The Ukraine Crisis and Zelensky: Puppet Clown on an Imperialist String

When Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin and Lugansk leader Leonid Pasechnik formally requested recognition from Moscow, the subsequent recognition by Vladimir Putin (as The President of Russia) on the 21st of February 2022 of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) as Sovereign Nations is perhaps the most logical and deeply humane action any political leader of any nation has taken this far in the 21st century.

It reveals the people of the Russian Federation to be deeply conscious: of the still open scars and the trauma of the chaos and destruction of the events of the great war against fascism which came to a mind-numbing apocalyptic close in 1945. It also reveals the sheer determination and strength of character and precision of clarity of thought under severe pressure; in decision making, of the Russian President and the exceptionally intelligent and heroic figure of the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov.

It also reveals what they were up against in a British foreign minister with ambitions of garnering the top job for herself within her own cabinet, unaware of the distance between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea and which parts of the Russian Federation are officially recognized by her own government as being legally part of Russia.

It also revealed the mental instability and imbalance of a head of state, who in a previous avatar played the leading role of a clown in a television comedy show, and who now, in his present reinvention, is found to be deeply un-hinged and totally dis-located from the reality of administering a nation by threatening to use tactical nuclear weapons on his own territory, thereby indicating clearly that he could care less about the cataclysmically dangerous situation that he was putting his own people in; albeit perhaps thinking that this is all a television show and he be playing a new role as the puppet clown on an imperialist string.

It also reveals the fascist elements that are now deeply and dangerously embedded within every facet of civil society, government administration, armed militia gangs, the military and decision making authorities within a country that was at one time considered to be the breadbasket of Europe. That at one time was called the settlement. The very edge of civilization where anything after was considered to be; beyond the pale.

It beggars belief that a leader of nation would ask his armed forces to bomb his own people out of their homes, indiscriminate of them being women and innocent children, in a freezing winter and then openly try to kill them as they fled, by attempting to carpet bomb the escape roads. These are tactics straight out of the fascist mind of another deranged maniac who left this world, helped on his way to hell by the Soviet army under Marshall Zhukov in 1945.

It also beggars belief that these same armed forces would then actually go ahead and do this, (to be specific, in that), kill their own people in acts of crazed vindictive violence in revenge; for whatever reasons the armed forces deemed them to be deserving of this punishment. They seemed to harbour a thought that their own people had committed some sort of perceived wrong against them. From the viewpoint of their own twisted logic, these people deserved the bombing and destruction of their lives.

Perhaps, this is the only part that makes sense as these armed forces are totally under the control of heartless fascists who themselves are under strict conditions of terms of finance; as well as, clear orders and instructions from an imperial power that is sadly morphing from the policeman of the world into more of a traffic cop of a dysfunctional self-proclaimed new world order.

There will be arguments made by the servants  of imperialism who will say; so what that the Russian president has recognized the DPR and LPR? There were Russian troops there anyway and have been since 2014. That may be true but with the development of the 21st of February, the psychotically insane can no longer bomb the DPR and LPR anymore. Why so? You may ask. Well, if they do, it would mean bombing sovereign nations recognized by the Russian Federation with whom they now have a mutual pact of friendship and a de facto Right To Protect Agreement. A federation that also has a veto at the United Nations Assembly and could well drag you there and have you ruthlessly sanctioned under the legal instruments of international law.

You may think that sanctions are some sort of game that only you can apply like some sort of world order mafia don, on nation states that don’t pay you extortion and protection money, on which an entire financial system of global exploitation survives, but sadly there still remains this slight problem that you need to be overcome with regards to this thing called; international law. And that law is debated at the very institution that you yourself created and have now turned into a joke. That, of course, being the United Nations General Assembly.

The DPR and LPR have now become recognized sovereign nations and will remain so. They are not a part of the Russian Federation, nor a part of Ukraine. The federation remains a founding nation of the United Nations. They will table a motion at the UNSC that Ukraine must stop bombing these two sovereign nations, i.e., the DPR and LPR, and that Ukraine must come to the negotiating table to discuss what exactly is their problem with these two very small nations and what are the reasons for their actions towards them. What exactly have these two nations done to Ukraine for them to deserve this.

A resolution will be passed by the 15 member United Nations Security Council and that will then go to a UN General Assembly vote. Before any of that happens, Washington, Ottawa and London will “help” President Zelensky find “peace within himself” by having him removed from office and the new Ukraine government will be then be given clear instructions to stop this chaos, which will then in turn allow the UN motion to not having to be voted on at the United Nations, thus saving the member nations from having to openly take sides by publicly voting for either the “West” or the “East”. Namely, For either a unipolar world led by “errand boys and clerks”, as famously quoted by Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now or a multipolar world led by themselves as free nations unburdened by the chains of an imperial hegemon.

President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov should get the Nobel Peace Prize for their heroic efforts in stabilizing Syria and now for mitigating this crisis in the heart of Europe.

This below is the gist of the statement from the Russian Federation

“On top of this, Putin issued an ultimatum to the Kiev regime. The Zelensky government must immediately stop fighting in the region and obey to the ceasefire.

In other cases, Putin said, it will bear full responsibility for the further development of the situation. This shows that Russia is ready to kick off a peace enforcement operation against the Kiev regime if this is needed. In this case, it is possible that a large, if not more, regions of Ukraine’s south-east will be cleared from criminals that the current Kiev regime calls its ‘security forces’ and the ‘army’.” [reference SouthFront: 21/02/2022]

Zelensky has a maximum of 30 days of fife in his current avatar before he is discharged from duty by those who pull his string and the serious negotiations commence to offset the effects of the next round of chaos that will now erupt, where there will now be an attempt to “help” to bring “peace and security” to settle the issue of this upheaval by partitioning Ukraine into a West Ukraine from Lviv and an East Ukraine from Kiev.

By Supratim Barman
Source: Global Research

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