“Dirty Geopolitics” and America’s “Triangulation Strategy” in Syria

The idea involves playing both sides against the middle, keeping options open, promising support for both sides, a strategy to benefit the manipulator – dirty politics, the way America operates, why it can never be trusted.

According to Turkish Foreign Minister Melvut Cavasoglu, Trump “instructed (the Pentagon) in a very open way that the YPG will no longer be given weapons. He openly said that this absurdity should have ended much earlier.”

On Monday, Kurds in northern Syria said Washington will “adjust” weapons deliveries to their YPG fighters. Mutual cooperation will “continue.”

Pentagon and White House press secretary statements on this issue equivocated, failing to say precisely what Washington will or won’t do.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Washington will continue aiding Kurdish YPG fighters “as long as they remain committed to the goal of fighting and defeating ISIS.”

“(M)aterial support (meaning weapons and equipment), training, advice and assistance” will continue.

According to the Pentagon-controlled Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve,

“(o)ur tactical partnership with the SDF is focused on defeating ISIS in Syria. Our attention is strongly focused on that fight…”

“The coalition continues to provide material support, training, advice and assistance to the SDF in their ongoing effort to defeat ISIS in Syria.”

“While ISIS is on its way to military defeat in Syria and Iraq, there is still much work left to be done to ensure their lasting defeat in the region.”

There you have it. Trump told Erdogan supplying Kurdish YPG fighters in Syria with weapons will end, saying it should have ceased “much earlier.”

The Pentagon (taking orders from Defense Secretary Mattis) indicated otherwise, saying weapons to YPG fighters will continue because “there is still much work left to be done” in Syria.

The Pentagon abstains from using the term YPG in comments about the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – comprised of Kurdish fighters and Arab terrorists – nothing democratic about how Washington uses them.

In all its war theaters, America’s aims are endless conflict and regime change, or propping up puppet regimes it installed – in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since US-led aggression on Libya, strategy involved using ISIS and other terrorist fighters instead of Pentagon troops on the ground, supported by so-called “coalition” terror-bombing.

It’s how current US wars are waged, along with US forces occupying targeted countries on the phony pretext of serving as trainers and advisors.

Russia’s intervention in Syria foiled its imperial objective to topple Assad. Still seeking regime change, Washington has no leverage to achieve it.

It has considerable ability to continue conflict in Syria, still seeking to impose its will on the country under leadership it controls – why winning the peace remains a formidable challenge.

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Stephen Lendman

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