Poor Hunter Biden, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Father!

What goes around comes around, which may explain the perils of Hunter, like the Perils of Pauline – as in spite of massive censorship, Hunter Biden is catching it all ways. So much so that I am beginning to “really” feel sorry for him.

The laptop story, or lap dancing, or the self-portraits “high and in the nude” are just too humdrum now, not even worth remembering. Even those who were staunch deniers are now starting to believe there’s an actual conspiracy, or a “cluster-fuck” of conspiracies associated with Hunter, which go beyond a shady energy consultation in Ukraine.

The titles of some of the most recent articles about the plight of poor Hunter could not say it better – titles such as “Russia ramps up their wild propaganda campaign by claiming Hunter Biden is ‘secretly funding bioweapons labs in Ukraine’ and bankrolling ‘anthrax’ production.

In the present climate, anything Russia says about Ukraine is considered wild, so Hunter might be glad to be associated with these stories to escape real scrutiny. But it is coming to him nevertheless, and the presidential family roasting industry shows no sign of being slowed down by the pandemic.

Not a Bunch of Malarkey

Obviously Ukraine has really opened Pandora’s Box, and in more ways than one. It is revealing some inconvenient truths which can only be addressed by labelling them as some wild Russian propaganda.

Russia asserts that that Hunter Biden is funding biolabs in Ukraine, and that he and Democratic billionaire and supporter of Colour Revolutions George Soros are bankrolling the production of anthrax. They are in good company – the same finger is being pointed at the Center for Disease Control and the US Agency for International Development, with the George Soros Foundation being directly involved in the implementation of this programme.

What is known in being revealed piecemeal, and this is being done deliberately, as confirmed by Russian spokesperson Dimitri Peskov who touched up about the biolabs publishing strategy:

“… The truth about this is now being made public in a “measured” way until Washington realises that Russia knows almost everything about these bioweapons that endanger the whole world”.

This stuff is so over the top that it is most likely true, as no one with any competence would have the audacity to make it up. The allegations are more than subterfuge, not a smoking gun but a bellowing smokestack.

Denials on the part of the US and its partners serve as the perfect cover, at least for the Americans. They detract much attention from domestic problems in the US, spending without taxing, hyperinflation. Don’t forget midterm elections are coming up, and a convenient distraction is needed to get Americans off of their real concerns, so blame the Russians for all that has gone wrong under the Democrats.

After all, who is now talking about having seen boxes full of postal ballots not collected or counted? Biden is running for office again, despite his age and mental capacities, and who is even talking about that these days?

Who is Pointing the Finger Now?

The role of bio weapons in the US military doctrine goes beyond what meets the eye, as has been described in this journal over the years. Russia’s operation in Ukraine involves more than just trying to offset NATO expansion and protecting the population of Donbass.

It is a bit too late to say, “Hate to tell you so, but we told you so”, and not only are the Russians saying this. Insiders such as William Burns, the current CIA Director, predicted all that is now transpiring, and how NATO expansion was the brightest of all red lines.

The issue of bio weapons should be a red line for humanity, and that is why the 1972 Bioweapons Prevention Treaty exists. This bans research and development in the field of biological weapons, unless you outsource it and do it in someone else’s backyard under the guise of civilian research for public and animal health and well-being.

What is happening now with claim and counterclaim over bioweapons and covert programmes runs deeper than the Dnieper River which divides Ukraine into parts which may become East and West, and the divide between NATO and the Russian Federation. Andrew Bacevich, founder of the anti-war NGO The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, has reported how Ukraine is paying the price for the US “recklessly” pushing NATO expansion.

He is not alone in such views. Take for instance, John Mearsheimer, a political scientist from the University of Chicago, who has expanded many times over the years on the background to why the West is principally responsible for the Ukrainian crisis. He staunchly believes that the rapid and “reckless” expansion of NATO is what provoked Russia.

Devil’s Advocate: “Hide and Deny”

But to play the devil’s advocate, when all is said and done, the real “redline” was bioweapons programmes, and all the efforts to hide and deny them, as if Russia and other intelligence services don’t already know what is going on, and how there is a shell game of civilian researchers, projects and partnerships designed to hide what is already out in the open.

It is too simplistic to say, as the collective West is trying to do, that “Vladimir Putin started the war and is responsible for how it is being waged.” This is exactly why they are saying it – all the other reasons would require too much reflection, scrutiny and action over the slippery slope of externalities of bio threat reduction programmes.

The West would really have to justify public and animal research, gain of function research and Frankenstein bugs, and not only viruses and bacteria (the bugs you catch) but actual insects and ticks, even bats, which can carry diseases and they can inflict havoc on agricultural crops and human populations.

Russia more than suspects that Pentagon-funded bioresearch laboratories in foreign nations, including those in Ukraine, pose a grave threat to the world because they are developing very dangerous pathogens there, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told RT.

Washington apparently didn’t want to risk exposing its own people to the pathogenic threat, he suggested. “The Americans some years ago decided that it was too dangerous to do [such research] on their own soil. So, they moved all these threatening and dangerous activities to other countries,” Lavrov claimed.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

The Russians know, the Chinese know, and more and more of the world is learning, what is actually going on—they are not buying into the constant denials, even though it is so “politically correct” and woke to hate the Russians these days, and pretend Western governments know what is best for us.

It is ironic that Hunter Biden is the one who is now centre stage in a geopolitical bombshell, or rather a cluster bomb. Considering his rap sheet, he is not a person who can be trusted, neither to be near drugs or to defend his country, as he was high so often he got booted out of the US Navy.

Too bad his father was not John McCain’s, as then he could have become president. Of course you can check the Washington Post, the paper of record with the highest journalistic standards, and I am trying to keep from laughing.

The Post is quick to dismiss the claim that “Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca investment fund financed the Pentagon’s military biological program in Ukraine, said Igor Kirillov, head of the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces of the Russian Armed Forces.”

Of course, if we trust the Post, Biden’s investment company had no relations with Ukraine, and any scheme was not related to the US-funded labs in Ukraine. Instead, investors were betting on a new idea — selling insurance to protect businesses against a global pandemic.

My question is: will that pandemic be one specifically engineered, as in gain of function, as one of these mundane public health facilities in Ukraine, Georgia or some other place in the world most Americans cannot find on a map –or would have the desire to even look for?

Too Many Dots

Most of the Biden Company’s work was in African countries, according to the confidential deal memo. Regarding Ukraine, it only mentions that the company had an office in the country, which will “implement a research project in Ukraine aimed at understanding the threat of tularemia [rabbit fever] and anthrax” and “develop and implement a public awareness campaign to mitigate the threat of African swine fever.”

It is good to know that Biden is also in the sphere of disease prevention, as his career in energy investments and high value consultancies was short lived, and left a cloud of doubt as to his real motivations, when linked to his father’s task of being point man in Ukraine under Obama.

We are just going to have to trust the fact-checkers, as they know best. If they say it is false, we can quickly ascertain that there is much truth in the allegations – after all, it takes little imagination to understand who elects or appoints these purported fact checkers, who are they, and who is even allowed to dispute their findings?

Hunter, now you have your CV in good shape, starting with Burisma and the plethora of PR that you got, and most of it was free, and now perhaps it is high time to pick up where your father left off in DC, as Washington needs a man with such a billing and family tradition.

It is just too bad none of this is happening under a Republican administration, as the tar-and-feathers would be flying in all directions, and both father and son would be ridden out of town on a pole, as well as flagship newspapers of record, which are just as much guilty in the cover up as the prodigal son, the father, and his father’s corrupted minions.

By Henry Kamens
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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