Women War Criminals: A Vital Cog in NATO’s Plans of World Conquest

Although Chairman Mao told us that women hold up half the sky, he failed to expound on what proportion of NATO’s war crimes women are responsible for.

Although China’s Chairman Mao Zedong famously told us that women hold up half the sky, he failed to expound on what proportion of NATO’s war crimes women are responsible for.

We must, first of all, realise that new-born baby girls do not enter the world as newly-minted war criminals but, as Hillary Clinton, Greta Thunberg, Victoria Nuland and Ursula von der Leyen all show, they are groomed to it, just as the architects of Hitler’s Final Solution or any other psychopaths were groomed into their lives of organised crime.

Because the Nazis believed that a woman’s place was in the home, if not otherwise engaged in securing one of their many concentration camps, they were shocked when they first captured female Red Army soldiers, whom they summarily dispatched. Although test pilot Hanna Reitsch was a valuable servant of the Reich, and the women pilots of the Royal Romanian Air Force performed virtual miracles on Hitler’s Eastern Front, women, as such, barely figured even as an after-thought in Herr Hitler’s grand plans of conquest.

NATO makes no such mistake. Whether it is Ukrainian lesbians entertaining MI5’s John Sweeney; or American war criminal Victoria Nuland being exposed executing the overthrow of democratic Ukraine; or Swedish child moron Greta Thunberg trying to excuse Ukraine’s war crimes, whilst ignoring the Nordstream outrage; or Hillary Clinton boasting she had Libya’s leader sodomised and murdered, women are vital assets to NATO’s criminal empire.

Although those mentioned above are but a tiny cross-sample of a much bigger pool of human filth, we could add in such morons as Albion’s Liz Truss, American hypocrite Kamala Harris, White House airhead Karine Jeane-Pierre,”socialite” Ghislaine Maxwell and countless other ventriloquists’ dummies to the mix, that would make this article too unwieldy. Much the same would apply were we to spend too much time on Ukrainian sex pervert Vladimir Zelensky or the child sex and organ trafficking businesses that are such an integral part of NATO’s business model not only in his rump Reich but nearer at home, in the belly of the Yankee beast as well. The point is, that no matter where we look in NATO’s fetid swamp, such women are up to their sordid necks in NATO’s criminality.

That said, when cataloguing NATO’s Lady Macbeths, no such list would be complete without giving pride of place to Annalena Baerbock, Germany’s Foreign Minister, who recently emerged, like a D-list Hollywood monster, from the CIA swamp that is the German Green Party. Because it is by examining such swamp creatures and their velvety spawning grounds in such front groups as the German Greens, that we uncover NATO’s Order of Battle, and see how such representatives of the fairer sex and the networks they emerge from fit into NATO’s plans of conquest and extermination, we must hold our collective noses and plod onwards.

NATO picks a target, be it Syria, Russia or Libya and, like a pack of wolves stalking its prey, arrays its propaganda arms for best effect and irrespective of what the facts on the ground may be. The Taliban’s supposed suppression of Afghan women justifies NATO invading Afghanistan and raping those same women and their daughters and grand daughters. Saddam Hussein’s support for Palestinian women justifies NATO destroying Iraq, looting its museums, gang-raping its children and systematically torturing its citizens in American holding pens. You get the picture: NATO is a criminal organisation on a par with the worst elements of Hitler’s Third Reich.

But being infinitely worse than Hitler’s Einsatzgruppen is a hard sell; go ask sex pervert Zelensky’s Azov monsters if you doubt that. Because Zelensky’s Azov monsters are just not good guys, not the sort of folk you would want to babysit your children lest they harvest their organs, that is where women, from the Ukrainian lesbians who entertain MI5 freak John Sweeney and the women who torture Iraqi grandfathers to Class A war criminals like Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland enter the picture. They are the softer sell, the lipstick on the pig that is NATO.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for all-American gal Lyndie England, whom the Atlantic informs us is a victim of NATO’s illegal invasion of Iraq. Lyndie, you see, is a victim because, as these pictures here, here and here show, this all-American gal tortured Iraqi citizens on the orders of NATO’s High Command. To this day, England, like the all-American gal that she is, is convinced she did no wrong. Truly, hell hath no fury like an entitled all-American parasite.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for all-American gal Jessica Lynch, who was captured by Iraqi security forces when she was part of the same criminal invasion force Lyndie England was also a part of. Lynch is of interest because of the systematic lies NATO’s media broadcast about her incarceration, where they maintained that Iraq was treating Lynch the way England and other all-American gals treat their prisoners.

Lynch and England at least made it home, as did all the American war criminals portrayed in this endless torrent of homecoming videos. The victims of England, Lynch, Clinton, Nuland and the rest of America’s flotsam were not so lucky. Although this Brown University paper claims the Americans “only” murdered five million people since 9/11, a simple google search implies such fatalities were minimal, of no great consequence and merely collateral damage to the lofty aims of pigs like Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, the Biden clique and sows like Hilary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, von der Leyen and ogress Annalena Baerbock.

Though women may hold up half the sky, the only thing that should hold these German and American women up is the hangman’s rope. And much the same could be argued regarding Benin’s Reine Alapini-Gansou, Japan’s Tomoko Akane, Peru’s Luz del Carmen AIbáñez Carranza, Canada’s Kimberly Prost, Britain’s Joanna Korner, Sierra Leone’s Miatta Maria Samba and Trinidad & Tobago’s Althea Violet Alexi-Windsor, who are judges in NATO’s International Criminal Court. If, contrary to their recent ham-fisted attempt to smear Russia’s Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova (and Russian President Putin), MI5 and the CIA do not have those women in their pocket, then things are obviously not as they should be.

The Yanks are past masters of that, plucking nobodies from their client states and putting them into positions of prominence in the Bretton Woods and other international groups they control. Women like Christine Lagarde, though they hold up half the sky, fit into NATO’s gerrymandering trickery, as a hand slides into a glove. Morally, these World Bank, White House and International Criminal Court enablers are no different from NATO’s war lords or, for that matter, from organised crime bosses like Camorra boss Maria Licciardi, Mexican mobster Claudia Ochoa Feliz or Colombian coke queen Griselda Blanco, all of whom famously cracked the mob’s glass ceiling and all of whom are as surplus to society’s requirements as are NATO’s women war criminals.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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