Debunking the Top Infowar Narratives About Russia’s Partial Mobilization

The truth is that the West fears Russia’s partial mobilization otherwise it wouldn’t be spinning so many lies about it.

President Putin’s decision to order the partial mobilization of 300,000 experienced reservists after Russia’s recent setback in Kharkov Region and ahead of the completion of four former Ukrainian regions’ referenda on joining his country has led to an explosion of fake news. The US-led Western Mainstream Media (MSM) is working overtime to manipulate perceptions about this development in Russia and abroad. The present piece will paraphrase the top information warfare narratives before concisely debunking each one. It’ll then end with a few closing words about the subject in general.


Claim: “Russia Is Losing”

Truth: Russia remains in control of significant territory that it might soon formally incorporate.

Claim: “Ukraine Has Turned Into A Meat Grinder For Russian Troops”

Truth: Defense Minister Shoigu revealed that just a little less than 6,000 troops have been killed so far.  

Claim: “Mobilization Is Meant To Urgently Make Up For Russia’s Major Losses”

Truth: The 300,000 mobilized reservists must first be retrained and equipped, which will take some time

Claim: “Russia Is Secretly Planning To Mobilize Up To One Million Reservists”

Truth: Presidential spokesman Peskov condemned that claim as a flat-out lie.

Claim: “Everyone Who’s Called To Service Will Eventually Be Sent To The Front Lines”

Truth: Like in all conflicts, many will actually serve behind the front lines in support positions.

Claim: “Potential Reservists Are Panicking And Fleeing Russia En Masse”

Truth: Peskov described this claim as “very much exaggerated.”  

Claim: “A Critical Mass Of Russians Is Protesting Against Mobilization”

Truth: The number of people participating in unauthorized protests is a tiny fraction of the population.

Claim: “’Putin’s War’ Is Unpopular”

Truth: 70-73% of Russians support the special operation, which is in defense of their sovereignty.  


The latest infowar dimension of the MSM’s Hybrid War on Russia is aimed at provoking panic among some members of its target’s population and discrediting its leader’s reasonable decision to partially mobilize experienced reservists. The first objective has only attained extremely minimal success but has been decontextualized and amplified to artificially manufacture the desired narrative, while the second will only succeed among those abroad who already dislike President Putin. The truth is that the West fears Russia’s partial mobilization otherwise it wouldn’t be spinning so many lies about it.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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