Bali Fails to ‘Bail Out’ Biden

The Xi vs Biden meeting stood out a geopolitical mile for its vital importance or at least for its potential to make the world laugh at Biden’s faux pas.

At this point in time we are looking at the G20 Bali Summit behind us waving a half grim goodbye to it remembering the sorrowful sight at its very unofficial beginning. There obviously was both protocol and symbolism galore there. On one hand, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, set foot on Bali with the readily available red carpeted airplane steps to welcome him to the Summit, while on the other hand Bumbling Biden (who seem to have borrowed this adjective from his counterpart Bumbling Boris, who recently resigned from No 10) he descended down the bleak and bare airplane steps, though mercifully he did not trip over and fell.

The G20 Bali Summit 2022 was and still is in its wake ‘a battlefield’ between two global sides in an economical/financial and political war all in one: the Collective West and all the others. G20 countries were and are split in half and not much more than that should have been expected. The old world order doggedly refuses to leave the geopolitical arena whilst the new one is still in its fledgling stage. On one geopolitical front there were/are: the USA and its allies: EU, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea in one word: The Collective West. On the other one there are Russia and all the other members which have not imposed sanctions on Russia: ten of them in total. Let us try and remember the times when G20 was established in 1999. Admittedly, one couldn’t have possibly imagined the shape and form this list is in today. In this other /second group are Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey in alphabetical order of this formally informal alliance in terms of their cultural, historical, geopolitical values to say the least which would be an understatement on my part. This second group of countries tend to be in the long and arduous process of distancing themselves in an ever-growing alienation and saying goodbye to the Collective West because what binds them together within G20 at this point is economy only but there is a gaping hemorrhaging hole in between all of them in terms of their cultures, values and views on a multitude of other issues which keeps them split apart. If one looks at the economic/ financial forecasts and the parity of purchasing power by 2030, China is bound to have a two times bigger economy than the USA. Believe it or not, the USA will be only the third in the world and not one other country from the Collective West will be in the first ten by then.

To get back to the Bali Summit, there were a number of bilateral meetings at the summit but the Xi vs Biden meeting stood out a geopolitical mile for its vital importance or at least for its potential to make the world laugh at Biden’s faux pas.

Admittedly, the USA insisted on the talks with Xi for what it’s worth. It lasted for three hours or so and it was held in the Chinese official residence on Bali. One thing everybody seems to agree about is that it was a good thing that the talks did happen rather than not. A number of reputed political portals confirmed that this meeting came with a long-awaited sigh of relief. It was a positive signal for the rest of the world whatever they may have talked about during the meeting because the two (warring) sides (at least surely USA was and is at ‘war’ with China while China sits peacefully contemplating and operating affairs in their own ‘ways of their world’ not falling prey to US provocations in the form of, for instance, Crazy Nancy’s fleeting visit to Taiwan recently). At least Xi and Biden were able to sit together and talk and still manage their differences and promote cooperation one way or the other, given the circumstances.

Biden surely couldn’t hold his horses so he opted to bash China because of a long list of alleged issues coming from the Washington DC and their ‘whataboutism cookbooks’ such as: alas, you know Hong Kong, Tibet, encroaching upon human rights, only too forceful activities towards Taiwan and then market and economy practices and so on and so forth. I mean that is what the US and the Collective West do and keep doing all the time snapping at others like ‘mad dogs of media disinformation war’. Engrossed in an anti-Russia, anti-China naming and shaming mode, Blundering Biden added that the USA would continue to compete with (against? more like it) China in global markets. China, on the other hand, only made a politely mild comment with their interpretation of the Bali meeting with Biden that it was a good thing that happened. China also added that whenever the USA sets off a series of unilateral provocations against China, their relations sink and sour most terribly. Beijing ‘s officials present in Bali also kindly reminded the USA that they should do away with the illusion that the USA ‘ is always right’. Even the biggest US allies seem to be taking a sharp U – turn giving them a wide political berth now

The countries now ready and willing to merely blindly follow and join the bandwagon USA in ‘restraining China’ are few and far between at this point. Oh well, the USA has had this obnoxiously arrogant tendency ‘to restrain’ other countries which they deem as ‘naughty’. That mindset comes across as extremely immature with brutal consequences upon a huge number of countries globally for decades now. The bad ‘old’ days when Washington DC was able to achieve that sort of thing with ease in their whimsical political cauldrons are long gone. A quick look away from Blundering Biden, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi made sure they reiterate their stances that China and Russia are ready to create and promote a multipolar world.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia’s the next in royal transition to become king, Muhammad bin Salman did not meet with Biden at all but decided to give him a very politically well-deserved cold shoulder (bless ‘im:) but it is worth knowing that as early as next month he will offer a most warm welcome to Xi Jinping. The G20 Summit admittedly did not achieve what America has been craving for in their savage power hungry geopolitical appetites and hoping for desperately, which was the brutally harsh denunciation of Russia. The participants did condemn the war as such, because the ending of the summit had in its protocol a final resolution to wrap things up as per usual since the summit cannot be and should not be without one. The final document produced by the participants was to do with the war in Ukraine and without the undeserved adjective ‘Russian’ superglued to it unduly, which is how the Collective West puppets keep calling it in their childish histrionics.

In the final Declaration, there surely is a strong condemnation of the war as such and not of Russia as a country.

Reuters confirmed that the pressure from the Collective West did prevail for the duration of the whole summit but ultimately the Collective West managed to fall flat on their collective political noses. Arguably, the divide line right in the midst of their protruding political bellies of the G20 ‘being one rather awkward whole’ speaks volumes about the world we are living in.

One should well and truly not forget the brilliant Xi Jinping in his hapless close encounter with Justin Trudeau whom he met in passing in the G20 ‘alleyways’ and having the bravery to reproach the Canadian clown in his nothing but a fatherly way. One has to simply look in Xi’s eyes at that very moment and see his mature and almost fatherly smile and look in his kind eyes in addressing Trudeau about Trudeau leaking out their private conversation to the media and adding contrived and made-up details all along to suit his own political fancy. Trudeau being shameless Trudeau yet again. I myself still shudder with utmost disgust at Trudeau being the fascist Trudeau during the Truckers Protests in Canada this very winter and if one only casts a quick glance and listen to the utter nonsense in Trudeau’s arrogantly smirky response to Xi only to scuttle away an ostrich walk style, though he avoided burying his humiliated head in the sand while at it.

All in all, regrettably the Collective West may well remain the недоговороспоспобнные i.e. ‘incapable of making an agreement for quite a long while, which is what Sergey Lavrov famously called them using that Russian neologism adjective spot on and rightly so. Mercifully, the Collective West have failed miserably in trying to achieve things they were craving for in desperation all along.

By Natasha Wright
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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