Revealed: Zelensky Carried Out the Kakhovka Dam ‘Attack’. But Why?

His refusal to do the normal stenography like so many U.S. journalists on covering the war in Ukraine has made Carlson really stand out.

It’s been a difficult period for media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. In April he had to shell out almost 800 million dollars in a lawsuit brought about by a company which makes vote counting machines against Fox, which wrongly reported their performance in the 2020 U.S. presidential elections.

In the same month, he might have thought that firing Tucker Carlson at Fox might be trivial in comparison. The reasons given at the time were certainly false, apparently based on an inflammatory text he had sent showing his dismay at how an ANTIFA kid was being beaten by three white males where it is portrayed that he is routing for the Trump mob to kill the victim.

The real reason why Carlson was fired was simply because of his on-screen rants about the Ukraine war where he simply does what any god-fearing American journalist should do: ask difficult questions and take a very cynical view of the narrative being presented. And one particular diatribe, in particular, which attacked BlackRock and its ESG investments. It is rarely noted, but it is widely known, that BlackRock has substantial investment in Fox News. And if that wasn’t a big enough headache for Murdoch, BlackRock also has huge investment in Ukraine.

His refusal to do the normal stenography like so many U.S. journalists on covering the war in Ukraine – the stoic refusal to look at the history of the conflict and examine the nuances – has made Carlson really stand out. And stand out for all the wrong reasons for those who have invested billions in the notion of a victory in Ukraine – in other words Russia pulling out all its forces and leaving companies like BlackRock to pick up the pieces and rebuild the infrastructure.

Carlson had to go for this reason and if you ever wondered just how dangerous and how powerful his journalistic zeal can be, just go to Twitter and watch his Twitter, on-screen debut video monologue which sets out the case why the Russians wouldn’t blow up the Kakhovka dam. Americans have been lied to for decades and have been bullied into accepting a ‘good-vs-evil’ doctrine which actually encourages them to ask faintly intelligent questions – the same Orwellian straightjacket which has made Zelensky a Churchill and Putin the devil. Carlson’s monologue is hilarious as he portrays the Americans as the least informed people of the world – which they are – and simply joins up the dots to give you his take on the dam and who did it. The remarkable thing is that his job is not an arduous one. All he does is take the existing pieces of evidence and puts them together like any two-bit journalist could do. For example, is Carlson the only journalist in America who is going to point out that it was the Washington Post itself which quoted a U.S. official talking months earlier about how the Ukrainian government had actually taken pot shots at the dam’s huge sluices with American made missiles? How does something so elementary like that get airbrushed out of narrative which led the BBC to reach its conclusion within minutes that the Russians had done the dirty deed?

And so, the laws of unintended consequences from Fox News is that Carlson is now the biggest pain in the arse to the entire corrupt military industrial complex which is making billions from the war (and which presumably has Nicki Haley in its soiled pockets). He may be only one man, with one camera and one Twitter account, but he is about to change the war forever given the success of his lucid style of commentary. He is literally common sense on steroids – a formula which is to become a herculean barb to the whole Ukraine war business machine which is driven by a feral lust by western politicians like Lindsey Graham or James Cleverly in the UK who have consumed too much of their own baloney spoonfed to them by their favourite journalists to see anything clearly anymore.

The only way forward for the West is escalation. But for that to happen a huge supersized piece of fake news has to be served and consumed by humble Americans who can’t understand why 130 billion dollars can’t be spent in America on poverty, or by Brits who are struggling to understand why the UK economy is one of the worst performing of the entire G20 circus. The UK will soon no longer be considered a first world economy if its government continues to back and promote the Ukraine’s war racket while Britain becomes synonymous with food banks, rising crime and Albanian gangs taking over organised crime, while Police officers fail in their job to uphold law. Britain is becoming an international joke due to its underperforming economy and lame governance.

And part of the deception required to up the stakes in Ukraine is to fool western voters that Russia is a bigger threat than we previously thought. The false flag attack by Zelensky’s goons to blow up the damn has the same purpose that all his stunts have. At least he is consistent, you might say. It’s all about terrorizing millions of people in the west. It was literally an act of terrorism designed not for the benefit of anyone on the ground but for an international audience. The sole purpose is not too hard to see, if you are prepared to look and listen. Just observe not only how quickly western media giants rush to the conclusion that Russia did it with their ‘reports’ leaning heavily on “Mr Zelensky says” as the basis of erudite journalism. But notice how a second narrative is cleverly weaved into the hastily packaged video reports that Russia is preparing to blow up a nuclear reactor. It is a tactic which is straight out of Adam Curtis’s ‘The Power of Nightmares’ – a brilliant long hand documentary which examines and exposes how America has used fear for the last 70 years as a tactic to steer public opinion. In short, the documentaries reveal how disinformation from the U.S. government has been such an effective tool in preparing the public for military interventions which have profited U.S. arms makers and the corrupt politicians who take their brown envelopes for decades. Zelensky is doing exactly the same with his own style of disinformation and provocation (Kremlin drone attacks).

The only real question is whether he will stop there with the fearmongering ruse or take it to the next level and blow up a nuke reactor as a finale.

The problem is that although he sees the fearmongering as a winning formula in the past, he might be tempted to go the extra mile and bomb a reactor simply because there is a growing sense of cynicism now even palatable at press conferences hosted by the dim-witted John Kirby.

But most of all, no one could have imagined Tucker Carlson taking to Twitter and dropping his bombshell. The former Fox presenter is now the number one enemy of all western elites. Let’s hope he lives a long life and is not accidently a victim of a hideous mysterious car accident or a robbery gone wrong in a Wal-Mart car park.

By Martin Jay
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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