Watch Closely As the “Big Guy’s” Gang Wrangles the World

The Biden administration has to be the most arrogant and homicidal bunch of useless politicians planet Earth has ever witnessed. They’re also the most corrupt, in my opinion. And I complained about Donald Trump’s few questionable moves. Looking at recent events, I see only the Russian people’s good nature as having rescued us all from annihilation. Now that this is out let’s look at a few of Biden’s “genius” minions at work around the world.

Africa Handouts

Let’s start with the US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who just tweeted a humdinger which read:

“Today, I’m proud to announce nearly $150 million in new, additional humanitarian funding and development assistance, pending congressional notification, for Africa.”

In Africa, following Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit, the former senior vice president at Albright Stonebridge Group probably thought nothing of the irony of her announcement. A whole $150 million to help millions of starving Africans with tens of billions flowing to the proxy war in Ukraine.What a tentative commitment! I’ll just let you stew over the Biden captain who has ties to Merck, Pfizer, Amazon, Lyft, Microsoft, and many others.

As if Africa has not known for some time that USAID and business deals with the United States do not always end with American businesses winning and Africans losing. The people of this continent have been used and abused relative to what they provide, as compared to what their legacy should be, for centuries now. And I’m not just talking about Google, Apple, Dell, Glencore, and Microsoft complicit in kids mining cobalt in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I’d be ashamed to show my face in Africa if I were a US diplomat.

Finally, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Africa too, and he says the US wants to work with Africa as “equal partners.” Funny thing is, the United States has never looked on any other nation as “equal” when it came to anything. Heck, look at the whole west-Russia mess, all the Rusians wanted was a say about their own security, and Blinken’s boss spit in their face. Moving on.

Biden’s Love-Hate Affair With China

Moving onward and up or down, depending on your perspective, what about the liberal lunatics and their China policy? I am sure nobody knows what to make of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flying her broom into Taiwan the other day. Even the staunchest Biden supporters were left with their heads wobbling over that insanity.

As if declaring the Chinese enemy number one of America was not enough, my country watches as the president’s son, Hunter, makes deals on the one hand and smokes crack with the other. Then, to make matters even more confusing, the 7th Fleet accompanies Pelosi to Taipei and wastes enough gas to give every American another incentive check. I guess the “big guy” is looking for a larger cut the next time his crazy son heads to Shanghai looking for companionship. Holy cow! Caligula is jealous in hell or wherever he is now.

Green Is the New Black?

Or, is Biden’s much-publicized Inflation Reduction Act going to put American taxpayers further into the red? The Atlantic Council is using this decarbonization nonsense as a political lever to make Europe, Japan, and Australia feel better about the coming deep freeze this winter. Now get this. With alternative energy light years away, given current possibilities, Biden is proposing $370 billion in tax incentives to the same corporate pirates who got us in this climate fix. And you know Exxon is going to start capping off wells to get some of that green. Only us taxpayers down here at the gas pumps are the ones paying at both ends.

Look. 80% of the energy produced on Earth comes from fossil fuels right now. We are talking about hundreds of trillions, not billions. The investors and executives who run these industries have no interest whatsoever in weaning us off oil, gas, and coal until it’s all gone. Then, when the emergency is so acute, they’ll make us pay even more to rescue us, and end up the heroes. This is how the game works. Every taxi driver in every capital on Earth knows this. And we see where net-zero ambitions in the EU are. The Germans are ready to bomb London again if the Brits and Americans cut off the Russian gas taps. BMW is about to grind to a screeching halt when the Rhineland-Pfalz winemaker’s teeth start chattering. Net zero, indeed. Biden’s been seen in Saudi Arabia on bended knee begging for more juice, remember? Green is the new red, trust me.

The “Big Guy” Never Rests

Meanwhile, as the world burns down around hundreds of millions, President Biden and his family, including disgraced first son Hunter, are vacationing on Kiawah Island in South Carolina. I must admit his free stay at a $20 million dollar mansion there irks me since the barrier island was once a favorite golfing spot for yours truly. Now America’s fumbling mafia is using the place as a hangout. The mansion owned by the widow of famous hedge fund founder James Allwin, is another perk “the big guy” gets from his position.

Interestingly, or perhaps poetically, Aetos Capital has a climate change fund that should benefit nicely from Biden’s spanking new inflation plan. No, I am not joking. The US President and his nincompoop son are staying with the people most likely to win big from recent legislation proposed by him. This is from the hedge fund’s site:

“Aetos is committed to using capital markets to solve climate change. We are active in carbon markets and believe that there are significant opportunities for investors to generate outsized returns. We believe that markets will be increasingly used to incentivize entities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.”

That’s the level of empowerment, the level of arrogance, and the degree of senility running my country these days. After using the Department of Justice and the FBI to harass and invade the home of a former president, which is unprecedented in US history, our jackass in chief heads off to be wined and dined by the financial crooks who always milk us dry. Few realize, but companies like Aetos Capital make huge profits from something known as Trade Claims, which essentially means buying up distressed debt.

I guess I don’t have to point out how a sitting president with two years left in his term might negatively or positively impact huge corporate debt. Again, the “big guy” stands to profit substantially. Or, Hunter does. What a vacation.

By Phil Butler
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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