What Will the World Look Like in 2032? Reversing the Covid Narrative, Confronting “The Great Reset”, Restoring Democracy

Millions of lives affected within the next ten years – according to Mike Adams. See this video.

The video talks about UN Agenda 2030, without ever mentioning it. It covers a ten-year period, starting in 2022, when it is expected that most of the vaxx-drive around the world, especially in the Global North, will be completed or is expected to be completed soon.

The report – an extrapolation of data – expanded mostly linearly, explains in essence what a large proportion – not all – of mRNA vaxxes are, and what they are intended to do to humanity. 

The mRNA injections, many are graphene oxide concoctions (see “The Fifth Column”) responding to electromagnetic waves, i.e. to 5G, making from humans “transhumans”, as per Klaus Schwab, WEF. (see first section of video below)

Video: Towards Digital Tyranny with Peter Koenig

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The mRNA injections result  in mortality through a number of ways:

  • lowered immune system; according to Mike Yeadon, former VP and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, every shot lowers the immune system by about 30% and the booster by another 20%. Thus, a person who had all three jabs, will have a drastically reduced immune system and is vulnerable to all kinds of diseases that otherwise would have been brushed off by natural immunity;
  • overproduction of spike proteins; they then literally penetrate every cell in the human body and destroy it;
  • the creation of tiny blood clots that are hardly visible by microscope. They settle primarily in the lungs, but can move to the heart and brain and cause heart attacks and brain strokes. They may also stay in the lungs and impair breathing;
  • in the longer run, mRNA jabs may cause often very aggressive cancers, that do not react to any therapy. They are predominantly cancers affecting humans’ reproductive system;
  • and more….

Even if vaccines were stopped immediately, which they are not, hundreds of thousands of people or more might be killed in the next 10 years – and if the vaxx drive continues and eventually 70% to 80% of the world population is vaxxed, the impacts on world population of about 7.9 billion would be potentially devastating. See this.

It is unlikely that such depopulation goals would be reached. But the fact that they are put up as targets means that the effort to reach the plan is relentless, unless we the People through an international legal movement such as that put forth by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich brings the worst perpetrators and their puppets to justice – in a case that may be called Nuremberg 2.0.

Nuremberg  Trial 1946

Covid Exit: The Freedom Convoy 2022

We, the People, also have the possibility to wake up to the truth, and to collectively in unison in solidarity fight this crime of humanity by massive civil disobedience. One such effort, perhaps the largest ever worldwide, is currently taking place in Canada. The Freedom Convoy 2022 – tens of thousands of truck drivers from all over Canada and even cross-border from the US — have driven to Ottawa, to ask Justin Trudeau to resign, go into permanent political quarantine, and/or lift ALL Covid restrictions for Canadians.

This movement alone is already extraordinary. It is an element of dynamics that was not foreseen in Mike Adams futuristic documentary “Ghost World – 2022 – 2032”. See this.

Economic Chaos, Poverty and Famine

Economic and financial implications are going to be simply put – gigantic. The economic and financial implication are simply going to be unimaginable for world citizens from 2022 through 2032.

Already today, after the first two years of “Covid” and an intense vaxx drive, bankruptcies in the Global North, as well as the resulting economic collapse in the Global South, the so-called developing world, has increased poverty and famine six-fold between mid-2019 and mid-2021 – see Oxfam. Oxfam enhances this statement by predicting that this “hunger plandemic” threatens to push millions into starvation; see this. according to Oxfam, millions of people are expected to die from poverty, famine, despair and disease – let alone from the poisonous vaxx “side effects”.

Double Digit Inflation

In addition, we are faced with an extraordinary (intentional) drive toward double-digit inflation – a real price bubble, not heard of in the last 30 years. What when it bursts, and burst it will? More transfer of resources from the bottom and the center to the top. A planned shift of wealth – an enormous shift. It’s sheer theft.  That alone will cause more poverty, despair and death.

Lawlessness knows no limits. To the contrary, the rich countries make their laws so that what otherwise would have been called “corruption” are now white-collar “regulations”.

The Great Reset

And make no mistake, this is the plan.

The Great Reset describes it quite well, except that the authors of the Great Reset paint the new era as a period of Great Happiness, “you will own nothing, but you will be happy”. Literally. People’s minds will be robotized or transhumanized to feel good.

The jabs, falsely called vaccines, contain a highly toxic and electromagnetic substance called Graphene Oxide which will receive the deadly ultra-shortwaves 5G with which the human brain will be manipulated, according to the masters’ wishes. See findings of the Spanish researchers the “Fifth Column”, see reference above.  It is suspected that mind manipulation trials are ongoing today through DARPA.

The lives of many of the world’s producers, factory workers, administrators, planners, will be affected by the mRNA vaccines, as they were asked to be vaxxed to maintain their jobs – to sustain their families. Little do they know that the so-called vaccine is a carefully planned poison concoction.

In many countries you are not allowed to shop even for food, unless you can demonstrate a vaxx certificate. This enormous blackmail, applied all over the western world is an unspeakable crime against humanity. It speaks for total lawlessness. In this ambiance, we must expect anything and everything – but we definitely must stop trusting our governments.

The results of these planned disasters may be euphemistically called supply chain disruptions – empty shelves – and famine even in so-called developed or First World countries. In the Global South, misery will be catastrophic beyond words – see above what Oxfam has to say. And if not stopped by massive people’s protests, people’s disobedience events like the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022, the world may indeed face unfathomable misery.

Are we going to end up in a Ghost World? With a reduced population, a huge unmanned production apparatus that doesn’t produce anything, but slowly rots away – as labor and raw materials are missing, and artificial intelligence (AI) is unable to fill all the gaps?

Restoring Democracy

We the People, in a massive movement of solidarity, will have to bring those responsible to justice. We will not accept the Great Reset nor the Green Agenda nor the Global Warming agenda nor digitization of body, mind and money, nor a QR-coded life – we will thrive towards a new model society, one that may have to start from scratch, from a level of consuming (and wasting) less than Mother Earth produces.

When people depend on electronics, on digital money, on digital anything – with their most intimate data registered, digitally on QR-codes, we are enslaved. We must avoid it today because once we are there, in the digitized QR-world, it’s too late. We are enslaved.

Not too long ago, some 60-70 years ago, post-WWII, we lived a relatively peaceful life – none or hardly any electronics and life was possible.

The Covid narrative, with all its fears, coercion, blackmails and threats, has caused major damage in society, in most of the people who have faithfully trusted their governments which in turn have betrayed them into death.

It will not be easy to pull everybody out of this indoctrinated lie, from this cognitive dissonance, which is a well-planned psychological phenomenon, that has – according to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, German Corona Investigative Committee — worked for about a third of the western population, meaning they are literally hypnotized. Awaking them will be extremely difficult.

A medical doctor told me the other day, if tomorrow the government would lift all Covid restrictions – people would still walk around with masks for quite a while. He talked about a Global South country, but it would not be much different in the Global North. That’s the hypnosis effect. They are still living under the fear syndrome.

Dr. Fuellmich goes on – one-third is awake, and the remaining third – there may be a willingness to see the truth.

A lot of damage has been done already, and a lot more will follow. But we are living in a dynamic world, and, we the People, have the power to turn the ship around. In fact, the tide is already turning, maybe slower than what we wish for but turning it is.

Quoting Bob Dylan, “The times are a Changing”.



By Peter Koenig
Source: Global Research

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