At the White House – No News is Good News These Days

If you work near the Joseph Biden administration in Washington, it’s reached the point of “no news is good news.” The country is broke. The Russians are winning in Ukraine, despite all efforts by the West. The EU is on the verge of levying more taxes. The BRICS will grow, and create its own unique currency to oust the dollar. Moreover, sanction measures to limit Russian oil revenues have failed. The United States is swimming in failures because of Joe Biden and George Soros.

When corporate-owned CNBC is forced to come and say the West’s oil war against the Russians is a flop, you know the situation is even worse than they’re letting on. NBC, part of NBCUniversal, is owned by Comcast, America’s largest media conglomerate. Comcast is more or less owned by billionaire Brian L. Roberts, a Jewish boy who’s brilliant at squash. The All-American squash player competed in the Maccabiah Games in Israel in 2005 and took home a gold medal with the U.S. squash team. He’s now known as the ‘Legend of the Maccabiah.’ More importantly, he’s a rabid Hillary Clinton fan.

I know the frequent reader at NEO has already spliced all this information into an obvious conclusion. Yes, it’s almost over, the rule of the Democrats in America and the U.S. hegemony that’s milked the world dry for the last 78 years. When the core of Western propaganda output admits the truth after lying about the Russians for more than a decade. Well, a CNBC report by Sam Meridith cites the Centre for Research in Energy and Clean Air in his admission Russia’s prevailed again. The independent Finnish think tank now says the Price Cap Coalition scheme is “losing traction, integrity and credibility.” Russia’s oil revenues have reached the highest level since November last year.

Another fantastic revelation, for those not looking at Telegram social media channels, is that the Russians have completely taken Bakhmut/Artemovsk. Ukraine’s lunatic leader Zelensky claims he still has legions hiding beneath the town’s ruins of 70,000. Still, video of Russian soldiers roasting marshmallows and riding around in captured American armored cars goes against his claims. Plus, The Telegraph is already talking about Mr. Putin renaming the town; once it’s rebuilt, the Soviet Era name Artemovsk.

On this one, CNBC and the rest of the West’s media are mostly silent. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Ukraine service (recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign media agent), run by the U.S. State Department, says Zelensky’s forces are hanging on, and the pesky Russians are aiming missiles at little kids and old women across the river in the southern city of Kherson. Meanwhile, the Guardian let slip a few truths that show the Ukrainians have been lying and that Western media has too. Get this.

For months and months, Russia has been almost out of everything from McDonald’s cheeseburgers to hypersonic missiles and AK-47 ammo. Funny, and I quote from The Guardian:

“Ukraine’s general staff just reported 20 missile strikes against Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kharkiv oblasts, using cruise missiles, Iskander-M ballistic missiles, and S-300 anti-aircraft missiles over the past day. It also claimed that Russia launched 48 airstrikes using Shahed drones and targeted both civilian and military targets with up to 90 strikes using multiple-launch rocket systems.”

I recall one of my favorite Russian leaders, Dmitry Medvedev, inspecting all those weapons manufacturing facilities a year ago. Those were authentic photos and videos of him making sure Russia had plenty of fighting stuff. And since Medvedev said the other day, “the Baltics belong to Russia,” I guess most of us see where this is all going if the Westerners don’t quit the nonsense. This reminds me of President Putin looking at old maps where Ukraine is not even a country. Talk about time running out and limited options. Joe Biden must run for president to ruin America for good on the world stage. Not only can we not beat up on banana republics and desert herders, but we also cannot even correctly supply a new Nazi Reich.

Look at the recent destruction of a Patriot Missile system in Kyiv. The Ukrainians and their U.S. handlers say the system shot down a Russian hypersonic missile, but on Telegram video shows the system using up to $170 million bucks worth of missiles only to be blasted to pieces by a Russian super rocket. I guess we are not supposed to believe our eyes. We must swallow every utterance from the biggest liars since Pinocchio.

At the other end of “truth,” eastern media outlets report Russia’s vaunted S-350 Vityaz air defense system shot down a Ukrainian aircraft in “automatic mode,” something no other system has ever accomplished. The Patriot system cannot shoot down targets flying at an altitude lower than 100 meters, but the Vityaz knocks out targets flying as low as 10 meters off the ground. Russia is also downing about 300 Ukraine UAVs per day with Electronic Warfare (EW) measures, according to another report from the UK.

Thank goodness the Biden administration has not gotten this news. Americans would have to foot the bill for committing a million UAVs for Ukraine’s defense next year. I can only hope that Biden’s people don’t read a recent Ukrainian multimedia platform for broadcasting (Ukrinform) report that admits the Russians can produce 20 Kalibr ballistic missiles per month. Using math derived from analyzing Western propaganda for years, I can claim that Putin’s factories can produce about 120 per month. Ukrainian news and policymakers usually lie by a factor of at least 6x or more. Unless I miss my guess, the leader of the free world will never be handed a copy of the Jerusalem Post reporting that Russia’s Zircon hypersonic naval missile will soon be deployed. No. Indeed, no news regarding the elite order losing it all is good news.

By Phil Butler
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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