The US’ Ukrainian Puppets Won’t Succeed in Pressuring India to Stop Buying Russian Oil

India will never unilaterally concede on any issue that it regards as objectively being in its national interests, let alone one as pivotal for its multipolar grand strategy as preventing Russia from becoming China’s “junior partner”.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba ridiculously lashed out at India for its purchase of Russian oil just hours after his counterpart from that country Subrahmanyam Jaishankar defended those deals. That crumbling former Soviet Republic’s top diplomat told The Hindu during a virtual press conference that “When India purchases Russian crude oil [at a discount], they have to understand that the discount has to be paid by Ukrainian blood. Every barrel of Russian crude that India gets, has a good portion of Ukrainian blood in it.”

Earlier that day, Minister of External Affairs (MEA) Jaishankar had told the Indian community in Bangkok that:

“We have been very honest about our interests. I have a country with a per capita income of $2,000. These aren’t people who can afford higher energy prices. It is my obligation… my moral duty to ensure that I get them the best deal I can. At this time, oil and gas prices are unreasonably high. A lot of traditional suppliers to India are also diverting them to Europe because Europe is buying or can buy less oil and gas from Russia.

So, Europe is also buying much more from the Middle East and from other sources that would have supplied to India. So, it is a situation today where every country will try to ensure the best deal it gets to cushion high energy prices and India is doing exactly the same thing. And, once you lay it out very openly and honestly, people accept it. They may not always appreciate it, but as long as you have laid out your interests in a direct manner, my sense is that the world accepts that as a kind of reality.”

Quite clearly, Kuleba couldn’t respond to the logical explanation shared by his Indian counterpart, hence why he resorted to false ad hominem accusations instead. This in turn prompted several observations.  

First, Kuleba didn’t dare criticize the EU for continuing to purchase much more Russian oil than India presently is, which MEA Jaishankar brought up in early June when his country was once again criticized for such deals. “India’s Top Diplomat Reminded The West That The World Doesn’t Revolve Around It”, which aligns with the multipolar worldview of his civilization-state’s leadership. Second, Kuleba’s artificially manufactured information warfare narrative wasn’t of his own initiative since he clearly served as a proxy for his country’s American patrons who directly control Kiev’s foreign policy.

Third, the US’ prior attempts at pressuring India into cutting off Russia have completely failed, hence why Washington is now resorting to indirect means for continuing this Hybrid War campaign. Fourth, this is occurring precisely because the US refuses to acknowledge that India decisively intervened to become Russia’s irreplaceable valve from Western pressure in order to preemptively avert its potentially disproportionate dependence on China. And fifth, Indian strategist and decisionmakers are well aware of these schemes, meaning that they won’t be duped into thinking that Kuleba acted independently.

There is absolutely no way that any American puppet will ever succeed in pressuring India to stop buying Russian oil and comprehensively expanding its strategic partnership with that Great Power in other ways too. Delhi will never unilaterally concede on any issue that it regards as objectively being in its national interests, let alone one as pivotal for its multipolar grand strategy as preventing Moscow from becoming Beijing’s “junior partner”. The fact that Kuleba was put up to this by the US suggests that Washington won’t stop its Hybrid War on India anytime soon, but it also shows how desperate it’s become.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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