The Big Picture: The Empire Of Banks (III)

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A change of paradigm

At the eve of the 20th century, something deeply changed in geopolitics, and the priorities of international bankers shifted to something more worthy than money itself: oil. John D Rockefeller had made a fortune through his monopolistic production by Standard Oil, and with the combustion engine and the creation of the first cars and airplanes, oil would become the unavoidable energy resource for the development of the economy for decades to come. This revolution in transports would also translate in a destructive revolution of war machinery, and into a most fascinating twist in banker’s plots.

For the Rothschild family who had been in a never ending fight against US nationalists for over a century by now, it became vital to control the oil market if they wanted to remain ahead of the world. They were about to lay down a plan that would be the conspiracy masterpiece of their whole family history. Many who can’t fathom the depth of their masterful moves like to call it 3D chess in almost childish denial, but in Rothschild’s culture, it’s much more like a game of Snakes and ladders. Always remember that we’re talking about the ultra capitalists that created communism to divide the world and boil the cauldron for perpetual and very lucrative wars.

The promised land

As a political ideology, Zionism was formally initiated by Theodor Herzl at the World’s Zionist Conference in Basle (Switzerland), held in August 1897. They set their objective to create a Hebrew state, or Israel, as a safe homeland for Jews of the world, but even though the reason sounded very religious driven, don’t be fooled: it was solely about the oil. European prospection had started around 1875 in Mesopotamia, in Iraq. In an 1879 article, Austrian geologist Emil Tietze noted: «Near Kirkuk, Tuz Kurmatti and Kifri, one of the most important areas of the Old World is waiting for future exploration; once those areas, at present still much too remote, will be made more accessible to European skill.» In 1901 the English entrepreneur William Knox D’Arcy negotiated a concession with the Persian Government to search for oil in its territory, and even though official history will tell you that the first well started to operate in 1908, two initial drillings were successful in 1902. Zionists had obviously read the bible before elaborating their master plan, so they knew about the references to the use of oil (bitumen) for lighting in the peninsula. In the end, just remember that the House of Rothschild was always two moves ahead of everyone on their chessboard, so it decided to plant a seed of its own to control what promised to be the most prolific oil producing region on the planet, using the bible as a justification for their plan. Not bad, indeed.

At the time, no one could have known what the Zionist movement was really up to, but clues quickly started to pile up, as oil was jerking out of every hole dug in the Middle East in the next few years, and as Israel started attacking each and every neighbor upon its creation in 1947, but the ultimate confirmation of the objective came much later, when Oded Yinon published in 1982 «The plan for Greater Israel.» It detailed every aspect of how Israel wished to expand over Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, the Egyptian Sinai, half of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, or simply, over most of the oil production of the Middle East. The plan couldn’t expect to go much further because those were the countries that could be easily Balkanized through their numerous religions, tribes and ethnics differences. Fortunately for these early Zionists, Palestine was part of the Ottoman Sultanate at the time; therefore another war was required to drive Turkey out of Palestine.

President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913
President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913

In the meantime, a handful of American bankers had set a motion to re-integrate Rothschild and other European bankers in the US loop. Following a stock panic created by JP Morgan with the complicity of most medias in 1907, bankers met on the Georgian island of Jekyll on November 1910, to draw the blueprint of the Federal Reserve, founded in the last days of 1913. The US Treasury, along with private bankers from Kuhn & Loeb, JP Morgan and a few others were on a conspiracy crusade to steal away the American economy to the great benefit of a few private hands. Since then, history has taught us that JP Morgan acted as a Rothschild agent most of his career, while his banks were not much more than whitewashing machines infiltrating Rothschild’s money in America, and his son learned upon the death of his father that he wasn’t half as rich as Junior would’ve expected. Charles Lindbergh Sr, Senator and father of the famous first transatlantic pilot, stated about the Fed:

“This Federal Reserve Act establishes the largest trust on the planet. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately, but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed. The trusts will soon realize that they have gone too far even for their own good. The people must make a declaration of independence to relieve themselves from the Monetary Power. This they will be able to do by taking control of Congress. Wall Streeters could not cheat us if you Senators and Representatives did not make a humbug of Congress. If we had a people’s Congress, there would be stability. The greatest crime of Congress is its currency system. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill. The caucus and the party bosses have again operated and prevented the people from getting the benefit of their own government.”

Big profits from the trenches

By 1911, Germany was armed to the teeth and ready to send its pointed-helmet foot soldiers into France and Belgium. The International Jewish Financier discovered a letter dated of the same year, from the most powerful banker in the world, Lord Rothschild, addressed to Kaiser Wilhelm, which indicated the Kaiser that «the time had not come yet», in order to slow down the eager German leader. Two years later, in 1913, the USA (and Canada) implemented a permanent system of taxation over its citizens’ wages, and that same year, they cut the ribbon in front of the Federal Reserve that could now lend private money, with interest, to the government. The Rothschild family owned many of the banks that were bonding the Federal Reserve, so by 1914 the banking Lord gave the Kaiser the go-ahead to launch his global bout, yet, we’re made to believe that 40 million people killed each other because an Austrian Duke was shot by some crazed Serb. WW1 would generate around 24 billions of debt on the US only, now burdened on the American citizens that had to pay back.

In 1917 came a Zionist declaration that would have long lasting repercussions on world geopolitics. Lord Arthur Balfour, British Minister on foreign affairs, wrote to Lord Rothschild, world prominent banker and vice-president of the Board of Jewish Deputies:

“Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of His Majesty’s Government the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations, which has been submitted to and approved by the Cabinet: «His Majesty’s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. I should be grateful if you would bring this Declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely, Arthur James Balfour.”

By 1915, Germany had virtually won the war; it controlled the Atlantic with its U-Boat submarines that prevented Americans to refuel England with weapons, ammunition and even food. The trench lines were dug in Belgium and France and not one allied soldier had set foot on German land. Nonetheless, Germany offered peace with the status quo, with frontiers back as they were in 1914. England and France should’ve jumped on the offer to end the massacre with intact dignity, but Rothschild secretly promised victory to England in exchange of Palestine, by ensuring that the USA would enter the war, come to the rescue and shift the balance. There was one problem with this deal: England didn’t own Palestine and had to get it first! So entered with an all-Arabic prestige T. E. Lawrence, a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia, who would get Palestine, by lying to his Arab friends about the real purpose of his mission, meant to push Turkey out of future Israel.

Faisal bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashemi (centre) with delegates including Lawrence of Arabia (in headdress third from right) at Versailles during the 1919 Paris peace conference.
Faisal bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashemi (centre) with delegates including Lawrence of Arabia (in headdress third from right) at Versailles during the 1919 Paris peace conference.

Jews are not a race or an ethnic entity; they come from every country on the planet and are only linked through their faith in the Talmud and a few cultural oddities. No European Jew was crazy enough to willingly move to the Promised Land where the Semite population wasn’t very welcoming, so bankers were yet to find a fascist that would drive Jews out of Europe. How timely was Hitler when he published Mein Kampf in 1925, with Karl Ritter’s ideology in one hand, American aristocracy’s eugenic ideology in the other, and the Balfour declaration in his mouth. Germany didn’t have a drop of oil on its territory to fuel its blitzkrieg over Europe, but JD Rockefeller and Standard Oil would make sure that the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe would move on.

Throughout the 20th century, the families ruling the world were Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller’s, Lehman brothers, and Kuhn Loebs on the American side. The European side was the Rothschild’s of Paris and London, the Warburg’s of Hamburg, the Lazard’s of Paris and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome. The Rothschild family now had company at the top, but at least 3 of these families were blood relatives, or had been nurtured in banking by Rothschild’s: Kuhn Loebs, Israel Seifs and Warburg’s. Well, during World War I, while Paul Warburg (present at the Jekyll Island meeting of 1910) was advising US President Woodrow Wilson how to starve Germany into surrender, his brother Max (Director of Germany’s central bank) was advising Kaiser Wilhelm on how to decimate the US. Just to make sure to win wars, arming both sides really is the best option, but in the case of WW1, they didn’t let chance decide: after England agreed to create a Jewish state in Palestine, bankers did starve the German army of money, weapons and ammunition, to collapse it, and to make these German soldiers look like their losing Hessians ancestors involved in the American Revolutionary War.

Know our past, for it explains your present

We cannot have any serious analysis about the Bolshevik Revolution and the following Cold War that opposed two ideologies for 75 years, without taking in account of how, and why, the political movement had been created by Karl Marx in 1848: to split the world in two ideologies, to insure huge war debts and profits for international bankers. It’s a comprehensive base for what is happening in today’s world; just replace the word communism with Islam and our present world suddenly becomes a carbon-copy replica of the Cold War that scared the world for 75 years.

Author Antony Sutton connected all the dots to understand the Russian Revolution, and best summarized it in the extraordinary «Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.» You will find additional and very incriminating details in Dr Sergei Glazyev’ «Russia And the New World Order.» Basically, in 1917, with funds from financiers in New York City and London such as Jacob Schiff of Kuhn-Loeb and JP Morgan, Lenin and a plethora of Jewish komrads were able to kick monarchy out of Russia. Lenin later commented on the apparent contradiction of the links between prominent capitalists and communists:

“There also exists another alliance – at first glance a strange one, a surprising one – but if you think about it, in fact, one which is well grounded and easy to understand. This is the alliance between our communist leaders and your capitalists.”

You don’t say.

Much like Louis XVI in France, the Russian monarchy had been guarding Russia’s independence from the British Empire and their invading tentacles from The City, when Nikolai II had to abdicate his throne under pressure that suddenly came from all corners of Moscow. The usual ensemble is clear and by now, most of you will again recognize a revolution of color, manipulating and arming the masses in a sequel of the French Revolution. In fact, Rothschild should have a patent on this kind of coup d’état operation. It’s interesting to know that many of the Bolsheviks were outsiders, such as Lev Davidovitch Bronstein form Belarus, better known as Leon Trotsky. Nothing surprising, as Karl Marx’ real name was Moses Mordecai Levy, born an Ashkenazi Jew. In 1920, Winston Churchill recognized the connection between the Illuminati’s original plan and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia:

“From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played a definitely recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century, and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads, and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”

Wikipedia states that everything concerning the Illuminati’s, whom officially disappeared in the late 18th century by nailing the door on its elite club, is a conspiracy theory. The main problem with this narrative is that Illuminati’s have the arrogance to put all of their symbols and icons on US dollar bills, even today: the insignia of the Order of the Illuminati first appeared on the reverse side of US one-dollar bills in 1933. One can read, at the base of the 13-story pyramid, the year 1776 in Roman numerals. The eye radiating in all directions is the «all-spying eye» that symbolizes the society set up by Weishaupt in 1776. The Latin words «Annuit Coeptis» mean «our enterprise has been crowned with success.» Below, «Novus Ordo Seclorum» explains the nature of this enterprise: a New World Order. Indeed, one has to use a vivid imagination and an astonishing sense of denial to associate Illuminati’s and their repetitive banking scheme with flat-earthers, Bigfoot and UFO’s, and put them all in the same bag of conspiracy «theories». To every historian that’s out there that keeps writing about history through the usual political ideologies perspective and spectrum, and whom will doubt that the Revolutionary War was in fact a coup d’état by Freemasons and Illuminati’s on the US economy, you’ll find billions of printed copies on American dollar bills to answer you. Billions of reasons to start thinking and stop your nonsense.

Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933
Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933

It was under the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt that the USA started to print these bills, but it also was under his guard that the World Order shifted to the New-World order, because pro-Rothschild FDR was unable to stop American banks in their crusade against European banks. I won’t get into this part, since I already unlocked how it was done with extensive details in a previous article called «The unpleasant truth about the 1941 parachuting of Rudolf Hess in England.» The result was the end of the British Empire, with the Rothschild family losing part of its predominance over the planet to American banks, as confirmed in Bretton-Woods in 1944, where the dollar replaced the English pound as the world reserve currency. Despite many metamorphosis, the ancient dream of the World Order lead by a dominant race of Anglo-Saxon bankers ruling the planet as a single entity never stopped moving forward, for more than two centuries. The objective hasn’t changed a bit and their ideological descendants are still pushing their evil plan as of today.

But it’s now falling apart like a house of cards.

Rothschild’s are working hard to relive their past glory by creating euro-based Instex, meant to replace the Swift dollar-based international financial system as soon as the US currency and American banks plunge in their upcoming abyss, but Russia, China and a few other countries and individuals have had enough of private bankers’ history. If you need to be convinced a little bit more on the subject, just read the amazing «A Genocide: Russia And The New World», by Dr Glazyev, who is now special advisor on economics to Vladimir Putin. His views on the IMF banking system and the New World Order’s doom are clear and limpid.

For anyone who is serious in studying history, there are three levels of modern geopolitical comprehension. The first one is shared by the vast majority of the brain dead population that watches mainstream TV news and reads the New York Times, assuming that the USA is the world’s police force of peace, justice, human rights and democracy; an absurd idea that has been widely spread by education and media for generations. The second level goes deeper and emerges with the impressive list of toppled governments and foreign invasions in the last century and a half, concluding that the United States are an empire, imposing and maintaining economical and political hegemony over the planet. The third level digs much deeper and requires the fundamental knowledge that the American government decides nothing at all on geopolitics, since international banks control everything. The USA and NATO are only the hammer and the sickle in the international bankers’ toolbox, which they use as their international Gestapo to reach their ultimate goal of a totalitarian government ruling the planet, which splits humanity in three uneven groups: their tiny dominant club; an anthill of working ants that build their bridges and hands back its wages; and finally, a huge bunch of expandable unnecessary mouths to feed, who dig their mines, who are manipulated for revolution of colors, are ready to be enrolled in armies and meant to die in wars.

Knowledge of our past and present is the key to open our door on the future. So here’s the master key.


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By Sylvain Laforest
Source: Oriental Review

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