NATO’s Iraqi Oil for Food Program Targets Russia

If, as it seems, Zelensky wants war without mercy, General Armageddon should accommodate him in the most efficacious way he can.

Generals Armageddon and Shoigu, together with Russian President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, are no doubt considering their various responses to NATO’s latest provocation. Should they agree to allow NATO do an Iraq on Russia, to cap the price of Russian oil at $60 a barrel then they also should, as a matter of urgency, revisit what happened to Iraq’s political cadre and more importantly, Iraq’s innocent children, who were massacred in their hundreds of thousands by their NATO “liberators”.

If these four want the penury of Iraq or NATO’s slave markets of Libya and Syria visited upon Russia, then they should go for it. They should submit and allow Russia to be raped again of all its resources, both natural and human. If they agree with Ukraine’s Clown Prince Zelenky’s move to ban the Russian Orthodox Church then, as previously suggested, they should emigrate to New York and work as baristas.

If, on the other hand, they believe, as President Putin has repeatedly said, that Russia is something more than a giant quarry for NATO to pillage, then they should act accordingly, even if it entails unleashing hell on earth or at least on that part of the globe that Ukraine occupies.

General Armageddon must, in other words, live up to his name and consider making Zelensky, his henchmen and their backers pay in spades for all of this. If, as it seems, Zelensky wants war without mercy, General Armageddon should accommodate him in the most efficacious way he can with the requisite amount of troops and materiel it takes to end this war on Russia’s terms.

As this is a strategic war, they should consider deploying the Russian navy in places other than the Black Sea and also to take all necessary steps to ensure that there are no more NATO sponsored terrorist attacks in Russia, like that which took the life of Darya Dugina and which is claiming far too many innocent lives in Northern Iran. They should also very severely curtail the activities of the BBC, Pussy Riot and all other NATO affiliates and fifth columnists.

Though General Armageddon’s job is conceptually quite straightforward, Lavrov’s is not. His problem is he has to converse with fools like Liz Truss, strip dancers like Zelensky and Colombian nose candy Dr Strangeloves like the smiling hyenas who run the U.S.’s Finnish sub office. Though there is not much advice I can give this polyglot as to how he should converse with such irredeemable fools, I would just advise him to remember the fate of Tariq Aziz, the late Chaldean Christian who was Saddam Hussein’s Foreign Minister and who found out to his cost that it is best to use a very long spoon when supping with NATO’s genocidal devils. Or, better still, not to sup with NATO’s devils at all.

But let’s return to NATO’s crackpot plot to do an Iraq on Russian oil. As Brent Crude is currently selling for $85.42 a barrell, ‘there is no reason for Russia to sell at below that price on any of the spot, futures, forward or more exotic derivatives markets it finds itself involved with. The very idea that Russia could sell its oil at an artificially low price in a NATO controlled currency it has no truck with defies both basic economics and common sense, which is not NATO’s strong card. The only way it can make sense is if OPEC marginalizes Russia and NATO can use Russia”s resources as a cut price top up or stop gap. Russia cannot agree to that madness.

All oil, Russian oil included, must be pegged to market prices. No matter how many Nordstream pipelines NATO’s terrorists destroy, NATO cannot control either the volume or the price Russia or its allies sell their products at. Russia is not now and never can be NATO’s vassal as it is their road to ruin and perpetual serfdom

If China, India or the countries of South East Asia or Africa wish to buy Russian oil at any agreed price and in agreed volumes, it is nobody’s business but their own or, should anyone step out of line, that of the Russian and allied navies.

In my earlier piece on The Rise and Rise of the Sino-Russian Strategic Energy & Metals Market, I explained how NATO’s days as bullyboys of the international markets are coming to an end as the world’s center of economic activity gravitates ever Eastward. NATO’s latest tantrum should accelerate that process, all the more so if Russia refuses to keel over and if China determines not to revisit their century of humiliation. If China or, for that matter, India wants to extend their reach in South East Asia, the Solomons and Africa, then having a limitless supply of Russian oil at competitive prices as part of their wooing process would open a lot of doors. It would also put paid to NATO’s plans of greening up and then bankrupting countries like Sri Lanka as part of their own hegemonic plans. Holland’s farmers would, alas, still have to sweat it out.

Though all this is good news for BRICS and BRI countries, shed no tears for Western Europe’s lemmings, who are happy to have their pipelines destroyed, their businesses bankrupted and their industries moved to America, as long as they can be Uncle Sam’s favorite house slaves. But that won’t last much longer as Europe’s race is run. As TS Eliot put it in The Hollow Men

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.

The EU, a whimpering, simpering dog trying to impose on Russia another Iraqi style embargo, again for the foulest and basest of reasons. Though we can wish Cromwell’s curse and more on each and every last one of these curs, we have the satisfaction of knowing this latest oil capping tantrum will flop as NATO will find that disrupting the world’s energy markets is much more difficult to effect than beating up Russian priests, murdering a harmless Russian or exterminating a million Iraqi children, who were too young to even know that they were Iraqis. I hope that Russian soldiers, all Russian soldiers from Generals Armageddon and Shoigu down to the youngest recruit, will remember who they are, where they come from, what their heritage is and that they will exact the appropriate toll for this further outrage against all of Russia and against all Russian and Iraqi children.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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