Russia’s Battle for the Black Sea Is Over. The Battle for the South China Sea Is About to Begin

Russia and her allies have won the weapons’ war. Although NATO’s arms companies have made a literal killing in Ukraine, their systems have proved no match for those of Russia.

Before we follow America’s Australia and other satrapies and turn our attention to the coming showdown in the South China Sea, we must first do an autopsy on MI6 agent Zelensky’s anti-Semitic Ukrainian war. Russia’s ability to impose a grain and arms’ smuggling blockade on the occupied city of Odessa signifies not only that the Black Sea is now effectively a Russian lake but, more importantly, that Russia and her allies have prevailed from Crimea in the south to the Kola Peninsula in the north.

First off and most crucially, NATO, the Anglo-Saxons and their pathetic European satrapies, have forged Russia, China, Iran and some others into an unbreakable alliance that knows they must either hang together or hang separately. China has been Russia’s stalwart economic ally and Iran is still licking its lips with all the captured Norwegian weaponry it has been gifted to reverse engineer.

Russia and her allies have won the weapons’ war. Although NATO’s arms companies have made a literal killing in Ukraine, their systems have proved no match for those of Russia. French dictator Macron can get Indian soldiers to march up and down the Champs-Élysées every Bastille day from here to the Day of Judgement but the High Command of the Indian Armed Forces, when they are purchasing weapons, must remember that because it was Russian weaponry that prevailed, it is Russian weaponry that they should buy.

India might, however, be able to snap up some Swedish bargains as Sweden will soon be going out of business and not, as it happens, before time, since they like to sell to both sides in every conflict even as they portray themselves as peacemakers. Sweden’s second largest market for arms is Pakistan which, if Russia and China offer them appropriate deals in oil and fertiliser, might say adjő to Ikea, H&M, Greta Thunberg, Saab and Volvo. As the United States is its primary arms market, we can expect the Yanks to cannibalise whatever is left of Sweden’s once-thriving arms industry if for no other reason than that is how the Yanks roll. Certainly, it is only Japan, Korea and other countries forced to buy their Yankee crap that will continue to do so.

Finland, as we previously discussed, is a different matter. Although Putin’s own family suffered terribly during Finland’s Siege of Leningrad, I doubt that will be a factor if and when Russia’s High Command has to decide on retaliatory nuclear hits on all of Finland. If the Finns are prepared to play for those stakes, fair enough but they should realise, if they don’t already, that they are just the play things of the Anglo Saxons, another batch of Valhalla-bound Ukrainians, in other words. If the 101st Airborne are too sensible to die for Zelensky, why should the Finns be his next sacrificial lambs?

The Champs-Élysées, French for the Elysian Fields where warriors go when they die, will remain. But it is no longer the macho French Foreign Legion who hold the high ground but the Russian Wagner Group, who are now getting Gurkha recruits that were once the preserve of the Brits and whose unique expertise could be of great avail in the rougher suburbs of Stockholm, Paris and the lawless roads of Mexico, where only Mexico’s Marines and Special Forces can match the CIA trained and equipped drug cartels in terms of Wagner-style kampfgruppe tactics, firepower and grit. Although the cartels are hiring a better class of mercenary than is MI6 agent Zelensky, rough diamonds like the Wagner musicians seem to have their measure.

Just as Russia has with the British Special Boat Service thugs who attacked the Kerch Bridge. Although the SBS, the SAS, MI6 and the Force Reaction Unit like to play by Big Boys’ Rules, it is time the Special Forces of Russia, China and Iran taught them and their Mexican and other side kicks a thing or two about those rules.

The key disparity here is that to NATO and its hirelings, war is just business where, to the victor and those like Zelensky along for the free ride, goes the spoils. Whereas the Ukrainian Army, like all other NATO proxies, is led by light-fingered gangsters, Russian soldiers, Russia arms’ developers and all others involved in Russia’s defence are guided by less crass motives. Think of it as the predator-prey dilemma where NATO is running for a free dinner but its quarry is running for its life and is therefore more motivated to put in that extra effort.

The predatory Swedes should regard themselves as the modern re-incarnation of Mitsubishi’s A6M Zero fighter, a truly beautiful plane that worked wonders in the Pacific until the Yanks got its measure. The Swedes should think of the Russians, to say nothing of their Chinese and Iranian buddies, as today’s equivalent of the Yanks as they have developed a fearsome array of weapons systems, from S550 satellite killers, formidable naval systems, Su-35 multi-role fighter jets, anti-tank jump mines, top attack mines, kamikaze drones and on and on.

Perhaps it is Swedish and German hubris that got them to ignore not only the lessons of Greek fire but of Greek philosophers, whose overarching message was to know thyself. Rheinmetall, one of the Third Reich’s biggest users of slave labour, is building a major arms factory in MI6 agent Zelensky’s rump Reich. Russia obviously takes a dim view of these Germans, at the behest of their American masters, building their Panther KF51 tanks in Feketeardó, using the Hungarians of Transcarpatia, one of Ukraine’s westernmost regions, as human shields. If we look at the map from 1:50 onwards in this video, we see this village almost straddles the Hungarian and Moldovan borders, both of which complicate Russia missile systems making a direct hit on it. Because German occupation forces in Feketeardó are now high priority Russian targets, Rheinmetall have pompously declared they will defend their Feketeardó colony with their own anti-missile batteries. What that means, in effect, is that if you have shares in Rheinmetall, you should sell them as its leaders not only have a death wish but a very expensive one at that.

Say what Rheinmetall might like about Russia’s Iranian ally but they really follow the old Biblical maxim of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, so much so that American firms are now wary of colluding with Uncle Sam in robbing Iranian oil. If Rheinmetall believe they have an exemption or their anti missile batteries and Hungarian human shields will protect their Germanic asses, God bless their rank stupidity.

But these Nazi die-hards are not NATO’s only idiots. Consider the Suwalki corridor which divides the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad from Belarus. Were Russian peace-keeping forces to occupy it, it would cut the Baltic pimple states off from Poland and the other NATO states. Although such a move would trigger NATO’s self-serving Article 5, that is not our concern here. The Baltic states talk much too loudly and they carry no military or other stick. A quick look at Lithuania’s trade patterns shows how easily those Sinophobic loudmouths could be brought to heel by a concerted economic campaign against them. Lithuania is a small American satellite of no great significance; it should learn to behave as befits their station.

The same goes for the pimple state of Latvia, which believes there are no consequences to being a major NATO hub for espionage and cyber warfare. Being a white collar terrorist is all fine and dandy until the rubber hits the road. NATO’s Latvian servants should muse on just how exposed they are, not only because of the Suwalki Corridor but because of the inter-dependence of today’s world. Put bluntly, a pimple state like Latvia should not be leading NATO’s attack on Belarus and Russia with its glass jaw.

Much the same, of course, goes for Poland, which should rid itself of its puppet American government and then wake up and, as they say, smell the coffee. Any Polish interference in either Belarus or Ukraine would be disastrous as the Poles, like the Ukrainians before them, would be nothing more than lemmings, dying in droves for the greater glory of Uncle Sam and their British sidekicks. If the Anglo Saxons have a beef with Russia and China, the Polish government should stay out of the way and get on with serving Poland, not Wall Street, King Jug Ears and the Pentagon.

The bottom line in all this is that Russia sees itself as fighting a real war or, if one prefers, a series of brush fires on its Western flanks. The British Special Forces, meanwhile, see themselves as playing no claim no blame Dam Busters by blowing up civilian infrastructure and training Agent Zelensky’s neo-Nazis in torture techniques. Although some of their killers have escaped the firing squads that were their due, Rheinmetall and others are wrong to bank their lives on that.

Whereas Russia’s scientists are perfecting their air, land, sea and space weapons’ systems, the Guardian is telling us that the ever-resourceful Putin has beluga whales spying for him off the coast of Norway, which is renowned for hunting, killing and eating whales. That is the level of stupidity Russia was confronted with in Ukraine.

And, though the Russians might enjoy a joke as much as the rest of us, there is nothing funny about Norway colluding with the SBS and their Yankee masters to blow up the Nordstream pipeline and poison Europe’s waters not only for beluga whales but for all of us who don’t want Norwegian, British or American sociopaths destroying our common earth.

Whereas the Russians and their Asian allies put their resources into developing state of the art weapons systems for all contingencies, the best that NATO can do is to say that their fictional James Bonds must fight beluga whales and that they must become intimate with state of the art sex dolls that blend reality and fantasy.

All very fine for Hollywood’s porta parties but not very useful against Russian steel or, as NATO shall soon see, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy, which is limbering up like a million Godzillas to kick NATO all the way back to the North Atlantic where their James Bonds and their sex dolls can duke it out with their imaginary beluga whales.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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