Sanctions, Sex Jihad, and Syria

Although war is hell, slaughtering children by NATO’s sanctions and colluding in or justifying that slaughter is infinitely worse.

Although war is hell, slaughtering children by NATO’s sanctions and colluding in or justifying that slaughter is infinitely worse. Trite as it sounds, we are morally bound to oppose both the gang rape of Arab children and those NATO proxies who commit such crimes. We must believe that Syrian children, Yemeni children, Palestinian children and those children who speak the language of Mishka, Masha and Dostoyevsky are also God’s creatures and, when called upon, we must stand ready to fight and die for them.

The knuckle draggers, the usual suspects, the filth who were paid to hype the NATO lie that Syria is a Narco State “think” differently. The bunch of Irish collaborators who helped disseminate that lie did so at the instigation of the CIA, who, having already concocted the Caesar Act to slaughter Syrian children, are using it in their Captagon Act to impose yet more sanctions, yet more deaths on the innocents, on Syria.

Let’s be quite frank. The U.S. and its British, Israeli, French and other poodles have no moral standing in any of this, irrespective of whether it is Syrian, Palestinian, Libyan, Yemeni, Iraqi or Russian-speaking children they are currently murdering.

And nor do well-polished whinging Poms like Emeritus Professor Paul Dibb of Australia’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, who thinks that the 1904 Russo Japanese War is somehow relevant to modern-day Ukraine, who, as with Hitler’s attitude to Jews, sees Russia and Putin as civilization’s eternal enemies and who concludes this hate-filled speech by “joking” that Russia should be entirely obliterated from the face of the earth.

Though a drover’s dog, as they say in Australia, would do better than that incontinent old fart, Dibb and Australia’s cultural cringe he grew fat on, are as much a part of the problem as are the CIA’s Irish bottom feeders Not only does Dibb make disparaging remarks about the Irish, before damning Hungary’s Victor Orbán and lauding that Zelensky imbecile like he is a cross between the Oracle of Delphi and Marcus Aurelius but he gets my goat, as only a smug, jumped-up apologist for NATO’s litany of war crimes can.

Contrary to what this prawn-muncher cackles, NATO and its allies do not have and never have had the moral high ground. As Robert Graves’ Goodbye To All That autobiography points out, the Ossies had an unenviable reputation for shooting prisoners out of hand, a policy they continued up to and including Afghanistan. And let’s not even mention their betrayal of Julian Assange, or the East Timorese, or their genocidal campaigns in Tasmania and New Guinea or how they allowed the British explode atomic bombs in Southern Australia, where no one lived “only a few Abos”.

If it is a moral compass we seek, we will not get it from Australia’s whinging Poms and nor, if my experience is of any account, will we get it from the island that spawned Dibb, where the Muslim Brotherhood threatened to sue me, set their heavies on me and got Hampshire’s armed response units to raid my house, all for pointing out their collusion with Mohamed al-Arefe, the main recruiter for young Muslim boys and girls like Shamima Begum to do sex jihad in rebel-occupied Syria.

Though I got prominent Irish MPs In the Irish Parliament to corner NATO flunkey and former Foreign Minister Simon Coveney over his government’s collusion with the 2017 mass slaughter of Syrian Shī’a children outside of Aleppo, his very many fellow NATO collaborators in the Irish Parliament helped him weasel out of that. Shī’a children, as evidenced by Ireland’s sectarian immigration policy, are children of a lesser God.

Those scores of Syrian Shī’a children were lured to their deaths by Irish passport holders offering them chocolate and candy, something one would never come across in Hansel and Gretel, never mind Russia’s Mishka and Masha.

Not so Russia’s Dostoyevsky, whose Diary of a Writer explains how children haunt his nightmares, like they do of any others of us who abhor the NATO organized crime gang. Children certainly haunt the pages of The Brothers Karamazov, arguably the greatest novel ever written, where this greatest of all Russian writers has Ivan Karamazov put God and all of mankind on trial for the murder and torture of defenseless children, represented in the novel by a little girl locked in an outhouse, her face covered in excrement, praying hopelessly to God for deliverance.

The Brothers Karamazov, like all of Dostoevsky’s work, is deeply unsettling. But so too are the crimes of Belgium’s Marc Dutroux, who locked little girls he and his NATO handlers had repeatedly gang-raped into darkened dungeons, where they slowly died, praying hopelessly to God for deliverance.

Deliverance often comes, not by God, but by those simple God-fearing soldiers, who served under General Armageddon in Syria and who now find themselves confronting similar devils in Ukraine. Not for those simple souls the complex volumes of Dostoyevsky or indeed, the great works of Tchaikovsky they had to listen to after they liberated Palmyra from the Americans, whose country was built on the genocide, starvation and industrial-level abuse of children.

Simple souls, whose tastes would be more Boney M’s Rivers of Babylon which is based on the sublime Psalm 137, which sings so sweetly of the sorrows of loss and of captivity before finishing off with these chilling lines:

Happy is the one who seizes your infants
and dashes them against the rocks.

Although I wasn’t around to witness what beef the Hebrews had, and apparently still have, with the Edomites that they would contemplate such NATO-style savagery, I do know all those crimes have to end no matter where NATO perpetrates them and that they will not end by making reasonable arguments to NATO’s unreasonable war criminals, no matter how high up they are on the food chain or, like Clown Prince Zelensky, they appear to be.

I also know we all have to play our parts in ending these nightmares once and for all. Although the New Year will probably see General Armageddon do a Zhukov on Ukraine to put a cap on that threat that, sadly, will not suffice, no matter how high the price. The combined legal, academic and media apparatuses of Russia, China, Syria and Iran must institute a new set of Nuremberg Trials where NATO’s organ grinders as well as Zelensky and their other pet monkeys are held to account for their crimes against humanity. I would be honored and delighted to contribute to that process on behalf of the martyred Syrian Shī’a children, the Greek Orthodox children who were pack-raped in the Qalamoun mountains, the Alawi children who had their organs harvested in Latakia and so many others whose violated innocence still haunt me, as they should, as well as all who knew and still remember them.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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