Trump Win Sparks Riots Across US as Crowds Burn American Flag and Chant ‘Not Our President’

As Donald Trump totally destroyed the Hillary Clinton political machine, radical pro-amnesty liberals started riots in California.

Violent protesters burned cars, American flags, and filled the streets.

Hundreds of protesters gathered to march after it was announced that Mr Trump had won the election


Crowds of angry protesters have taken to streets across the United States chanting “Not Our President” while setting fires and smashing windows.

Hundreds of people descended on California minutes after it was announced that Donald Trump had won the election.

Hillary Clinton supporters were filmed setting fire to the US flag while marching through the streets of Portland, Oregon, shouting “F*** Donald Trump”.

Footage also emerged of activists setting tyres and rubbish bins on fire, blocking main roads and lighting flares.

People also burned an effigy of the President-elect, who will be officially sworn into office in January.

Mirror – UK

Police detain a protester marching against president-elect Donald Trump in Oakland, California
Hillary Clinton supporters burn a US flag in Portland, Oregon, during protests after Trump wins

It’s unknown if the criminals were regular citizens or part of the paid Hillary machine, who were caught paying the mentally-ill and homeless to violently attack Trump supporters.

Trump pulled of an historic upset. First defeating the entire Republican political establishment, overcoming 18 months of non-stop attacks from a left-wing media that was exposed as working directly for Hillary’s campaign, and then the formidable Clinton machine itself.

It was just two weeks ago that the media and Democrats were falling all over themselves to say Trump was a “serious threat to democracy itself” when he said he wouldn’t automatically concede to Hillary if he lost the election. Riots like this prove that it’s the left that hates democracy – when their candidates lose.

Source: The Political Insider

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  1. The ones who are doing all this destruction know their free meal ticket is gone…just look at them…they are really a bunch of sour grapes. Instead of destroying things … why not sit down over coffee or tea and discuss things? But that is not the way George Soros operates…nor the rothchilds or builderburgs .or those working with them…this bunch is but a bunch of His puppets on stage…looks like people are hurting and do not know how to express their pain properly… it could be their diets and many chemicals in the foods these days that are not helping…but only in America can you do these things unhindered…so many people around the earth are taught to WAR by the “god of forces” and do not know how to love because they have never seen love all their days. We can not all agree but we can respect the rights of others to disagree without destroying someone else’s hard work…but is not what the GLOBALIST stand for CHAOS? … what do THEY say? “Out of CHAOS order???” Or something like that?… a complete lie. There is a better way! The USA has done MANY EVIL THINGS…at least the Government of the USA has…butting into other countries for one thing…like spoiled children and bullies…push devilish ideas down the throats of the humans…GREET, LUST, THE LOVE of money, HATRED, ENVY, MURDER are their leaders…the groups like NATO and the UN are nothing but a pack of theives stealing Trillions of dollars from poor countries all in the name of war and control…evil wicked souls with no morals or ethics about them…I know this can not go on much longer…there are good souls in the world who really want peace…but then there are the John Kerry’s and John McCains and Joe Biden’s only love themselves and who are treasonous and evil. May God help this world. Perilous Days are ahead for sure. All we have in now…no one is guaranteed tomorrow… we all can choose good or evil each moment we have here on earth. Let us help the poor, heal the sick…FEED the hungry, clothe the naked…this is a big planet with enough for all…but the land one day soon will vomit the evil off of it…watch and see. Thank you for the information you are posting…it gives me much better views that what the LAMSTREAM MEDIA offers America.

  2. We all know that everyone lost in this process, the democrats are kicking themselves for not supporting Bernie…they put forth a pantsuit puppet instead of a people’s champion

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