-ordained power elites were typically, as is evidenced, not only less than intelligent but also prone toward malevolence and subject to any whims and hoaxes of the time. They embraced eugenics, crackpot economic theories and gravitated toward secret societies and the occult.

Between the wars, their every effort was spent building the military capabilities that would assure the next world war would be wider in scope, longer in duration and leave a world in chaos and ruin to an extent that their power over man and government would be forever unchecked.”

There is a reason I turn to memory rather than to books and articles. None of this was written, certainly not in any college text for any class I could get into.

Moreover, those who had acted as witness and oft times accomplice to the efforts described by Harrison would only likely express, often with pangs of guilt, their real views in private.

Toward that end, I broadened my efforts, first to China specialist Dr. Paul Varg, and then Dr. David Mead, then on to Dr. Walter Gourlay, America’s then most prominent Russia Specialist. From there…the list got longer. I would speak with them openly as all had a powerful curiosity about Vietnam and many had been combat veterans in one or both World Wars.

It was Dr. James Hooker, alleged CIA recruiter, who set me on the path, initially, examining America’s love affair with Nazi Germany though the Committee of One Million, the America First Committee and the roots of the OSS/CIA.

First of all, the primary goal of the Wall Street/London oligarchs was to build powerful warlike blocs and to do so in the middle of a worldwide depression.

Or we ask, was the depression itself part of that effort? That answer is a resounding “yes.”

Radicalizing Germany by throwing that nation into poverty and despair was not enough. A massive “pump and dump” engineered by the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve, followed by a strangulation of the US money supply was all that was needed to destroy the Western economies, or at least those sectors of the economies that were stupid enough to feed “the beast.”

Money bled from Wall Street through the London partnered brokerage houses, into European banks, and from there into the burgeoning German war economy but first Germany needed a new government.

Wall street supplied that was well, Dupont, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and brokerage like Merrill Lynch and the Rockefeller/Rothschild banks poured cash into German war industry though direct investment or bonds.

As war approached, companies like Standard Oil and others turned to 100% German crews for their tanker fleets and set up partnerships with German concerns like IG Farben, transferring war technologies like synthetic oil and rubber to Germany while withdrawing their US patents.

Auschwitz was an IG Farben/Standard Oil facility with prisoners working in the massive synthetic oil and gas facilities nearby. Other plants, armor plate, weapons, were owned by Silesia Mine and Coal, controlled though Bush owned Union Bank but how were they managed?

This is where we get to the story of the OSS. CIA/OSS founder “Wild Bill” Donovan was a Rockefeller Foundation employee who regularly traveled to Berlin prior to the US entering World War I. After fighting in World War I (with distinction), he became a prominent New York attorney with a curious interest in “intelligence” which sent him to such places as Japan and often returned to Germany, meeting with Nazi leaders who became close confidants.

Simultaneously, the “other hand” of the CIA/OSS was the Dulles brothers, a New York law firm that represented Hitler’s Germany in sales of bonds, protecting patents and in trade negotiations.

Allen Dulles would become the first director of the CIA and, reputedly, planned and executed the assassination of JFK and, of course, oversaw the investigation as well, though Kennedy had fired him from his CIA position earlier.

Allen Dulles spent much of World War II in Switzerland (Winston Churchill had requested he be kept out of Washington for the duration of the war as he was a suspected Nazi spy/ref; personal briefing/highest).

At the end of the war, Allen Dulles merged the new CIA with Germany’s Abwehr under Reinhard Gehlen, forming a curious partnership that would aid Nazi’s in escaping Europe (partnered with the Vatican) while engineering the environment that would lead to the Cold War.

Part of that “environment” was a genocidal crackdown in Korea making use of former collaborators with Japan that would lead to something more akin to a civil war than the “conflict” described universally through the fake history taught today.

Where did the brother go, John Foster Dulles? He became “handler” for weakling president Dwight David Eisenhower and served 8 years as Secretary of State.

What can this cabal be credited with? We can certainly start with the Cold War.

The watershed in Washington at the time was the collapse of Nationalist China under Chiang.

In response, the US turned the military equipment long in storage on Formosa/Taiwan over to France and aided that nation into its attempt to retake its colonial empire in Southeast Asia. Part of the rationale was to prevent a socialist takeover of France itself as became clear after the November 1946 French legislative election.

Only a Cold War such as the one being engineered in Europe today would push France into NATO, that and a promise of returned colonies.

As noted, for those familiar with the story of Dien Bien Phu, Dulles lost confidence in Frances’s communist government under Pierre Mendes, withdrew military support and allowed General Giap to encircle and capture France’s army.

This, of course, allowed the US to take over, to an extent led by another confidant at Michigan State University, Professor Wesley Fischel, head of MSUG, the organization chosen by Dulles to Nazify Vietnam.

What is our lesson here? Simply put, there are no “sources” available to restore our history. Where simply emptying libraries once worked, that and controlling all public education through the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, now Google can do it with an algorithm while social media giants exert even greater power of deception.

What is lost? This is only a glimpse of the 20th century as it really is.

By Gordon Duff
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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