The Upcoming Russia-Israel-US National Security Advisor Summit will Focus on Syria & Iran

The Russian, “Israeli”, and American National Security Advisors will hold their first-ever trilateral summit in Jerusalem in June to discuss what the White House described as “regional security issues”, which is an obvious euphemism for Syria & Iran and the role that the three national security experts expect them to play in the so-called “Deal of the Century” that will begin being rolled out by that time.

Trump’s so-called “Deal of the Century” will be rolled out after the end of Ramadan in June, around which time the American, “Israeli”, and Russian National Security Advisors will hold their first-ever trilateral summit in Jerusalem to discuss what the White House described as “regional security issues”, which obviously refers to this forthcoming concept and the role that Syria & Iran are expected to play in it. Officially speaking, Russia is against the “Deal of the Century”, yet it also interestingly made it possible for the US to “recognize” “Israel’s” annexation of the Golan Heights and fulfill one of its likely goals after carving out a 140 kilometer anti-Iranian “buffer zone” in southern Syria last summer. Russia did this and many other favors for “Israel” because of Moscow’s alliance with the self-professed “Jewish State”, which has led to the creation of “Putinyahu’s Rusrael” as one of the most powerful forces in contemporary Mideast geopolitics. It’s only natural, then, that Russia would move closer to “Israel’s” original American patron, which partially explains why their National Security Advisors will soon be meeting together in Jerusalem.

The other related reason is that Russia is currently in the process of negotiating a “New Detente” with the US in exchange for sanctions relief and other (possibly geopolitical) perks, and with “Israel” being the common ally between them, it makes sense for it to serve as the site for such an historic security summit. The “Deal of the Century” — which is basically intended to be the US’ envisaged successor to Sykes-Picot — will be the main item on the agenda, and the US will likely insist that Russia ensures Iran’s dignified but “phased withdrawal” from Syria as part of this regional geopolitical re-engineering effort in order to make progress on the nascent “New Detente”. Russia’s been trying to do this for nearly the past year already and even refused to provide any assistance to Syria during its latest fuel crisis as part of its indirect pressure campaign on Damascus to this end, yet Moscow has thus far failed to achieve any visible results, though that might finally be changing if the reports about Hezbollah’s withdrawal turn out to be true. Should that be the case, then one could expect Iranian forces to soon begin withdrawing too.

Whatever the timeframe for that eventuality may be, Russia, “Israel”, and the US are very serious about seeing it happen as soon as possible, hence why their National Security Advisors are meeting soon in order to coordinate their regional military activities after the “Deal of the Century” is publicly unveiled. For reasons of political sensitivity, their respective officials and information outlets might predictably deny that these three parties are working together with one another in geostrategically reshaping the Mideast, but as the cliche goes, “actions speak louder than words” and the very fact that the meeting is planned to take place says all that’s needed about their actual intentions. In addition, it couldn’t have been foreseen that this would happen two months ahead of “Israel’s” second election this year after Netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition following April’s vote, so it can’t be discounted that the Russian and American National Security Advisors might agree to choreograph some dramatic stunt over the summer in order to help their leaders’ close friend win re-election once more.

It can only be speculated what this would entail, let alone whether it’ll even happen at all, but both Putin and Trump went to extreme ends to help Netanyhau win re-election earlier this year. The Russian leader gave his “Israeli” counterpart the remains of a famous “IDF” soldier that his forces dug up in Syria, while the American one “recognized “Israel’s” annexation of the Golan Heights. Seeing as how ensuring “Israel’s” security by removing the Iranian military presence in Syria is the grand goal that most urgently brings all three parties together, it’s indeed possible that the speculated summertime stunt might involve something related to this issue. In any case, the three National Security Advisors will definitely talk about much more than just that even if the aforementioned topic comprises a large portion of their discussions, with the entire summit itself proving that “Israel” is midwifing a “New World Order” through the irreplaceable role that it’s poised to play in bringing the US & Russia together to make progress on the “New Detente”.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future

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