MI6 Might Become the CIA’s Proxy for Stopping Europe from Moving Towards Russia

MI6’s shadowy role in four separate Russia-related fake news scandals in recent years strongly suggests that it’s being groomed to be the CIA’s proxy for stopping Europe from moving towards Russia once Nord Stream II is completed.


The Looming EU-Russian “New Detente”

The impending completion of the Nord Stream II pipeline between Russia and the EU’s de-facto German leader is one of the most important geopolitical developments in the continent today, leading to credible speculation that the bloc will inevitably enter into a “New Detente” with Moscow with or without Washington’s support sometime after the project is finished. Should Trump win re-election, then the US might very well “approve” of this considering his recently reinvigorated relations with President Putin as of late, but even in that scenario, his “deep state” (permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies) might still try to foil his peacemaking plans. If Biden wins, however, then it’s almost a sure bet that the US will do everything it can to undermine Europe’s rapprochement with Russia. In any case, the “deep state” is still interested in retaining direct or indirect leverage over EU affairs so as to influence this process to the best of its ability.

The Skripal Saga

Therein lays the relevance of the CIA’s relations with MI6, the latter of which has taken on an increasingly active shadow role in four separate Russia-related fake news scandals in recent years. This relationship deserves to be analyzed a bit more in depth in order to obtain a deeper understanding of one of the most likely ways in which the American “deep state” might try to undermine EU-Russian relations irrespective of whether Trump is re-elected. The reader should be reminded of the Skripal saga from several years ago where Russia was unconvincingly accused by the West of orchestrating an elaborate conspiracy to poison one of its former spies. This incident cast a dark cloud over Russia’s relations with the West and is widely regarded by those outside of the Mainstream Media as being a false flag intelligence operation to ruin Trump’s desired “New Detente” with President Putin through the manufacturing of a high-profile incident that was impossible for him to ignore and not respond to.

Allegations Of A Russian Spy Base In The French Alps

It’s not a coincidence that this provocation occurred inside of the UK since the MI6 and the CIA work very closely together, and these two agencies also colluded with one another to invent the Russiagate conspiracy theory that’s since been officially debunked by the American government. Nevertheless, these allied “deep state” actors didn’t stop trying to ruin relations between the West and Russia, hence why they concocted another conspiracy theory late last year alleging that Russian spies were operating out of a secret base in the French Alps. France was targeted this time both because it’s one of the continent’s leaders but also due to its role in the Minsk peace process for civil war-torn Ukraine. Presidents Macron and Putin also enjoy excellent relations with one another and the Russian leader even visited France last summer as a sign of just how close their two countries were becoming at the time prior to the scandal that was later invented a few months later.

A Provocation In Prague

That one failed too, however, though once again it proved not to be the last in a seemingly endless number of attempts by the CIA and MI6 to undermine West-Russia relations. The most recent one took place in Prague after it was alleged without any evidence whatsoever that a Russian spy had entered the Central European country and was preparing to poison a few political officials as revenge for their decision to tear down a Soviet-era World War II monument. The author analyzed that aspect of their joint information war against Russia in his piece at the time about how “The Czech Republic’s Russian Assassin Scandal Reeks Of The Skripal Conspiracy“, which connected the strategic dots and explained how it represented the latest phase of a long-running pattern of provocations intended to ruin Moscow’s relations with various European countries. Interestingly, Prague also wasn’t just a coincidental place for this to happen either, just like the UK wasn’t when it came to the Skripals.

The COVID-19 Distraction

The capital of the Czech Republic is rumored to be the base of both the CIA and MI6’s operations in Central Europe, so it could have served as a fitting location for yet another false flag infowar provocation against Russia along the lines of the Skripal incident. Alas, that weaponized accusation against Russia didn’t pick up like the others did because the COVID-19 global pandemic distracted the global populace, but it’s predicted that a forthcoming attempt will be made either in that country or elsewhere for the same purpose of trying to ruin Russia’s relations with the West. In any case, what’s important to dwell on at this moment is MI6’s role in all of this as the US’ “junior partner”, which is more important than ever nowadays considering what was mentioned at the beginning of this analysis about how the impending completion of Nord Stream II will likely lead to a rapprochement between Russia and the EU with or without the US’ “approval” (irrespective of whether or not Trump wins re-election).

European Suspicions Of America

Although the UK is no longer an official member of the EU, it still retains very close relations with the bloc, especially in terms of its “deep state” partnerships with MI6. The island nation’s role in each of the previously mentioned fake news scandals about Russia strongly suggests that it’s being groomed to be the CIA’s proxy for stopping Europe’s move towards Russia sometime after the completion of Nord Stream II. The continent has become suspicious of American intentions towards it ever since Trump’s election, which saw the President threaten a trade war against his country’s trans-Atlantic “allies” and put immense pressure upon those in NATO to pay more for their own defense. This upset many of the Europeans and made them seriously consider the prospects of independently entering into a rapprochement with Russia so as to better “balance” between both Great Powers. Although some EU countries like Poland are against such a scenario, they might have a hard time offsetting it since they lack the power and influence to do so.

The CIA’s “Trojan Horse” In The EU

The US is trying to exploit the Polish-led “Three Seas Initiative” across the Central European space for the purpose of driving a wedge between Western Europe and Russia so as to ensure that America can continue to divide and rule the continent, but its “deep state” is covertly plotting with the British to this end as well, albeit in the form of concocting more fake news conspiracies against Russia such as the ones that were earlier described in this analysis. The Europeans might not trust the Americans as much nowadays as they used to, but they still trust the British and are eager to retain excellent relations with its “deep state” in order to reduce the practical impact of Brexit. This makes MI6 the CIA’s perfect “Trojan Horse” for undermining the EU’s “deep state” from within given the respect and trust that this British intelligence agency still has on the continent. The UK also endeavors to retain and even expand its influence in Europe despite Brexit, hence why it’s working hand-in-glove with the US in this manner by doing its bidding against Russia.

Bracing For A British False Flag

Going forward, the Europeans should remain on full alert for any forthcoming false flag infowar provocations against Russia along the lines of the several high-profile ones that were discussed in this analysis. It might prospectively be the case that the CIA could take an even more behind-the-scenes approach during the next one in order to “Lead From Behind” by having MI6 take on a more visible role stirring up trouble instead. That clever ruse might make the next narrative more believable to the Europeans since they’d be less likely to suspect that it could just be yet another clumsy American plot that’s doomed to fail. That possibly being the case, it’s important for the European nations’ “deep states” and the publics that they “officially” represent to prepare for this scenario and treat the MI6 with the utmost suspicion if it plays any role whatsoever in what might soon be to come. A potentially historic moment could soon be approaching whereby Nord Stream II leads to a game-changing rapprochement between the EU and Russia, which is why the coming months might be the “perfect” but possibly also last opportunity for the CIA to undermine this scenario through its MI6 proxy.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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