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Rather than use Phillips to build backdoors to potentially save the lives of Aslin and his fellow killers, MI5 cast Phillips out into the cold.

In their latest round of sanctions, the British regime has sanctioned British subject Graham Philllips, as well as a number of Syrians, who sent Syrian fighters to Ukraine. The main reason Syrians have to emigrate to kill zones is because Britain, working through her Muslim Brotherhood proxies, has destroyed the country and should be held accountable in a court of law for this. If Europeans are short of food and heating this winter, they should remember that that is what their governments have been doing to Syrians for the last ten years. That the British regime would further penalize Syrian Christians for fighting fascists in Ukraine should surprise nobody.

And nor really is it a surprise that Graham Phillips, whom we previously met when discussing Germany’s persecution of Alina Lipp is on the sanctions’ naughty list. Although Phillips currently has about 250,000 youtube subscribers, in the great scheme of things, that is nothing when compared to BBC and other MI5 outlets.

And though that probably does not bother MI5 too much, it obviously irritates a lot of Zelensky’s trolls, who have been egging on each other to report Phillips and have his Patreon and other accounts banned. A quick Twitter trawl confirms that, rather than a cold analysis of Phillips’ work, is the main motif.

I hadn’t visited Phillips’ social media footprint since last I wrote about him for the simple reason there is little there or from Lipp and the others for me. That said, this video, at 4:30 where he meets a little girl and her dog trying to come to grips with hell, is “good”. And ditto the conversation with old women both before and after it. And this video of Aiden Aslin belting out the Russian national anthem to John Mark Dougan is also “good”, even though Aslin must be worried that, like other British mercenaries before him, he too will face a firing squad at dawn.

Though all of these videos and reports have a grubby side to them and most social media comments on Phillips are equally grubby, the British government should, in theory at least, be above such petty spite. But that would be to mistake the British government and its media mouthpieces for something less toxic. If Phillips deserves to have his property and bank accounts confiscated, we can only dream about what criminals like Liz Truss, Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew deserve.

The main charges against Phillips are that he interviewed Aslin, whilst the latter was in custody, that he disagreed with the Zelensky/Bojo line on Bucha and that Bojo used Parliamentary privilege to defame him. As previously reported, though some of his videos and not just the Aslin one, were decidedly tacky, there are serious questions to be asked over Bucha, the same sort of questions Britain’s SAS and their political masters have to answer about their own multiple war crimes in Syria, Iraq, Ireland, Kenya, Oman and Cyprus, where they not only filmed prisoners but also castrated and executed them (without due process).

And rather than use Phillips to build backdoors to potentially save the lives of Aslin and his fellow killers, MI5 cast Phillips out into the cold. If Aslin’s family and friends are looking for support to spring their nightingale, they best look elsewhere as it seems, judging from their reaction to Phillips, MI5 would prefer Aslin dead.

And, presumably, Phillips too. The smart thing, the honest thing to do, would be to get one of MI5’s journalists in the Guardian or the BBC to interview Phillips and that little girl as well as the Russian speaking grannies to hear their side of the story and what they think of other grannies having paint poured over them for honoring their dead who fell fighting Hitler. That would have been the honorable way but it is not the way of MI5 or Muppet Zelensky, who has banned John Mearsheimer, Tulsi Gabbard, Jeffrey Sachs, Ray McGovern and Scott Ritter. Far better to copy the corrupt criminal Zelensky, to punish Alina Lipp and Graham Phillips and to thereby pretend to have the high moral ground, which the British government can never have until their own war criminals swing for their war crimes in Syria, Iraq, Ireland, Kenya, Oman and Cyprus.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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