Syrian War Report – September 9, 2016: Iranian Fighters Arrive Aleppo City

September 8, 2016 saw heavy action for the Islamic State in eastern Qalamoun, Damascus. Faylaq al-Rahman, the Alabdo Martyr brigade and the Islamic State exchanged fire near the capital on Thursday. The Islamic State was reported to have lost a 23 mm gun to a TOW missile strike from Faylaq al-Rahman during combat.

The so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ captured Qunra, Mirzah and Tel Ali from the Islamic State. Aided by Turkish airstrikes, the rebel factions wrested control of the Turkish border region from Daesh’s grasp.

Turkey reinforced its border forces by deploying 43 Armored Personnel Carriers with 180 fresh troops to Gaziantep. In Islahiye, north of Afrin, a Turkish army convoy deployed a number of T-155 Fırtına self-propelled howitzers.

The Kurdish People’s Defense Force (YPG) engaged Turkish forces at the border post in Hatay provincewith machine gun fire—and were in turn, engaged themselves. Five Rojava fighters and a single Asayish police force member were killed in the ensuing conflict.

While Kurdish forces have retreated from Manbij, they have not withdrawn East of the Euphrates River, as Turkey has demanded.

In Aleppo, a Nour al-Din al-Zinki missile team used a Kornet Anti-Tank Guided Missile against an alleged group of Hezbollah fighters.

Abu Umar Homsi, Head of Military Operations for Jabhat Fateh al-Sham was killed during airstrikes on the terrorist faction’s operations room in Aleppo.

Although rebels reported the demolition of a building occupied by Syrian government forces in Ramouseh, the Minister of Defense would later confirm that pro-Government forces had secured the entire district.

Iranian troops arrived in the countryside of southern Aleppo to help bolster pro-government forces for further offensives.


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