In (Serbian) Vino Veritas in Serbian Kosovo and Metohija

If we look at the political turmoil in the Balkans and Serbia and its heartland of Kosovo, some rather gruelling scenes reach us yet again from there.

If we look at the political turmoil in the Balkans and Serbia and its heartland of Kosovo (and Metohija), some rather gruelling scenes reach us yet again from there. In the municipality of Leposavić, heavily populated by the Serbs, first the local Shiptari tried to commit a massive robbery of the local (Serbian) Treasury. And then soon after in quick succession, in Velika Hoča ‘special police forces’ arrived with a huge storage cistern so as to rob and plunder a humble Serbian family and take away i.e. steal their own wine storage with as many as 42 000 liters of wine of the family Petrović under the false pretext that the family did not pay any tax (which they duly did but to the Serbian tax authorities). After these traumatic events, one wonders if the KFOR can wield security guarantees any more?

Soon after, politically speaking, there appeared even the third version of ‘the French German solution to the Kosovo issue’ without Belgrade and Priština ever starting any negotiations on the grounds of that document. On a related note with a scrutinizing look at the USA again, the U.S. military budget is determined to be circa 848 billion dollars for the forthcoming year aimed at the long-term destabilization of Europe and the effort ‘to restrain’ Russian Federation. If you cast a quick glance to Europe now, Germany has descended into political chaos only last week with a failed coup and with the police raids in as many as eleven German states. The Western Balkan Summit in Tirana was held on the 6th December 2022 as a more explicit form of the atrocious abuse the Serbs are constantly subjected to. Even though some tend to think that all these political ploys appear to be only unilateral ones by a rabid extremist by the name Albin Kurti, that view seems to be a rather superficial view of the reality around us.

Albin Kurti appears to be pulling political ploys of escalation only because he has serious and very thorough personal financial contributions (to line his own pockets with and those of his ‘clique’) starting from the key factors in the Collective West particularly Germany. The Serbs are painfully aware that the (Nazi) Germany has been supporting the Shiptari extremists for decades now ever since the age of Enver Hoxha and then came Rugova and many others.

Even though Germany might not be directing each and every of his political stunts,

Kurti wreaks havoc and creates a new crisis, then we the Serbs make a rotten compromise. Kurti’s vile waltz is performed step by step, centimetre by centimetre, so as to elicit the legalisation of his ‘pseudo’ state.

But in the same fashion Russia did on the 24th February 2022, Serbia is now drawing its own red lines because so far we have been giving out only nuanced lines not to be crossed by the Shiptari and their criminal paymasters (the USA, UK, Germany to be more precise) That is why they are trying to ‘dilute’ the issue all along. All of a sudden there is a paradigm shift insisted upon by Kurti and the political Berlin. Serbs were too naive to believe EU at the ratification of the Brussels Agreement in the same way as Russian Federation trusted NATO. Flashback to early and the mid 2000s: from 2005 to 2009, the negotiations were led during the Ahtisaari process.

Let me illustrate: even fifteen years ago there was a document written by Carl Bildt: ‘The Programme of Coordination of the Declaration of Independent Kosovo’ (N.B. for those of you who might think all of this had not been pre-planned and planned for decades by the Collective West) That was surely not a unilateral declaration of independence but a coordinated declaration of the independence of Kosovo in between European Union which pretends to be a benign apolitical organization (along the lines of: everybody else is to blame but them, the USA is to blame but not the EU and some such lame excuses) whereas in fact in between EU and Albanians, there is an explicit draft of steps to be performed in that aforesaid programme, including the reintegration of the north.

Carl Bildt says there that it is of vital importance ‘to maintain the illusion of maintaining’ respect for the international peace and stability and international law. Remember this key word: ‘the illusion’. If one reads that article in Foreign Affairs by Olaf Scholz recently in which he claims that everything was alright since the end of the Cold War up until now in that there was affluence and welfare in the Collective West and then all of a sudden ‘some nasty and evil Putin’ remembered to give a talk in Munich and then all of a sudden the very same Putin decided to all of a sudden attack Georgia  and then in 2014 to attack Crimea (Scholz seems to have conveniently forgotten the referendum by the Crimean nation) and Scholz seems to also have conveniently forgotten the years 1999 and 2008 respectively when NATO blatantly and illegally attacked and bombed Serbia and Montenegro and when EU, USA and NATO helped hugely in the illegal and unconstitutional independence of Kosovo again heavily breaching the international law). Scholz goes on to claim that the Collective West has to fight against Putin and the way he uses power and military might to change international law and order. Scholz is being unscrupulous indeed in whitewashing and falsifying history in this way. The real truth is that they agreed fifteen years ago and even before that and announced it then how to literally rob Kosovo (and Metohija) from us, the Serbs. EU and the Brussels administration have given their unfair share in all that wrongdoing consciously in that they breached the international law the consequences of which we are painfully aware nowadays. If we reshift the focus of our attention again to Hoca the other day and the brutal robbery of the wine storage from the local Serbian family, one has to wonder if the genuine issue here is in fact the wine produced by a Serbian family which is their only livelihood?

Let us refer to the misfortunate Ahtisaari Plan in 2007, Back then, Marti Ahtisaari comes to Belgrade to present this (for me a pseudo) plan, President Koštunica refused to even allow him in for a visit. Boris Tadic did though. Vladika Rasko Prizrenski was invited to Brussels one morning then. Dr Alexander Mitic and him were in the European Council in the cabinet of Stefan Lehne, counsel to Javier Solana. Stefan Lehne, an Austrian diplomat, was one of the authors of ‘this plan’. And so, they started the discussions and they only wanted to cajole Vladika Artemije to accept it. Vladika Artemije approached him with a rather bulky map of the world and he tried to communicate that there would be a number of consequences of the secession of Kosovo globally.

He explained in full detail. Stefan Lehne said to that ‘Vladika (i.e. the title of high rank in the Serbian Orthodox Christian Church), just steer clear away from the geopolitics and all that. It is none of your business’. He went on to offer to Vladika Artemije that if he and the local Serbs accept the Ahtisaari Plan, Vladika will be able to produce honey (the monks and the nuns often do as well as the locals within the church premises) without having to pay tax. (an indecent offer indeed). Vladika responded ‘ You should steer clear away from the geopolitics of the world and the locals in Serbia and particularly in Kosovo because you shall see in due time what will happen to the geopolitical affairs from now on (i.e. with this historical political precedent)’. This was the end of that discussion. Only fifteen years later they find fault with the Serbs producing wine in their own small family business so as to decide to confiscate it brutally and illegally and in intimidating and abusing the whole family at that. EU officials and their woke posturing while extolling the myths of ‘justice and democracy’ in their own ranks. Can anyone get in the political way of Albin Kurti at this point? Can anyone tell him that this sort of thing must not be done? Will there be the forthcoming elections there at all soon?

The whole issue is the blatant and covert hybrid war against the Serbs, Serbia and the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija: a ‘controlled’ and ‘tolerated’ limited aggression and violence, orchestrated and manoeuvred by the Western security organizations of KFOR and EULEX which can intervene at any moment if they want to but often they don’t while the Shiptari are given the green light to commit atrocities because KFOR and EULEX simply ignore. The Serbs keep talking about the red lines not to be crossed but we are constantly being driven into fighting and campaigning to get back into the institutions of Kosovo, to bring back the police officers and justice system into the institutions and the Association of the Serbian municipalities. Yet, we now have to fight and campaign for the Association of the Serbian Municipalities even though the Brussels Agreement stipulated that to get it in Kosovo, we should let them have independent justice and police system, which was a disastrous mistake to even put trust in the EU, NATO and USA. We were led to believe that at least we got something out of the Brussels Agreement but we got nothing whatsoever. So now we are supposed to fight and campaign for something which is below any level of decency. We have to be much more consistent in both the narrative and actions carried out.

The Varhelli Plan that the negotiations should be finished with the Serbia recognition of Kosovo is yet another wicked and most vile pseudo plan and only now as of recent we are presented with the alleged third plan ‘German – French’ plan which we do not know anything about yet. They are trying to ‘water down’ our red lines so as to force us to accept them and recognize Kosovo. (How can we recognize something which is ours both historically, politically, culturally and officially)?

For what is worth, Oliver Varhelli is Hungarian but he is European Commissioner and not a Hungarian patriot unlike his President Victor Orban. The same goes for Joseph Borell who comes from Spain (the country ridden with Catalonia and Basquia issues and they have not recognized Kosovo at all ever) but sadly boring Borell is the Brussels official. Miroslav Laicak too. It is blatantly obvious that the same scenario is applied to all of them, the minute they set foot in Brussels they have to serve their paymasters. They are all as bad as each other all the way to Javier Solana.

None of them stick to their national policies. So we find ourselves in a rather odd situation that Olaf Scholz promulgated a very clear stance on the Kosovo issue unlike that of EU. EU has not put forth any official formal view on this issue because EU cannot do anything because of the countries member states which do not recognize Kosovo but then again even if they do not put forth any official views, we are well aware of the incremental increases step by step on the part of EU and Kosovo in that they embed the alleged ‘French-German’ Plan under the political radar, so with the passage of political time, the previous plan has set off the ‘French-German’ plan and then it mysteriously ‘turns’ into a ‘European’ plan apparently with the main goal on the agenda the recognition of Kosovo but we are sure they are bound to say that the compromise they give us is that we do NOT have to recognize it. Oh well what an irony. But they should all bear in mind that the Serbs are very intelligent people. Their compromise is that we do not have to vote for Kosovo to join UN but we should pretend not to see anything. They tell us to turn our eyes away, pretend not to see what is going on and they are going to do everything on our behalf. But as a matter of fact, the alleged French German Plan is a deceptive skullduggery on the part of the Collective West: EU, USA, NATO all in one. We are supposed to pretend not to see anything, the EU member states which do not recognize Kosovo are supposed to not see anything, Russia and China are supposed to pretend not to see anything and in such a way if everybody pretends to not see anything they are doing, they would be given a ‘licence ‘ to legalize what they did in 1999 and 2008.

Llosa Osmani says that they apparently ‘made’ a progress in lobbying for their cause with those countries which do not recognize Kosovo. She claims that they are making a progress step by step. The official Belgrade should be very concerned about that. The whole process is done in ‘miniature, step by step, piecemeal fashion’ well under the political radar. We should watch carefully each step they make and not to wait for them to pile them all up. They are now applying to join EU, NATO and Council of Europe and many other organizations so as to further ‘spread’ their cause and continue campaigning for it on many political fronts. They will not be able to recognize it if Belgrade does not sign the Agreement on Normalization. So, we should not sign any ‘agreement of normalization’ because the minute we do in any shape or form it might possibly be signed, beware because they will implement it in the ways that other member states which do not recognize Kosovo to eventually do it.

We see a range of unimaginative approaches in lacklustre Brussels politics and all that dogged persistence for all these decades to legitimize their own illegal crimes and most brutal war crimes and breaching of the international laws in order to further whitewash, cancel, delete our history and our collective archetype. Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov together with the whole official Kremlin and further in the political Russia keep referring to these two crucially important years: 1999 and 2008. Mercifully, Xi Jinping complete with the official Bejing refers to it as well often enough with a good reason and certainly not yet another frivolous reference.

By Tatiana Obrenovic
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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