Death Penalty for British Mercenaries

If Aslin and Pinner must die, they should take their medicine, shut up about it but be thankful that their deaths will serve as a warning to other British knuckle draggers.

British government Ministers are peeved that Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner, two of their many mercenaries, have been sentenced to death for their actions in Donbas. Liz Truss, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, having previously displayed her ignorance of the Ukrainian conflict to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, is now declaring that Wild Geese like Aslin and Pinner are protected under the Geneva Convention. They are not. And nor are the other mercenaries the British media encouraged to go to Ukraine, Iraq and Syria. They too are fair game.

The protests of their more jingoistic British compatriots apart, the much more important stories are the continued and systematic involvement of sociopathic British mercenaries in wars that are none of their concern and the arrogant and unequivocal support the British government extends to these Land of Hope and Glory Charles Mansons.

Greek-Cypriot Costas Georgiou, aka Colonel Callan, was one such British psychopath. As the best marksman in the British Army’s notorious 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment, Georgiou was centrally involved in the wholesale massacre of peaceful Irish Catholics on Bloody Sunday in Derry City on 30 January, 1972, only a few months after he played a pivotal role in the massacre of Irish Catholics in Belfast. These two war crimes were both signed off by the British Cabinet and were a central part in their successful policy of smothering the Catholic demand for civil rights with sectarian slaughter by Frank Kitson’s counter gangs.

Though Georgiou’s unit was repeatedly decorated by Queen Elizabeth, he was dishonorably discharged after he and his fellow Para thugs robbed a bank, a much more serious charge than wasting unarmed Irish or Angolan Catholics. Foot loose and fancy free, he made his way to Angola, where he commanded one of the most psychopathic band of mercenaries of recent times, where he personally murdered more than 170 unarmed Angolans and scores of his own men.

When the Angolan government forces captured Georgiou and his command staff, Queen Elizabeth and Henry Kissinger both appealed for clemency for them. The Angolan government were having none of it. Georgiou was executed by firing squad on 10 July 1974, along with Andrew McKenzie and John Derek Barker, who were also ex Para thugs, and Daniel F. Gearhart, a former United States Green Beret. Although Peter McAleese, another British mercenary (and former SAS killer) claims to have executed Georgiou, that is most likely MI5 disinformation to muddy their own tracks.

Although Georgiou, the butcher of Derry’s Bogside, typifies Britain’s guns for hire racket, the more interesting point is that he and his fellow Para sociopaths, who included his cousin, the equally bloodthirsty Charlie Kebab, were recruited through British agents posing as humanitarian workers, connected SAS officers much like British mercenary James le Mesurier, who commanded the White Helmets murder gang.

Though Aslin and Pinner and the Moroccan nonentity sentenced to death along with them cannot complain too much about how Lady Luck betrayed them, it is former British Army officers like Le Mesurier, Simon Mann and Tim Spicer who should really be facing firing squads at dawn. Mann, ex SAS , and Spicer, ex Scots Guards, are the British “entrepreneurs” who helped transform NATO’s mercenaries into the mega billion dollar industry that they are today. That said, Spicer’s African track record is so grimy that even Barak Obana and Hillary Clinton had to distance themselves from this Sandhurst trained monster.

Mann, Spicer’s partner in crime, is as evil. He fronted the attempt of Sir Mark, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s son, to colonize Equatorial Guinea so as to seize their oil and gas supplies. When Mann was extradited from Zimbabwe to Equatorial Guinea to get his day in court, the British Cabinet lobbied hard on behalf of that serial criminal, like they are now doing on behalf of Aslin and Pinner.

This is the same British government that absolved Georgiou of his war crimes in Derry and in Belfast, where they denied for decades that any crime occurred and where they still refuse to hold Dave Cleary (aka Soldier F), Georgiou’s fellow Para psychopath, to account. This is the same British government that lobbied for Georgiou in Angola and for Mann in Zimbabwe and for Sir Mark Thatcher in South Africa.

If Aslin and Pinner must die, they should take their medicine, shut up about it but be thankful that their deaths will serve as a warning to other British knuckle draggers that their war crimes sometimes pay off in lead and flesh wounds to what passes for their hearts.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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