The New York Times Exposed Kiev’s Latest Lie: No Newly Exported Grain Is Going to Africa

Observers might have thought that the Golden Billion’s Ukrainian proxy would have dispatched at least a single ship to one African country in order for their patron’s Mainstream Media to manipulate perceptions about this to falsely claim that Kiev is helping to counteract the consequences of the global food crisis that the US-led West’s sanctions immensely worsened, but that’s obviously not what happened.

Ukrainian officials have a track record of not telling the truth so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Foreign Minister Kuleba lied when he tweeted that his country’s resumption of grain exports “sends a message of hope to every family in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia”. The New York Times (NYT) exposed his lie after reporting that while some ships are going to China and Turkiye, which represent East and West Asia respectively, literally none of those that just departed from that crumbling former Soviet Republic are en route to Africa. In order to cover up for him, however, the outlet quoted a UN official who implied a belief in former US President Reagan’s theory of trick-down economics to predict that Kiev’s grain exports to non-African countries will eventually lead to prices falling in that continent over time.

Just last week, Ukrainian leader Zelensky tweeted that he told his counterpart from Guinea-Bissau about his country’s “readiness to be a food security guarantor in the region”, yet the whole world now knows that he lied after what the NYT’s latest report just revealed. He also told African journalists that their countries supposedly gain nothing from their ties with Russia, but the reality is that they don’t gain a single thing from their relations with Kiev as was just proven by one of the world’s most influential Mainstream Media (MSM) outlets. Moscow, by contrast, provides bespoke “Democratic Security” solutions to partners like the Central African Republic (CAR) and Mali for counteracting Hybrid War threats, which also includes fertilizer, food, and fuel for sustainably ensuring socio-economic stability.

African leaders and their people are well aware of the differences between Russia and Ukraine. This is proven by the first-mentioned snubbing Zelensky en masse during his virtual speech at the African Union in late June, while the second are sincerely inspired by President Putin’s global revolutionary manifesto and especially Foreign Minister Lavrov’s related promise that Moscow will help them fully complete their decolonization processes. No African government or the society that they represent sincerely supports Ukraine over Russia since they simply have nothing tangible to gain by doing so. Nevertheless, the US’ new “Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa” very clearly conveys Washington’s intent to coerce them into a zero-sum choice under the implied pain of Color Revolution unrest if they refuse.

This isn’t just due to that declining unipolar hegemon’s self-professed belief in its own discredited “exceptionalism”, but also because Africa is now a major battleground in the New Cold War. The recently accelerated global systemic transition to multipolarity has resulted in the US-led West’s Golden Billion fiercely competing with the BRICS-led Global South (in this context represented by Russia) over which model of International Relations should define the 21st century: the neo-colonialist one of unipolarity or the multipolar model that aspires to make the world system more equal, fair, and just. The choice is obvious for all African countries, but therein lies the reason why the US and France are poised to step up their destabilization operations in a desperate attempt to reimpose their hegemony.

Returning back to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister’s latest lie, there’s no doubt that it was directed towards the Western audience and not the African one since the latter would obviously know that Kiev hasn’t exported grain to any of the continent’s several dozen countries. Nevertheless, his crumbling former Soviet Republic is being used as a stand-in by his US-led Western backers to impose the zero-sum choice upon those states that was earlier described whereby they’ll become increasingly pressured to support Kiev at the expense of their ties with Moscow. Be that as it may, it’s expected that this will still remain a struggle for the Golden Billion since African countries have thus far proven their strategic sovereignty in the New Cold War by hitherto refusing to sanction that Eurasian Great Power.

Observers might have thought that this bloc’s Ukrainian proxy would have dispatched at least a single ship to one African country in order for their patron’s MSM to manipulate perceptions about this to falsely claim that Kiev is helping to counteract the consequences of the global food crisis that the US-led West’s sanctions immensely worsened. That obviously didn’t happen though, which shows that the Golden Billion still practices an extremely condescending and racist policy towards Africa. This American bloc wouldn’t even order its Eastern European proxy to send one boatload of grain for an easy photo op, instead choosing not to give anything at all to those countries while still demanding that they dump Moscow for Kiev.

The resultant outcome is that Africans will likely become more suspicious than ever about the true cause of the global food crisis. African Union Chairman Macky Sall already agreed with President Putin in early June during the former’s trip to Sochi that the US-led West’s sanctions exacerbated the crisis that the Russian Ambassador to the UN earlier explained predates the latest phase of the Ukrainian Conflict and is actually attributable to a combination of factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and reckless Western fiscal policies during that time. Furthermore, CNN surprisingly discredited Western officials’ prior claims accusing Russia of full responsibility for that crisis by pointing out the same things as its aforementioned representative to that global body did almost one-quarter of a year ago.

Considering this sequence of events, some might conclude that the global food crisis’ consequences for the African people are being deliberately exacerbated by the Golden Billion through their refusal to order Kiev to dispatch even just a single ship’s worth of grain to the continent. This form of Hybrid War punishment is being inflicted against them in response to their governments’ principled neutrality towards the Ukrainian Conflict after they all without exception declined to sanction Russia. Nevertheless, those states are still unlikely to unilaterally concede on their objective national interests in maintaining mutually beneficial relations with Russia, especially since doing so would be very unpopular after their people already realized the literal “hunger games” that the Golden Billion is playing.  

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Andrew Korybko’s Newsletter

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