HIV: Rife in India, Low in Muslim-Majority Countries

A fake doctor in the Bangarmau town of the Uttar Pradesh state – a hardcore BJP nest, is on the run after infecting at least 21 people with HIV from contaminated needles for ailments as minor as coughs and colds.

According to World Bank Group, there were approximately 2.40 million Indians living with HIV in India in 2012, while neighbouring Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have amongst the lowest HIV infection rates in the world, despite both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh being far poorer than India.

While this may seem an isolated incident, fake doctors in India are indeed widespread: from self-proclaimed Holy Men whose seedy practices, often involving sexual abuse of minors have no validity whatsoever, to actual fake medical doctors such as Rajendra Yadav who is fleeing the authorities in Bangarmau. The self styled Gurus are symptomatic of the Hindutva culture which dismisses conventional medicine while encouraging bizarre methods of self-heal which do more harm than good. These “Holy Men” are also hugely responsible of perpetuating the rape culture in India which goes unchallenged and underreported in much of the fake Indian media due to their perceived “Holiness”. The fake and thus cheap medical doctors on the other hand are symptomatic of increasing poverty which has plagued the Indian subcontinent for the last few decades, with the gap between the poor and rich increasing by the day.

With that in mind, for a so-called Asian superpower, India is very much isolated on many important issues from its neighbours. Premier Modi has done little to fix the problems, on the contrary he has exacerbated the corruption, regional and social divisions while making some retrograde decisions regarding the economy which have had a negative impact on the people. While India is severely lacking basic necessities such as doctors and hospitals, Modi’s government is all too willing to squander resources on containing China and Pakistan, though purchasing overpriced weapons from the United States, as well as aiding the Baloch terrorists in Pakistan respectively. Modi is also keen to compete with China, a neighbour that certainly does not lack basic human necessities. Indeed China has been building hospitals in Pakistan along with ports, airports, highways, railways, power plants etc as part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Chinese financed New Gwadar International Airport in the province of Baluchistan where India is keen to sow conflict by abetting the Baloch separatists is to be fully operational by the end of 2019.

Instead of propagating a widespread and illogical anti-Muslim sentiment and corresponding policies amongst other counter-productive moves, Modi ought to cease wasting resources in ‘containing’ China and Pakistan, cease buying overpriced and inferior American weapons, cease his support for the Baloch terrorists who threaten the progress of CPEP and beyond, instead he should focus on the economy and widespread of diseases that stem from a cultural bias against real medicine, basic lack of hygiene and facilities as well as poverty.

Blaming Muslims will not save India. One does wonder why poorer Muslim-majority countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Muslim majority countries in Africa, Iran, Turkey and most of the war-torn Arab world and beyond do not have the same problems India has with regards to health and safety. This can only be due to a culture that puts worshipping cows and frauds above real humans and their basic needs to survive.


By Nedka Babliku
Source: Eurasia Future

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