Putin’s Latest Keynote Speech Concisely Summarized the State of Strategic Play in Ukraine

After reflecting on his words, there’s no doubt that the state of strategic play in Ukraine remains in Russia’s favor, which is the reason why the state of strategic play across the world also remains in favor of the emerging multipolar order.

President Putin addressed his compatriots Wednesday morning in a nationally televised speech that culminated in him informing them of his decision to partially mobilize their country’s experienced reserves. He also promised to respect the democratic will of the people inhabiting the liberated areas of Ukraine’s former Donetsk, Kherson, Lugansk, and Zaporozhye Regions if they vote in their forthcoming referenda this weekend to unify with Russia. It was a keynote speech and indisputably his most important one since announcing the start of his country’s special operation on 24 February.

In fact, the first fifth of his latest speech rehashed the highlights of the aforementioned one by reminding his fellow Russians why he made the fateful decision that he did. Upon refreshing their memories, he then updated them on the state of strategic play in Ukraine. Their newly restored world power’s slow but steady progress over the past seven months was explained by the need to carefully erode Kiev’s “deeply echeloned line of fortified defenses” and thus avert heavy losses. President Putin also mentioned how this minimized civilian casualties due to Kiev’s policy of taking human shields.

Another point that he brought up was that a peaceful solution was almost found early on into the special operation throughout the course of the Istanbul talks, but the West scuttled this outcome by ordering Kiev to wreck all the agreements “after certain compromises were coordinated”. The last part could be interpreted as a vague reference to the Russian Armed Forces’ prior pullback from the Ukrainian capital that Moscow insisted was a goodwill gesture aimed at facilitating the peace process and which in hindsight also served the purpose of a military feint.

The conflict continued after that point purely because NATO pumped its proxy full of arms, fighters, and intelligence. This coincided with Kiev cracking down on dissidents much more ruthlessly than it ever had before, which thus far climaxed in the atrocities that are presently being carried out against civilians in the Kharkov Region following Russia’s recent setback there. In fact, it’s that ongoing violence that President Putin said pushed the people from the liberated Ukrainian regions that historically were part of Novorossiya into organizing this weekend’s referenda on joining Russia in order to seek protection.

With the line of contact now stretching over 1,000 kilometers and pitting Russia against “the entire military machine of the Collective West” as President Putin rightly described it, the decision was made to commence the partial mobilization of his country’s experienced reserves. He explained their compensation and rights in order to reassure his compatriots that they’ll be treated with the highest respect for defending their country from the existential threat posed by the US-led NATO proxy war on Russia through Ukraine.

About that, President Putin also raised maximum awareness of how the West is encouraging Kiev to directly attack their country, including through the spree of terrorist attacks it carried out in the border areas. He also informed his compatriots that the West is actively surveilling Russia’s southern regions in real time through the most modern systems in preparation of attacking them exactly as Washington, London, and Brussels have openly talked about their Ukrainian proxy doing. In fact, some leading NATO countries are even discussing the possibly of nuking Russia, which he described as “nuclear blackmail”.

It’ll never succeed, President Putin said, since he reminded everyone about his country’s own cutting-edge weapons and explicitly said that he’ll employ all means at his disposal to defend the Russian people and their territorial integrity. Considering the context of the upcoming referenda being held in the liberated areas of those four former Ukrainian regions on joining Russia, it can be understood that he was implying that they’ll also be covered under Moscow’s nuclear umbrella in the likely event that their people vote to unify with their historical Motherland.

President Putin then closed by referencing his global revolutionary manifesto from July about Russia’s role in the systemic transition to multipolarity by declaring that “It is our historical tradition and the destiny of our nation to stop those who are keen on global domination and threaten to split up and enslave our Motherland. Rest assured that we will do it this time as well.” After reflecting on his words, there’s no doubt that the state of strategic play in Ukraine remains in Russia’s favor, which is the reason why the state of strategic play across the world also remains in favor of the emerging multipolar order.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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