US Deception: The West’s ‘Peaceful Revolution’ Narrative in Syria was a Lie from the Beginning

This week is the 6th anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian conflict. Despite the mounting evidence and the collapse Washington and London’s failed project, many liberal ‘humanitarian interventionists’ in the West are still clinging to the imaginary storyline of ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria battling against an evil authoritarian tyrant in their fragile bid to preserve their dream of a progressive liberal democratic future in the Middle East. A fairy tale for the ages…

From the beginning of hostilities in 2011, the US, UK, France, the EU, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and the Gulf monarchies, led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar – have all been pumping the fraudulent narrative of a ‘Syrian Revolution’, which was meant to be the latest peaceful instalment of the fabled ‘Arab Spring.’ This ornate lie was refined and recycled across all US mainstream, European and Gulf media outlets for the last 6 years, custom designed to give the false impression that “Assad is a brutal dictator” – and just justifying Western and Gulf-backing of religious extremist militants, followed by a protracted US-led ‘Coalition’ bombing campaign in Syria (all of which have been illegal under international law, and US law for that matter).

In truth, US-led plans to overthrown the Syrian government and reshape the country along sectarian lines goes way back…

First, we have the 1986 documented US policy plan for regime change in Damascus, which was later followed by a series of events continuing in 2003 when Liz Cheney (daughter of Bush VP Dick Cheney)then head of Near East affairs at the US State Department) launched the dubious ‘Middle East Partnership Initiative‘ (MEPI) to the tune of $100 million, and in 2004 when Washington launched ‘Radio Free Syria,’ run by a Washington-based NGO front called the Reform Party of Syria (RPS) and ‘Syrian Democratic Coalition’, run by US-based Syria dissent to Farid N. Ghadry, financed by US State Department. In his own words, “Radio Free Syria will help us unite and consolidate the reformers inside Syria with the reformers pressuring the regime from the outside.” [1] According to Sourcewatch: “Ghadry’s crew, all US-based dissidents and united back then under the umbrella organization the ‘Syrian Democratic Coalition’ (SDC), discussed with officials from the vice president’s office, the Pentagon and the National Security Council, how the “regime in Damascus could be weakened” and how to “prove criminal conduct by Syrian officials”. After the talks, Ghadry, who was pushing for the US president to lean on Damascus personally, summed it up by saying that the call for democracy in Syria “is being taken very seriously at the highest level of the Bush administration”. He was going to “work closely with the US administration and the EU” from his end so that ‘Syria’s oppressive Baath-regime’ could be toppled. However, Ghadry, who was closely cooperating with Abdelnour, disappeared from the scene after he lied to the European Parliament and was dispossessed by his own party for “dubious conduct”.[18] 

Then there were the Wikileaks cables from 2006 confirming US regime change policy for Syria, and also the admission by US General Wesley Clark’s admission in 2007 about the imminent take-down of Syria, along with 6 other target nations.

Those are but a few of the exhibits which are publicly available and which help in disproving the popular mainstream lie, dutifully propagated by the likes of Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ed Royce, Samantha Power, Recep Tayyip ErdoganDavid Cameron, William Hague, Boris Johnson, Francois Hollande and countless other disingenuous political and media operatives.

NOTE: If justice is ever served, perhaps one day these people might be held accountable for the human disaster which they were pivotal in creating – or maybe they will go the way of Tony Blair and George Bush, off to a leisurely vacation on Necker Island, or on water color painting retreat at Crawford Ranch.

In truth, the US ignited a bloodbath in Syria, and the final touches of this operation were made by the disgraced US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford (pictured in the video below, alongside Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, the violent terrorist militant FSA commander). Since Ford’s ousting from Syria, the crimes accelerated with US and its allies engaging in massive illegal weapons trafficking, financing and providing political cover to violent militants including internationally designated terrorists groups (another violation of international and US law) inside Syria.

All along, the West have armed ‘rebel’ militants and terrorists while simultaneously claiming they are opposed the civil unrest in the so-called “Syrian Civil War.”

Watch this highly informative presentation by Kevork Almassian of Syrianna Analysis:

By Patrick Henningsen
Source: 21st Century Wire

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