Someone Must Have Slandered Donald T.

Trump was dealt a damning verdict by ‘the evil elite’ in his election candidacy debate as early as 2016, due to his brutally honest criticism of the war in Iraq and destabilization of the situation in the Middle East

Donald Trump has become the first former U.S. President against whom a federal indictment has been initiated on as many as 37 charges related to the trove of classified documents he retained following his term in office which he then refused to return to the federal government

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.

Franz Kafka, The Trial

David Faris sends his vile message that Trump deserves all that is to come to him and hopefully spend his life behind the bars from Roosevelt University.

‘In a simpler time, a presidential candidate getting hit with a damning, 37-count federal criminal indictment would be enough to torpedo his campaign. But because we continue to inhabit the magical, zero accountability world created by former President Donald Trump’s personality cult, the conventional wisdom is that the man facing prison time for allegedly filching national security secrets and then trying to hide them like a teenager waving doobie smoke out the window is in a stronger position than ever to capture his party’s nomination. But Trump’s accelerating legal woes could actually be a major vulnerability this time around—if his hapless rivals could only figure out how to press the advantage.’ elaborates Faris in his ‘Ode to U.S. lawfare’ rather than a genuine concern for Trump.

Faris goes on and on waffling in a pseudo-legalese debate but I personally fail to see why he is not writing an iota about the infamous Hunter Biden’s laptop, Hunter Biden’s Burisma Company or war criminal Jo Biden’s criminally dubious dealings in Ukraine? Unsurprisingly, anti-Trump weaponized machine from Washington Post theatrically calls this a moment of reckoning for Trump!

Alan Derschowitz from Harvard University gave his view on the issue in his Newsweek debate: ‘This is the most dangerous indictment in the U.S. history.’ This is a high-profile indictment of monumental importance in the U.S. legal history and not only for President Trump. This historic legal case predicts a colossal change in the U.S. legislation which advocates for the neutral rule of law. The U.S. criminal justice system runs the risk of partisan weaponisation. The Democrats are arguably targeting Donald Trump at this point but the Republicans will most certainly retaliate once they regain control of the criminal procedures in the foreseeable future.

Conversely, George Conway, a conservative attorney and high visibility critic of President Trump, relays in his interview for CNN that there is a ‘substantial possibility’ for Donald Trump to be incarcerated because, to his mind, Trump will be found guilty of multiple felonies. Conway, as if his own surname were too telling about his own ‘con ways’, claims that showing no remorse and no willingness to bear any responsibility for what Donald Trump may have done is sufficient reason to be thrown in the political dungeon and throw away the keys for good’.

‘It is the U.S. vs Donald Trump’ – CNN triumphantly reports on this occasion (yes, the CNN which has had swathes of their previous viewers defect to other TV channels in agony recently). There is an issue emerging as to which part of the U.S. society in general they have in mind? A considerably huge portion of the decent and traditionally-minded U.S. population overwhelmingly supports Trump and they are certainly not against him regardless of how many times the heinous Hillary Clinton calls them the deplorables.

The highly disliked Hillary Clinton (and lest we forget she and her horrid husband are war criminals that hung, drawn, quartered, tarred, and feathered) said those three controversial words in the final months of her 2016 presidential campaign and in doing so she undeservedly found herself in the provenances of rhetorical and political history for all the wrong reasons. There were two kinds of Donald Trump supporters, she explained: Voters who feel abandoned and desperate, who she placed in one metaphorical basket, and those she called “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic” — her “basket of deplorables.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle, TV reporter and Donald Trump Jr’s fiancée’, known for her flamboyant presentation style sent a dire warning in her vocal support for Donald Trump: ‘Retribution is coming’. Furthermore, Special counsel Jack Smith has indicted Trump to as many as 37 points in the federal criminal indictment, all of which seem to be related to the mishandling of the classified documents on U.S. nuclear programme about the military capacity and sensitive plans for the U.S. military. Such documents are, the prosecution claims, in Trump’s residence in Florida, which was raided by the police in August 2022, allegedly were kept in the bathroom boxes, in the sleeping room or the ballroom.

When Trump was formally arrested on Tuesday and then his fingerprints were taken in the court, in the same way it was carried out back in April in relation to a considerably less serious legal action taken against him thought with lots more theatrics (in which porn star Stormy Daniels reportedly got paid ‘a considerable cash contribution’ by Donald Trump for her ‘to keep silent’ about the details of their ’amorous encounters of ill repute’ with him, the former U.S. President and the Presidential candidate in the next year elections, he pleaded not guilty (again). While on the subject, this current indictment against Trump related to the disputed documents has been issued in accordance with the Espionage Act, which is the same law on the basis of which the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange has been subjected to the most horrid persecution to date by the infamous Deep State. Assange appears to be facing 175 years’ imprisonment. Similarly, Trump is facing 400 years’ imprisonment as is written in the email his PR office sent out to Trump supporters globally.

Classified documents of similar nature have been found in the possession of Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence, who the Deep State does not seem to take issue with whatsoever in comparison with Trump or much worse Julian Assange. Neither do they find any fault with the current President Jo Biden though he could plead ‘not guilty’ on all counts due to his incapacitated, demented person.

But there does not seem to be any need for Biden to make excuses for his criminal pursuits, and neither does Mike Pence for some inexplicable reason unbeknownst to us all. Sadly, neither does the horrid Hillary Clinton who took unauthorized documents home only to delete thousands of incriminating emails so as to destroy any evidence of her heinous crimes. Regrettably, the said criminals from the Washington DC are not being (pro)persecuted by all the Washington jackals who snap at Trump’s feet in retribution for the same reasons, He is also threatened with an indictment by the special counsel Smith for challenging most probably rigged elections in 2020 as well as the separate legal case in the Fulton District in Georgia, USA on the same charge.

Some U.S. conservative commentators indicate that all these trials and tribulations for Trump do not come across as innocent at all. A possibly damning report would trigger the regulations from the times of the Civil War, according to which in some federal states, such as the state of Georgia, if a person is convicted, it can preclude him from taking office again. This would eliminate Donald Trump automatically from the list of the opposing presidential candidates to Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris.

After pleading not guilty on Tuesday last week and then treating all those present there to a lavish birthday party in a popular Cuban restaurant in Miami, the famously convivial former U.S. President flew to New Jersey to address his avid followers there. Today he said ‘we witnessed the greatest evil and the most awful abuse of power in the history of the U.S. The current corrupt President ordered that his chief political opponent be arrested on the grounds of false and fabricated charges due to which (the demented) Biden himself and many other former Presidents would invariably be charged as guilty.

Incidentally, this is all happening in the midst of the election campaign in which Biden is losing miserably by a large margin. Regrettably, this ordeal comes across as yet another effort to interfere with the presidential elections and even more so this is a case of most dreadful political prosecution whilst the U.S. is treading into totalitarianism in full stride. Putting the ideological aspect of the U.S. totalitarian tendencies aside, it is truly difficult to not be under an impression that a supposedly ‘democratic’ political regime persecutes its leading opposition politician and former President out of purely political and not legal reasons.

Unsurprisingly, one of the chief special Trump prosecutors Karen Gilbert is also a past campaign donor to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the Democratic National Committee, according to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Gilbert’s past political donations were flagged Tuesday by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who demanded answers in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland. This makes the conflict of interest on her part rather considerable. Then again, that appears not to bear any relevance if the target is Donald Trump.

One wonders why Trump is so tragically tormented? In his most recent video report Tucker Carlson, the most popular U.S. political commentator explains further. Tucker, after his abrupt departure from Fox News famously opted for Twitter as his alternative platform. The first two Tucker’s video reports on Twitter had almost 180 million views. ‘Trump’s sins are minor compared to those of his persecutors says Tucker. Carlson elaborated that Donald Trump was dealt a damning verdict by ‘the evil elite’ in his election candidacy debate as early as 2016, due to his brutally honest criticism of the war in Iraq and destabilization of the situation in the Middle East. On that day he turned the most powerful organization in history, the U.S. government, and its foreign policy of invasions, occupations and proxy wars into his bitter enemies.

Nonetheless, Donald Trump still boasts of almost two times more massive a support than the rest of the Republican Party candidates together. Perhaps, mischievous Russian Dimitriy Medvedev is right in saying that “history has demonstrated that any empire that collapses buries half the world, or even more, under its rubble”. The U.S. seems to be in the said advancing stage.

By Natasha Wright
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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