Russia’s Maria Zakharova Punching Downwards at NATO Simpleton Ursula von der Leyen

At day’s end, we must choose one of two sides, the side of those, like the Palestinians and Russian speakers who resist, or of those who rob and murder them.

This video of Russian Foreign Minsitry spoksperson Maria Zakharova bitch slapping the moronic Ursula von der Leyen is notable for a number of reasons that form the theme of this article. Zakharov’s body language indicates that she is personally livid at the calculated insult von der Leyen, Zelensky and their fellow CIA puppets have given to the tens of millions of Russians, Belarusians and others who died fighting Hitler’s forces and that she might like to, as the more pugnacious Scots would put it, tell her a thing or two about that face to face with gloves either on or off.

NATO cannot argue face to face with Zakharova, Lavrov or anyone of their calibre. When Liz Truss met Lavrov, she proved herself to be so moronic that she was sacked as British Prime Minister just a few weeks later. Karine Jean-Pierre, Zakharova’s White House counterpart, is such a lame duck that America’s comedians would be laughing their faces off mimicking her, if this simpleton wasn’t so far beyond parody.

Because Zakharova is a different deal, this US state government report on why the CIA targeted her has to rely on laboured English to justify their terror campaign against her. Chief of Zakharova’s faults, they say, is she did not give them prior warning of Russia’s battle plans in Ukraine or of where Russia’s armaments were deployed. Have a laugh at the report yourself to see how the CIA misuse adjectives and adverbs to make Zakharova out as today’s version of From Russia With Love’s Colonel Rosa Klebb.

Zakharova is nothing of the sort. She is a professional Russian diplomat, who took von der Leyen’s calculated insult to heart on a professional as well as a personal level. That said, Zakharova should not have compared von der Leyen to the Nazis, as that was much too general an insult to properly hit the mark.

If von der Leyen is to be compared to a Nazi, then she should be linked to specific Nazis, scum like Field Marshal Ferdinand Schörner, who had thousands of Wehrmacht soldiers hanged on the spot for desertion, before deserting himself, of Heinrich Himmler, whose command of German forces was an unmitigated disaster for the Reich or, of the biggest swine of the lot, Hjalmar Schacht, the man primarily responsible for the rise of the Third Reich and the first war criminal to break ranks at Nuremberg. To me, if not to Zakharova, von der Leyen is akin to those three curs and with those who lie in the dankest bowels of Dante’s Inferno. But then, Zakharova and Lavrov are constrained by their diplomatic calling in what they can say and cannot say.

And, of course, by time. NATO has unleashed so many moronic mouth-pieces against Russia that Zakharova and Lavrov could be playing whack a mole from here to The Day of Judgement if they were to waste their time acknowledging, let alone addressing, each and every morally challenged von der Leyen NATO throws their way.

Take the odd case of the CIA’s Army Group Centre, which is factored around the rolling tank lands of Poland which, with the pimple Baltic States and the unelected (and unelectable) von der Leyen, the CIA is using to do a friendly takeover of the European Union.

On May 9th, Sergey Andreyev, Russia’s Ambassador to Poland, and Anton Morozov, Russia’s Trade Representative to Poland, together with staff from Russia’s foreign missions in Warsaw were, with the criminal connivance of Poland’s Foreign Ministry, physically prevented by Army Group Centre’s knuckle draggers from laying wreaths and flowers to commemorate the 600,000 Soviet soldiers killed in Poland during Russia’s Great Patriotic War (the hint there being in the name) against von der Leyen’s German Reich. That is one of many puerile provocations tank-land Poland has recently thrown Russia’s way.

And then you have the Latvians persecuting elderly Russian speakers for not speaking their patois that few outside their tiny borders speak. Much like members of the British Labour Party who terrorise suckling babies for being transphobes, so also, it seems, do Latvians prove their mettle terrorising those old enough to be their grandmothers.

Just as their forefathers in the Einzsatzgruppen did! To be fair to Army Group Centre’s Latvians, their forefathers, together with their Wehrmacht allies, did fight on in the Courland Pocket until May 10th, so they could argue that May 10th, rather than May 9th, should be Russians’ day for preparing hot banya, shashlik on the mangal, and tea in the samovar after laying wreaths and flowers.

But wreaths and flowers are far from their minds. Their CIA handlers have these cretins convinced that garlands are at hand, and that they will reap rewards by robbing their neighbours and, if God wills it, all of Russia and Belarus too.

None of these shenanigans are reported on as Reporters Sans Frontières tell us that censoring Russia and persecuting Ukrainian journalists, bloggers, civilians, nuns and priests is a good and holy thing. Welcome to Berlin 1944.

Whatever about the Third Reich, the CIA’s attempt at establishing their Fourth Reich has cost in excess of 2 million deaths so far since 9/11. The crimes Uncle Sam and its allies commit in Gaza, Syria, Iraq and their other killing fields are so routine they have become almost as banal and accepted as the weather. There can be no question in the minds of even the most casual observer that the Nazis of Zelensky’s rump Reich have committed umpteen war crimes that, please God, the perpetrators and those who enabled them, will answer for with their necks this side of the grave.

Not that Army Group centre gives a fiddler’s about any of that. They are too busy terrorising grannies and stopping children laying flowers and wreaths.

Poland, whose debt is 276% of its GDP, wants war. Poland, which lacks gas and which rips its citizens off with high coal prices, wants war. Poland, which is perfect for tank warfare and nothing else, wants war. Poland, which has notions above its station, wants its collective head examined.

If these East European parasites cannot stand Russians commemorating their tens of millions dead on May 9th, then fine. Let’s commemorate Irish Joe Biden signing Ukraine’s Lend Lease Act on May 9th 2022. Happy Lend Lease Day, you morons as you will be paying back Uncle Sam from now until hell freezes over. Enough of those worthless beggars!

Although countless reasons could be posited as to why domestic opposition to von der Leyen’s wars in Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine and Palestine is so muted, chief among them is the marginalisation of “the usual suspects”.

If we used as our template America’s genocide campaign in Vietnam, its support for apartheid era South Africa, the civil rights campaign for ethnic Catholics in the North of Ireland or even the start of NATO’s murderous campaign in Iraq, we would have expected a number of groups to be prominently campaigning for today’s wars to end and for Zakharova not to be the proverbial lone voice in the wilderness.

But no prominent religious, political or other voices speak out. ANTIFA’s intimidation ensured former British Parliamentarian George Galloway found it impossible to hire a venue in London to host a debate on the Ukrainian war and women’s groups, far from campaigning to stop the murder of Russian-speaking women in eastern Ukraine, must now fight rear guard actions against those same ANTIFA fascists, who not only deny women their autonomy but beat them, along with their babies, off the streets for simply declaring their womanhood.

This process of marginalisation and homogenisation can best be seen in Britain, where former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and those closest to him have been expelled, cast out into the wilderness, from the Labour Party, which was founded by British trade unionists and where MPs are still being persecuted for supporting those same trade unionists.

Whereas Corbyn and his supporters have been expelled, Tony Blair remains a member in good standing despite him being the prime instigator of the Iraqi genocide. Although tomes have been written on Blair’s complicity in slaughtering Iraq’s Chaldeans, there are three aspects to this war criminal that are relevant to this article.

First off, upon leaving office, Blair was accepted into the Latin Catholic Church. As Blair reeks with the blood of over a million innocent Iraqis, countless Chaldeans amongst them, that never should have been allowed. But, as alluded to in my previous articles, the top brass of the Catholic Church have allowed themselves to be complicit in the unspeakable crimes Blair and other Catholics (yeah right) still commit not only in Ukraine but wherever else it is von der Leyen’s armies are to be found. This is not only an utter betrayal of genuine Catholics like the Berrigan brothers but it is also literally a betrayal of all that is good and holy. Woe betide any man of God, who does not toe the line of von der Leyen and NATO’s other Little Caesars.

Next off, Blair was one of the main architects of Ireland’s so-called Good Friday Agreement, a peace in our time agreement which copper-fastened the partition of Ireland, which allowed the United States to economically and ideologically colonise the island and which allowed NATO to parade that shabby agreement as an epoch-making accomplishment and themselves as Nobel Prize-winning peace-makers. Dump Blair’s Good Friday Agreement and you dump one of NATO’s main fig leaves.

Finally, Blair and his media crew were able to denounce, defame and marginalise all critics of his Iraqi and Irish “achievements” as blackguards, tankies, dissidents, Assad apologists or whatever. What this means in practice is that only those within the tent can comment and all others outside the tent must shut up because they are only echo chambers for Putin, Lavrov, Corbyn, Zakharova, Assange, Assad or whoever else NATO’s current cartoon villain might be.

Tankies? Why we, whether we know it or not, are the chappies who cheered on the Warsaw Pact’s forces crushing MI5’s 1968 Prague Spring offensive, even though we were more preoccupied with Down versus Kerry in football, Tipperary and eternal bride grooms Wexford in the hurling, Manchester City, West Brom and, of course, Scotland’s indomitable Celtic.

The Golden Year of 1968, its long hot summer, the only year that entire century when no British servicemen died for King and country. Why no blood and spilt guts? Whatever was the matter? Well, on the positive side, MI5 was up to its criminal gills in the Biafran genocide and the Yankee sociopaths, together with their Ossie side kicks, were mired in the Tet Offensive, Vietnam’s big push to rid its land of American and ANZAC serial rapists, mass murderers and their enablers, whose war crimes are legion, no matter how much sugar coating Hollywood drown them in.

Although Communist Party of Ireland leader, the late Mick O’Riordan, was Western Europe’s staunchest defender of the Warsaw Pact’s Prague intervention, he died in 2006, long after the Prague Spring and some years before the tankie term was invented as a deliberate slur by Blair’s backroom boys. O’Riordan and those like him saw Prague as a NATO probe, just like they saw Hungary in ‘56, East Germany in ‘53 and Ukraine today. And, in the black hats/white hats world of certainty they and their opponents then occupied, that was a reasonable supposition that could be argued for or against.

But NATO has destroyed that world of certainty. Lifetime employment is a thing of the past, only intelligent little girls seem to now know what a woman is and war, as Orwell told us in 1984, is peace, freedom is slavery and, most definitely and pertinently, ignorance is strength.

Though Lavrov and Zakharova are well-able to make the Russian case, their reasoned and rational discourse is no longer the coin of the realm. Far better, from NATO’s point of view, to have utter morons like Biden, Zelensky and that utter imbecile von der Leyen steering their Marie Celeste into the wide blue yonder. For any tankies that might object, they can, as the meme says, talk to the hand.

As for Lavrov and Zakharova, why they are only Assad apologists, Putin puppets or whatever the current slur is. Far better, NATO’s chorus of clowns says, to have world statesmen like Clown Prince Zelensky flash his penis than listen to Lavrov’s reasoned arguments.

Call me old-fashioned but flashers like Zelensky belong in prison, not on podiums lecturing his betters. And, outside of Zelensky, most of Ukraine’s diplomats, such as those in Ireland and Germany, seem to be street thugs, who’d be at home in Hitler’s SA, slugging it out with Jewish grandmothers in 1930s’ Berlin. We saw this flag waving bravado most recently in Ankara, where the Ukrainian diplomats showed once again that they are but spruced-up SA thugs. Ankara is important as it showed the Russians, instead of sending their Olympic boxing team, sent diplomats to do what diplomats are supposed to do but, as in Warsaw, they were faced with thugs from the football terraces of Kiev masquerading as diplomats.

Ankara was not a once-off and Ukraine’s knuckle dragging diplomats are not the only fakes playing for Team NATO. Take French philosopher (sic) Bernard-Henri Lévy who crops up like the proverbial bad penny in Ukraine, Syria, Libya and all other countries in NATO’s cross hairs. Lévy, NATO’s Professor Pangloss, has proven himself to be an important part of their soft war against countries they wish to shake down. Some of his calls to do a Libya on Syria may be read here and here. This link shows how this fake philosopher was fooled by another fake philosopher. This link has the fake philosopher “jokingly” calling for France’s Muslims to host special days to stone people to death and to enslave others. And this pathetic creature is the fake philosopher NATO uses to plug its intellectual gaps.

Although French philosophers of Lévy’s vintage have played an inordinate role in our societal meltdown, Lévy himself is unusually quiet regarding the ongoing revolt France is experiencing against its World Economic Forum dictator and his enforcers. But so too is NATO’s media, who are so preoccupied with the trivia of British Royalty to inform us of the carnage Macron’s gendarmes are visiting upon French citizens the length and breadth of France, just as his partners in crime are doing in Germany and the Netherlands as well. For the truth is that Macron, along with every other tin pot NATO dictator, no more believes in liberté, égalité et fraternité than does the man in the moon. Their job, and that of all their stenographers, armorers, enforcers and sundry other reptiles is to keep us down and keep their inhumane gravy train rolling.

Macron is a criminal of the highest order, as are those who obey him. And as for you, mon ami, if you want a job in NATO’s media machine, be sure to remember NATO’s cliches about TERFS, tankies and Assad apologists, so that you don’t have to defend the indefensible. If you fancy a job in NATO’s diplomatic corps, then ask Ukraine’s Klitschko brothers for a few pointers on how to throw left hooks and the proper angle to do a Nazi salute. If, on the other hand, you think “Red China” is the future, then forget the name-calling, hit the books, learn a few languages and copy the North East Asians by working hard.

China, no matter its hue, is not our answer, which lies in redressing NATO’s conquest of our minds, bodies and common space. The old ramparts of faith, fatherland, class and creed are gone and, if NATO has anything to do with it, will never return. But, though the old defences have been swamped by charges of being a tankie, a woman and so on, the old spectres have resurrected themselves. Fascism is on the intellectual march in Ukraine and, thanks to Lévy, von der Leyen and countless other brain-dead collaborators, it has not only spread its toxins throughout NATO’s academic and media worlds but has manifested itself in the spilling of so much innocent blood in France, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and other countries too numerous to adumbrate.

And what of us in quiet suburbia, who quaff our French wines, cheer on our Saudi-sponsored teams and snapchat on our Korean phones, as so many other lives are snuffed out to enrich a Ukrainian flasher and a German plagiarist? Perhaps we should leave all that to Zakharova, the tankies and terfs, the grey-haired Ukrainian widows and intelligent young girls, who have more integrity and honesty in their smallest fingers than Blair, Zelensky, von der Leyen and their ilk will ever have. But perhaps not! For the truth is, though the Ukrainian war will, in time, end, NATO’s other war against us will never end until we too enter the fray as best we can.

Tankies, terfs and sundry apologists to one side, NATO is literally creating hell on earth, whilst making it a crime to lay wreaths, let alone peacefully protest and we can either go with NATO’s flow or go against it. It is not so much the extent of our march, but the direction in which we are marching. We must oppose not only fascism’s trans-human face but the coked-up Zelensky mask it uses in Ukraine, the von der Leyen Botox mask that hides the crimes of her Big Pharma husband and their arms-pimping friends, the armchair generals of the World Economic Forum, mini-Hitlers like Macron and all who serve them. These gangsters know that the worm will turn when the rubber hits the road and we copy the French, instead of putting dumb tricolours on our social media profiles. That day, in whatever form, will come and we must be as ready for it as our NATO overlords are.

The World Economic Forum, with their 15 minute cities and their Mengele like mutations of young, dixie-cup children know what they want, And so must we, if we are to be the inheritors of the banners of those who, despite suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, actively opposed NATO’s earlier genocide campaigns in the Great Patriotic Wars of Vietnam and elsewhere, and thereby helped put paid to the Frankensteins of their day.

British war criminal Winston Churchill, speaking to his fellow-oafs in the House of Commons on the 16th of February 1922 on the so-called Irish Question famously referred to the “integrity” of the Irish “quarrel” amidst “the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone”. Not only does that “quarrel” remain as valid now as it did then but so do the “quarrels” of the Southern Slavs, of the Western Russians, the West Asians, the sub-Saharan Africans and the tankies, Terfs and sundry “apologists” who try to hold NATO’s war criminals to account. At day’s end, we must choose one of two sides, the side of those, like the Palestinians and Russian speakers who resist, or of those who rob and murder them. And, just as Zakharova’s controlled passion shows what side she has chosen, so must ours.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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