Leave the Road to Serfdom, Learn to Code

So, Elon Musk completed his purchase of Twitter and the pink slips are flying. From the C-Suite to the CS desk in a few weeks Twitter will cease to be the company we’ve all loved to hate delivering a product we hated to love.

From the beginning of this saga I maintained that it didn’t matter in the end if Musk prevailed or not. What was important was his ripping the duct tape off the hairy ass of the ridiculous double standard at work.

Every stupid argument you’ve heard justifying Twitter’s behavior was invalidated during Musk’s six month quest to overpay for one of the biggest pillars of the control engine operated by the patriarchy oligarchy.

From the moment that Musk made his initial overture to his walking in and firing the leadership, this story has been equal parts hilarious and thrilling.

First, Musk makes an offer the Twitter board can’t refuse without incriminating themselves, which puts to the test all the academic poison pill theories about how to defend against a hostile takeover.

As always, academic bullshit failed the real world sniff test.

You know kinda like what’s in the process of happening to the ultimate academic egghead Klaus von Commie Schnitzel and his moronic Great Reset.

Second he outed every bit of Twitter’s leadership and middle management as a feckless bunch of Davos trolls with layers of plausible deniability who never thought they would ever get caught. And then Pieter Zatko entered the conversation, blowing up the idea that Twitter’s censorship was just rogue purple hairs revealing brown shirts underneath their playful exterior.

But that doesn’t cover the half of it. The reality is that it wasn’t some evil mandated corporate conspiracy, but rather a poorly-built internal architecture which was purposefully allowed to remain broken for plausible deniability purposes.

“All That Twitters is Not Fairy Dust”


Because no one ever thought that Musk would turn his corporatist bribes, I mean Tesla shares, into weapons of mass formation psychosis destruction. Really? No one could see this coming? Then again this is the same media that can’t see anything that isn’t scrolling up the teleprompter.

Lastly, he called everyone’s bluff and just said, “Screw it, it’s just money.” And he’s more right than you can ever really imagine. Because the rise and fall of Woke Twitter is a harbinger of things to come now that Outside Money is getting its revenge against the depredations of Inside Money.

When civilization breaks down, legal claims tend towards zero value. Civilization breaks down through the systemic subversion of the agreed upon rules to the advantage of some at the expense of the other.

And what bigger subversion of the rule, “thou shalt not steal” could there be than a debt-based Ponzi scheme of inside money being used to suck up legal claims to most of the world’s valuable resources while actively suppressing the value of the competing outside money to defend people’s claims to it?

The Ins and Outs of Whose Money Is It, Anyway?

What the credit bubble giveth on the way up — empowering billionaire Satanists to providing welfare jobs to harpy millennial chicks and the soyboys who simp for them — taketh away twice as fast on the way down.

What was that about Elon top-ticking Tesla again for FU Money?

I have to believe that part of Musk’s decision to finally just buy Twitter despite the fictitious valuation (and userbase) was the grief he got publicly for going against the war orthodoxy of the collective West (and specifically Davos’ enforcement of a single point of view) over, of all things, using Twitter to engage in discussion about what the outcome in Ukraine should look like.

I guess advocating for peace and to stop angry Slavs from murdering each other is no longer a core “European value.”

Actually, now that I type that out, it never was.

Musk could have dragged this out for months and proven in court that Twitter was a cesspit. But, we’re edging closer to a point of no return over Ukraine; a point we are being railroaded towards by psychopaths and solipsistic assholes who never met a dead member of the hoi polloi, especially of the wrong ethnicity, they didn’t give a second thought to.

And note which entity at the last tried to stop his taking over Twitter, the “Biden” White House who tried to claim it was a National Security issue.

For fucks’ sake.

All these Davos ninnies can do now is talk about the EU’s rules for hate speech. The shakedown and the finger-wagging has already begun. It’s important to remember that free speech in the US is a matter of law. In Europe so is hate speech.

So, Europe is now testing another academic idea in the real world. Can they dictate to the world their speech rules to an international company and force everyone onto its standard?

Of course it will fail, but that’s exactly what this tired EU apparatchik believes he can do.

I hate to break it to Thierry, Musk can and will just hive Europe off on its own servers with their own sanitized feeds and see how long the EU can maintain control over that. The technology is simple the only thing missing previously was the will to implement it.

So, if Europe doesn’t want to participate in open dialogue with the rest of humanity, they are free not to do so.

Say hello to North Korea for me, Thierry.

I mean for pity’s sake even Vladimir Putin is laughing at us and our fragile widdle egos needing to protect ourselves from unpure thoughts…. unless it’s child porn or ISIS calls for violence.

But as happy as I am to see Twitter begin the process back to something resembling a communications platform interested in all of its customers, I’m even happier to write the following open letter to those Musk is about to put on the unemployment line.

Dear Tumblrina von Safespace,

This is what the real world looks like when someone takes away the punch bowl and the easy money engine goes into reverse gear. It’s not your fault, it’s just that the grown ups have finally looked at the credit card bills and said, “Um.. no.”

So, if I were y’all at this point I’d lose the nose ring, shave the purple hair and throw them in the circular file right next to your unsustainable and egregious sense of entitlement. Because this isn’t a small setback on the road to woke serfdom, it’s the first step away from the abyss the society was staring into.

Honestly, we only tolerated it because we had no real other choice. But, the bribes were good enough for most of us. Now, the cost is a little bigger than just silencing a bunch of self-marginalizing bigots who LARP as neo-Nazis on /pol.

The costs now involve normalizing nihilism, grooming children for sex slavery and nuclear war.

Not one cell in my body this morning feels one erg of regret or sympathy for you or the violence you did to the square of public debate.

You happily acted as thought enforcers for globalists who hate you. When you could have performed real acts of rebellion by not enforcing the Terms of Service, approving blue checkmarks for non-Marxists, and using your root priv to sabotage the algorithm rather than reinforcing it.

But I will concede that some of you are simply victims of false expectations created by a society grown careless and sloppy thanks to decades of the corrupting influence of fake money sending the false signal that anything you had to say was worth one moment’s consideration by anyone with a pulse.

So, and I mean this with all the violence and metaphor my words can muster…

Learn. To. Fucking. Code.


By Tom Luongo
Source: Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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