100 Years Later, the West has Authored a New Balfour Declaration for the Balkans

In 1917, a British aristocrat promised Arab land to European Zionists. The results have been catastrophic. Today, western elites are promising Orthodox Christian lands in the Balkans to Albanians who all ready occupy part of Serbia thanks to NATO. The results will be equally disastrous.

The illegal 1999 NATO war on Yugoslavia caused two parallel crises and is the proximate cause of a third. Most tragically, it caused the displacement of thousands of Serbians from their native Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija to other parts of Serbia. Many still live without permanent homes.

At the same time, although the Serbia province of Kosovo and Metohija became fully occupied by ethnic Albanians with the help of NATO forces and EU political enforcers, many decided to take up permanent residency in neighbouring countries including in Macedonia.

It was this influx of Albanians who in 2001 fomented a political crisis that nearly led to civil war in the small Balkan state. War was ultimately avoided when the government in Skopje agreed to sign the Ohrid Agreement giving substantial special rights and status to the Albanian minority in the country.

But Albanians continued to agitate for more. Recently, Albanian parties in Macedonia have agitated for the implementation of the Tirana Platform, a western authored document which prepares for the partition of the small Macedonian Republic.

The Tirana Platform is in reality, the Balfour Declaration of the 21st century.

In 1917 the British Parliament agreed to give British and European Zionists Palestinian land which Britain itself had no moral or legal right to occupy. The occupation happened in contravention of promises T.E. Lawrence “of Arabia” had made to Arab leaders at the time.  Palestine and its wider post-Ottoman Arab region was divided up by France and Britain in the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916, an agreement exposed to the wider world the following year by early Soviet Russia.

As part of the agreement, the local peaceful population of mostly Sunni Muslims augmented by ancient communities of Christians and Jews were subject to the British authorised inflow of European people, many of whom were Jewish only in terms of background rather than in terms of faith.

The consequences of this have been the continued illegal occupation of Palestine, Syria and historically parts of Lebanon and Egypt. The early occupation of such lands were aided by a terrorist organisation called Irgun.

What is going on in the Balkans today is eerily similar. 

Currently, the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija is occupied by NATO forces under the guise of protecting a swelling Albanian population that once lived peacefully as part of a united, independent Yugoslavia alongside Serbs. The atrocities against Orthodox Christians that mostly Sunni Muslim Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija began committing in the 1980s could have been quelled but were instead augmented by illegal western military interference.

Now though, The Tirana Platform paves the way for further Albanian expansionism, just as the Balfour Declaration paved the way for the Israeli occupation of Palestine as well as other Arab lands which were not even part of the initial plan outlined by Lord Balfour in 1917.

It is widely known, but deeply suppressed that members of the Albanian terrorist group KLA are now part of the governing coalition in Macedonia, one led by the socialist Zoran Zaev, an individual that many Macedonians consider to be a traitor.

In spite of promises not to implement the Tirana Platform which would pave the way for the Albanian led partitioning and occupation of parts of a state which is all ready very small and militarily weak, the KLA men in his coalition may not be so reliable….not that he is. In other words, if history is a guide, the KLA will stop at nothing to achieve their penultimate goals, goals which the Albanian regime in Tirana are now explicitly encouraging.

If the Tirana Platform is implemented, it would be seen as a clarion call for radical Albanians from throughout the region to begin embarking on their project for a Greater Albanian which would see the occupation and annexation of the legitimate territory of addition parts of Serbia as well as parts of Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro. All of this would be accomplished with the overt consent of the west.

Not only have western powers learned nothing from the disaster they created in the Levant in the aftermath of the Balfour Declaration, they are repeating it again. Albanians are the new Zionists, Balkan Slavs and even Hellenic people are the new Arabs and the western imperial powers are the same as they were 100 years ago.

By Adam Garrie
Source: The Duran

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