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Let’s take Kherson and FTX as two examples of NATO’s censorship of the hard and soft wars over Ukraine.

Let’s take Kherson and FTX as two examples of NATO’s censorship of the hard and soft wars over Ukraine. British and Irish state controlled media have shown hours of smiling citizens greeting their Ukrainian liberators in Kherson, just like they welcomed their “liberators” in 1941. Scratching only a little further, we find that the spokesperson for those liberated Khersonians was the Kiev based head of a Nazi death squad, who had only recently arrived, along with the Azov “liberators” in Kherson.

Further, by scrolling through Twitter, never mind Telegram, we come across countless incidents of Ukrainian liberators torturing and dispatching those accused of collaborating with Russia. Though the mutilation and murder of Russians and other minorities has been a constant motif, British and Irish state media never deem it newsworthy, thanks in no small part to how the biased reporting of Norma Costello, Sally Hayden and countless other Lord and Lady Haw Haws has made the murder of Iranian, Syrian, Palestinian, Russian and Iraqi civilians at the hands of NATO’s proxies of no account whatsoever. For me, and billions like me throughout the world, that partisan censorship, for which Julius Streicher and Lord Haw Haw were both hanged at War’s end, is grossly and criminally morally offensive beyond words.

Take next my own recent crime of posting this graphic of FTX’s criminal enterprises onto my Facebook timeline. Before I lambaste my critics – and Beethoven, lest we forget, also had his critics – let’s examine the graphic, which suggests, like political prisoner Julian Assange suggested with regards to NATO’s Afghan genocide, that there is a massive money laundering scheme afoot in Ukraine, where U.S. tax payers’ money is washed and recycled back to Joe Biden and America’s other war hawks, those in the Democratic Party wing of the U.S. war industry in particular.

To paraphrase American war criminal Donald Rumsfeld, we have a number of known knowns here and a number of unknowns we try to make known by extrapolating from what is a simple graphic, not a multi tomed PhD or the results of an international criminal inquiry into the Biden organized crime family, which has a track record of profiting from Ukraine’s misery.

Back to the graphic. As with George Galloway’s Capitol Hill testimony on Iraq, so also do we know that staggering billions of American dollars have been given to the Zelensky regime and we also know that the U.S. authorities do not know where most of it, and not just those munitions that were sold on the black market, went. It is thus plausible to hypothesize that “U.S. Tax $ [may be] at work” in the most unconscionable of ways.

We also know that Sam Bankman-Fried, the 30 year old boss of this dodgy FTX Ponzi scheme, was a major donor to the Democratic Party, which backs Biden, who has given hundreds of billions of “U.S. tax $ in the form of military and humanitarian aid” to the Zelensky junta, which has strong links to FTX.

Thus, as graphics go, this is not a bad one. And as it is, after all, just a graphic, not a multi tomed treatise, I thought it worthwhile spending a microsecond to share it on Facebook.

Foolish me. Facebook brusquely informed me that the graphic lacks content and it supplied me with links to the works of Karena Phan, Ali Swenson and Elias Atienza, three wise monkeys, who are employed as NATO aligned fact checkers. Fact checking the linked in pages of all three stool pigeons as well as Swenson’s web page, we find all three are just recently out of College, with poor work experiences and, frankly, poor degrees as well.

Though they are therefore nearer to Postman Pat than the French Academy of Sciences or even the American Council of Learned Societies in terms of prestige, that does not, ipso facto, negate their pronouncements or, indeed Facebook’s over reaction in stating that my “post is missing context” and that, horror of horrors, it “could mislead people”, much as, say Trudeau’s claim that Iran executed 15,000 prisoners or the British and Irish media’s fake claim shat Russia bombed Poland and stokes its soldiers up with enough Viagra to choke a horse does.

Phan and Swenson, working for the NATO aligned Associated Press, scream that my post spins a baseless theory about FTX, Ukraine and Democrats. Although one of my earlier articles explained that hypotheses, such as those suggested in this graphic, do not a theory, baseless or otherwise, make, Phan and Swenson ignore all that in favor of a catchy headline to appeal to their NATO aligned paymasters.

Phan and Swenson begin by telling us the hypothesis (not theory) posited in the graphic is false because Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, which has zero credibility, says it is false. The article then goes on to qualify this bald statement by claiming the link between the Ukrainian junta and FTX was only short term and that “other FTX executives also have donated to conservative groups”.

Having failed thus far to dent or divert the story, Phan and Swenson then smear by association by saying that Russia is aware of the issue and has, like all others, commented on it. The article continues and ends in the same vein, smearing Russia and U.S. Republicans and citing partisan Ukrainian sources. It is, in sum, worthless.

So also is Atienza’s effort, which also delivers a “false” verdict only because “there is no evidence U.S. military aid was funded into the [FTX] platform and then to Democrat candidates”. However, not only would any money launderers worth their salt be able to cover their tracks sufficiently to avoid such superficial scrutiny but I previously forensically showed by examining the financial accounts of (the now rebranded) Hand in Hand for Syria, and of Samantha’s Appeal, both of which MI5 used to funnel aid to the Syrian rebels (sic), how any third grade accountant could do it. Further, Colonel Oliver North showed how, in the case of the Iran-Contra affair, the U.S. could do such money (and drug) laundering on a scale that even the world’s biggest cocaine barons could not envisage, let alone match.

So, let me put my cards on the table with respect to this one. I stand with the hypothesis (not the theory) of Australian political prisoner Julian Assange when he said that NATO’s goal is to use their wars of conquest to wash money out of the tax bases of the United States, and out of the tax bases of European countries through Ukraine and back into the hands of the transnational security elites, of indictable war criminals like Joe and Hunter Biden, who are implicated in gain of function bio labs in Ukraine and elsewhere. And, just like Julian Assange, I pray to all the gods there are in heaven that those transnational security elites and all who serve them with pen or with sword will, like Streicher and Lord Haw Haw before them, be held to account for their involvement in scams such as FTX and the other white collar looting that has been at the heart of so much mass murder in Ukraine, Armenia, Syria,:Libya, Iraq, Yemen,. Palestine and other countries too numerous to adumbrate that NATO has likewise destroyed.

Finally, let’s have a look at this New York event which, even though Clown Prince Zelensky spruced himself up for it, has been canceled due to the sad collapse of the FTX Ponzi scheme. What, you ask, were Larry Flint, the head of the world’s biggest slush fund and U.S. bagwoman Janet Yellen doing in bed with a coke addict, who plays the piano with his penis and one of history’s biggest con artists?

Ask all you will but the New York Times, Associated Press and the Orwellian named fact checkers they and Irish and British state media employ will not give you either the answer or the context to these ongoing NATO frauds which Julian Assange would have gladly supplied, were these same fraudsters not holding him under radio silence in HMP Prison, Belmarsh.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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