Banning the Russian Orthodox Church

Pope Francis cannot be all things to all men. He can take either Patriarch Kirill’s Road to Damascus, or von de Leyen’s road to NATO serfdom. He cannot take both.

Although the EU’s plans to slap American sanctions on His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, is scandalous, they pale in comparison to the staggering ignorance Pope Francis displayed when green-lighting those sanctions.

The Pope’s monumental blunder, one in a worrying series, is that he had a Zoom conference with Patriarch Kirill and then not only made his version of their discussions known to both the city of Rome and the world, but gravely, needlessly and perhaps irrevocably insulted Patriarch Kirill and the entire Russian Orthodox Church, which comprises over half of all the world’s Orthodox Christians, into the bargain.

In the course of his interview, the Pope declared, in Italian, Il Patriarca non può trasformarsi nel chierichetto di Putin, The Patriarch cannot transform himself into Putin’s altar boy; the Italian is included to ensure these gross, stupid and incredibly insensitive remarks, which were widely cited in NATO’s media, were correctly translated. If the Pope wants to know why President Putin does not return his calls, he has it right there from his own big mouth. He cannot be trusted with confidences or confessions as he wants to be an Angela Jolie, an Amber Heard, a Meghan Markle, in short, a Kim Kardashian media whore chasing sound bites. He beggars belief.

It was not his place to say that Patriarch Kirill read out to him Russia’s reasons for sending peace keeping forces into Ukraine, just as it was not Patriarch Kirill’s place to (politely) detail them to him; those reasons have been explained in detail by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and other relevant authorities and it is not the job of the Pope to broadcast Patriarch Kirill’s interpretations of them to the city of Rome and to the world.

Though the Pope demeans his own office and insults the entire Russian Orthodox Church by comparing its Patriarch to an altar boy, an altar boy would not make such an ignorant and undiplomatic blunder. Those like Pope Francis, who have not read the works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (or anyone else besides), are in no position to criticize the Russian Church, whose path, as their spokesman explains below and as the city of Rome and the world should know, has been every inch that of Jesus’ own Via Dolorosa and Golgotha.

Speaking of which, Zion currently is not the place for Patriarch and Pope to pow wow not only because all kinds of political opportunists, supremacists and NATO journalists would have hijacked their June 14th summit but also because Christians are not allowed to peaceably exist there. Though the Russian Orthodox Church, from the time of Tsar Alexander 11, has given much to the Holy Land, now is not the time for the Roman Pope to put their spacious monastery in Hebron, the Romanian church in Jericho and their Cathedral on the Mount of Olives (where the mother in law of the British Queen is interred) at risk.

If the Pope wishes to meet the Patriarch, for peace as opposed to photo shoots, he should go further north to Damascus and Syria, where the Russian Orthodox Church has likewise been as solid as the rock upon which Jesus built His original church. But such a summit in Syria, where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians, might bring a few truths home to roost.

The first of these and the one Rome’s NATO enemies most delight in is that the Catholic Church is not even a shadow of its former self as all of its European legs have been kicked from beneath it and all their NATO handlers have left it is Japanese tourists and NATO’s vacuous journalists to feed off its bones.

If the Pope wishes to say anything sensible about what is happening in Ukraine, he should first acquaint himself with the intricacies of the Wars of the Reformation, the most complicated, the most bloody but the most insightful disputes Europe has ever suffered. The Catholic Church’s backbone, exemplified in King Philip 11 of Spain, who defeated the Turkish navy in the Gulf of Corinth, and who held off the Lutheran threat from the north, until the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, is gone and there is nothing to replace him with; Rome’s larder is bare and NATO know it.

Though Rome thrived in Philip’s shadow, today, the Vatican is just the plaything of NATO’s nickel and dime hucksters. American trained circus dogs like Ursula von der Leyen, who would see her own Germany destroyed just to fulfil the power trips of the World Economic Forum. Of course, to talk to von der Leyen, who was begat in Brussels by a careerist EU bureaucrat, is to talk to an American trained poodle, whose loyalties are to her master.

Russian Orthodox Church Spokesman Vladimir Legoida is much more to the point when he says that “The more indiscriminate [these] sanctions become, the more they lose touch with common sense and the harder it becomes to reach peace, which is what the Russian Orthodox Church prays for at every service with the blessing of His Holiness the Patriarch, and assistance to all those affected by the Ukrainian conflict, only serve to affirm his words. Only those completely ignorant of the history of our Church can seek to intimidate its clergy and believers by compiling some lists.”

And there we have it, Mr Pope. The autocephalous churches, the various churches affiliated to the Eastern Orthodox Church, still remember the causes of The Great Schism as well as what Russia’s faithful have endured and continue to endure for their faith. That Legoida has to call out the Pope’s blanket ignorance shows where the Russian Orthodox Church is and where the Catholic Church should be.

Although the Pope also mentioned the Spanish Civil War and the Rwanda genocide in his rambling interview, one wonders what he really knows about those events or indeed of the Garibaldi wars that united Italy or of the resistance of the Catholics of Bavaria, formerly Philip’s main ally, to Bismarck’s encroachments.

Rome, with its pathetic le privilège du blanc tomfoolery, has gone the way of Byzantium, the Second Rome, which Pisans and Venetians died defending in bygone days. NATO is now hell bent on destroying Moscow, the Third Rome, to loot its resources, just like those of the other two Romes were each plundered in their turn. Although one could expect no better from the Anglo American organ grinders and their EU monkeys, the Bishop of Rome, Christ’s Vicar on Earth no less, who larrups on about old ladies having pet dogs, should know better. NATO is taking Pope Francis for a fool.

Pope Francis cannot be all things to all men. He can take either Patriarch Kirill’s Road to Damascus, or von de Leyen’s road to NATO serfdom. He cannot take both.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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