What Was COVID-19?

As we survey the wreckage that was our civilization, as we are pushed and shoved by our fellow citizens now reduced to waves and waves of the zombie apocalypse, we are forced to ask ourselves the big question.

We see how friends and family remain in denial about this vaccine war, about World War V.

We see silent mothers walking with limping children through a fog of denial.

We forced to ask ourselves what exactly was this COVID-19?

The answer is as clear as it is damning. COVID-19 was like the fall of the Roman empire, but run at hyper-speed on a bank of supercomputers and broadcast over 5G.

Covid-19 was a pandemic of cowardice, a pandemic of hypocrisy, a pandemic of ignorance and decadence, a pandemic of collaboration, a pandemic of horrific betrayal; in a nutshell, COVID-19 was a pandemic of evil that makes the blood run cold.

By Emanuel Pastreich
Source: Fear No Evil

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