15 Minute Cities: Where Israel Leads, Europe’s Forrest Gumps Follow

Those excluded little Palestinians, like Zelensky’s hapless prisoners, are not stakeholders in their sick societies and nor are any champions they currently have.

If there is a bright side to Israel’s current campaign of ethnic cleansing in the West Bank’s cage city of Jenin, it is that we can no longer deny this ongoing Nakba Palestinians have been subjected to since NATO imposed the state of Israel on them.

Here is a little girl from Jenin, just fresh from having her house demolished around her ears. In being frightened to death for her pet rabbit, she is trying to square in the circle of her childish mind the violence entitled foreigners are subjecting her to for no other reason than she was born an internally displaced Palestinian who has to run Forrest run, as does this little Jenin boy and his cat, whenever the Israelis get trigger happy or feel their ghettoisation of the Palestinians into 15 minute shanty towns is not proceeding rapidly enough.

Their cats and rabbits are testament to their parents trying to give these little heroes granules of normality in the human cage that is Jenin, which I have twice visited along with almost every other West bank settlement.

If you travel north from Bethlehem, as I did with a young Palestinian couple and their sickly child, you pass on your right hand side a huge Israeli “settlement” that resembles a scaled down Manhattan that includes a full sized zoo amongst its countless amenities.

Not that we could visit, having the wrong coloured licence plates on our car. We drove on to Hebron where, when the little boy saw a chicken in a cage, he was the happiest little boy you could imagine. That chicken in its tiny cage was his day-trip to the zoo and visiting the tinder box town of Hebron was a big day out for the wife, for which she dolled herself up in her finest hijab, as young women on a day out do.

Hebron, Jenin and the little town of Bethlehem are the 15 minute holding pens Israel has crafted for their Palestinian captives, every last one of whom, from those little children to billionaire Bashar Masri, is under armed Israeli occupation. The string of 15 minute cites they live in are their cages, their caskets if you will.

As most likely will be Rawabi, the 15 minute Palestinian city Masri is building beside Ramallah and which, like all of Palestine is under the de facto control of Israel, which controls its water supply, its access routes and everything else that matters. There is, in those 15 minute cities, no independence and nor is there meant to be. At best, they will be hi tech ghettoes, where the inmates can wattsapp each other as young Israeli conscripts eavesdrop on them and Israeli snatch squads arrest them.

None of that was broached in a recent interview Israeli President Isaac Herzog granted to the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano in the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Accords, which de facto signalled the surrender of the Palestine Liberation Organization to Israel and their American sponsors.

I mention that interview as I have previously written on how central Herzog’s family and their fellow “Irish” gangster Zionists were to the destruction of Palestine and, thus, to the growth of these 15 minute city-cells, which have now spread, like so many other cancerous Israeli containment strategies, to Europe and the United States, whose communities can likewise be broadly divided into two mutually exclusive groups.

We have, especially in Sweden, France, the United States and the Benelux countries, riot-infested areas where looters wantonly rob and only those police officers with a suicide wish venture into unarmed. And then we have the more genteel garden areas where house prices are comfortably higher and carjackings and mass looting are thankfully far fewer than they are in Europe’s jungle lands.

And, though I have my own views on this demarcation, they don’t accord with those of President Herzog, Pope Francis, Ursula von der Leyen or the WEF’s Klaus Schwab, all but one of whom come from key Catholic constituencies.

To Schwab the engineer, this is a modelling issue, just as to von der Leyen the tenth generation bureaucrat, this is a managerial problem. The problem is to house two antithetical groups, an in-group and an out-group and to ensure the latter does not present an undue challenge to the former. Though Herzog’s “Irish” family has pioneered how this can be done by armed force and apartheid methods that would make the late F.W. de Klerk wince, because Europe still lacks the special dispensation regarding the use of indiscriminate deadly violence Israel possesses, von der Leyen, Schwab and their Stateside imitators have had to tweak the Israeli template.

These tweaks can be most easily seen in the United States where ANTIFA and the Black Lives Matter charlatans are given carte blanche to rob, loot and pillage as they please. The result of their violence, aided and abetted by the City Fathers of Chicago, San Francisco and a very large number of other Democrat-run cities, has been white flight, Latino flight, Asian flight and African-American flight. Everyone quite rightly wants to get out of Dodge.

And that suits Amazon and the WEF’s other stakeholders who can snap up vacated malls at fire sale prices and who can deploy swarms of drones to deliver the goods the inmates of their deflated15 minute jungle cities order. If you still cannot imagine your neighbourhood being infested with swarms of drone drops, you have not been following Walmart’s, Google’s and Amazon’s trial runs and nor have you been following Israel’s policing in Jenin and the other 15 minute cage cities into which it has herded its Palestinian captives.

And then there is that horrible Ursula von der Leyen wretch, Forrest Gump’s Captain Dan, whose family famously fought in every one of the many wars the United States embroiled itself in since 1776. But whereas Captain Dan’s folks had to shoulder a gun, all of von Leyen’s have been civil servants, politicians and general ass wipes right back to at least Pastor Barthold Albrecht, who was born in 1557.

Because her Albrecht family, then, were amongst the hübsche, the courtly or genteel Hanoverian dogsbodies, who oversaw the civil service for their betters, they are not the sort who opposed Bismarck or Hitler during their respective Kulturkampfs not, in short, moral leaders. In Ireland, we traditionally despised such Crown Catholics as their allegiance and fortunes were tied in to serving the British Crown, whilst, in France, there is a deep divide between right wing Catholic Royalists and Marine Le Pen’s more lower class National Rally Party.

The point being made here is that there is a class of people, Crown Catholics like Simon Coveney’s family in Ireland and Ursula von der Leyen’s ass-wiping German family over the last 500 years who believe they are pre-ordained to shuffle and kick us about, as the Israelis do the Palestinians and, as the von der Leyen wretch would like to do to the Europeans and Russians.

And this rabble rule Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, which regard all of us, whether we be Russia’s President Putin or that little Palestinian girl with her rabbit or that little Palestinian boy with his cat, as a problem in search of a final solution.

President Putin at least has some really serious looking people to defend him. But look at this young Ukrainian woman, given ten years’ prison for texting a mildly funny joke about arch Nazi Stepan Bandera to her sister who lives in Russia. In her fear and isolation both before and after arrest, she was not that different from that little Palestinian girl with her rabbit or that little Palestinian boy with his cat. They do not, in short, have on hand President Putin’s serious-looking bodyguards who, in the right circumstances would quickly put their persecutors right about a thing or two regarding worshipping Bandera, Hitler or their ilk.

There was, in the last days of Hitler’s Reich, a Bavarian Catholic priest who passed on a mildly funny joke he had heard about Hitler. He was quickly guillotined as a consequence because Reichs built on personalities, be it Hitler’s Reich or Zelensky’s rump Reich, cannot have their tin gods traduced. The Schwab, Frau Albrechts and Eichmanns of this world do not make such mistakes, not even once. They go with the flow, with the Zeitgeist, be it that of Hitler’s Third Reich or Clown Prince Zelensky’s Rump Reich.

In Imperial Japan, anyone with a head on their shoulders knew Hirohito was not a living god. But anyone who wanted to keep a head on their shoulders would, if asked, say he was a living god. Though even a blind Ukrainian can see that Zelensky is a klutz, anyone who does not want 10 years in a cage must worship the Jew killer Bandera because they know what side of the lines the likes of Schwab, Eichmann, Albrecht/von der Leyen, Hertzog and that idiot Pope stand on. Kiev 2023 is not that different to Kiev 1943 before the Battle of the Dnieper River.

German engineers like Schwab want to shape our society and German sociopaths like von der Leyen/Albrecht want to manage us on behalf of their betters. One lot must quaff their Vichy wines in their 15 minute cage enclosures and be forever fearful the other, larger lot will swarm in and dispatch them and theirs before looting their wine cellars. That, as I have seen in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and all along the West Bank, is how Herzog’s crew have engineered and now micro-manage it.

And that, as this WEF promo puff piece shows, is the rationale behind the WEF’s 15 minute city cages which, on the one hand, is a glitzy WEF soft sell but, on the other, is a living hell for little Palestinian girls and boys and the rabbits and cats that are their lifelines to their families’ love and what should be our common humanity.

But those little Palestinians, no more than those imprisoned Ukrainians, do not figure in the Albrecht/Schwab matrix, whose objective their World Economic Forum’s website, tells us, is “to shape global, regional and industry agendas”, one of which is these 15 minute segregated bantustans with “moral and intellectual integrity” based on the WEF’s “unique institutional culture founded on the stakeholder theory, which asserts that an organization is accountable to all parts of society”.

But those excluded little Palestinians, like Zelensky’s hapless prisoners, are not stakeholders in their sick societies and nor are any champions they currently have. Their best bet, perhaps their only realistic bet is that China’s Xi Jinping, who has been through the wringer himself, will again step forward and make Zelensky, Herzog, Germany’s Forrest Gumps and that Argentinian excuse for a pope talk to him and serious-looking folk like those Putin bodyguards who know how to handle bullies who rule, engineer and manage the WEF’s 15 minute cage cities.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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